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  1. I'm using Aero7X Reset by NewInifitePro found on Deviant Art. Software used for this is WindowBlinds, this costs under $10. Taskbar transparency needs to be set every time windows has started. The program is called 'System Transparency - Prisoner'.
  2. WindowsBlinds by Stardock. You have to pay, and it's not as fluid. You also have to find the themes you want yourself.
  3. Yes this happened on 2004 with mine too. A system recovery fixed this right up for me. All v2004+ users can hope for is another patch of AeroGlass8+. Until then, there are other software's available, just not as good :-(
  4. If anyone is desperate for another alternative to AeroGlass8+ (Although nothing will ever be as good, compared to what bigmuscle gave us). The two software's do require a fee, but i'm sure there are work arounds all over google to make them obtainable without a trial limit... WindowsBlinds 10 - Works as intended with update 2004. The only downsides are that you're required to download skins yourself over DeviantArt for Vista Aero skins. WindowsBlinds - https://www.stardock.com/products/windowblinds/ Skin here: https://www.deviantart.com/fediafedia/art/Aero-Ultimate-FINAL-81684745 I hope bigmuscle can grant us an update for 2004 for, atleast for early 2021! At this rate, i'm thinking of moving back to Windows 7 just for aero. But this method works best for me now. There's just no see-through transparency, just blurred.

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