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Aero Glass for Win10 Version 2004 Build 19041


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6 hours ago, netsendjoe said:

First and foremost, I hope that BM is ok.. I don't know what or if anything happened, but it seems like this project hasn't been updated in quite some time.
I wish that someone would take over the works of it if BM is no longer with us or working on this.
Not a fan of WindowsBlinds because it always wasted system resources, while BM's method of restoring the native implementation of transparencies was better.

I agree, while there are some pretty nice themes for WB , the one thing it has NEVER been able to do is skin the entire OS and it kinda sucks if you are creating a dark theme and are left with areas of white that WB cannot skin.

Another thing is the system resources it uses, which is really not a problem with today's computers but why waste system resources running third party themes when it really isn't necessary? just another area they have never tried to correct or advance in and is where Stardock falls behind. Instead of them joining, embracing and working with the themeing community they choose to keep all their stuff proprietary, like themeing cannot be achieved without their software ... lol, in the long run is only going to hurt them. Word is they will not have a fully working Window Blind program for Windows 11 until 2023 ....... Ouch! That is gonna cost them.

As far as BM , I sincerely hope he is ok and would like him to answer even if it is to say he is not continuing on with Aeroglass. Aeroglass was always a far better option than Window Blinds.

Don't really know if anyone can take over his works , you would need source code for that and who knows how close BM kept his secrets to his vest? and IF anything , god forbid, has happened to him if anyone else even had access to his works.

I am no programmer or anything but I wounder if Aeroglass can be de compiled to show it's source code?

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Some interesting news is that I posted this over in the Windows 11 part of this forum, but Ill do a TLDR here since it relates to Aero Glass.

There is a possibility that the next major insider Dev build this week will include Acrylic title bars out of the box, implimented by Microsoft. It was "shown" in a PowerToys stream. We'll see if this actually goes through this week. Build in specifics was 2505x related

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I have, and will continue, to remain on LTSC 2019 (v1809). It is the newest version of Windoze I can tolerate, and it supports AeroGlass 100%. There are just too many things I find displeasing about newer versions to put up with. I dropped by to see if @bigmuscle ever renewed his interest in supporting AeroGlass and it appears that he has not. Bummer.

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Some new information on Windows 11 "Aero" title bars. 

With an app (MicaForEveryone) you can enable an experimental DWM flag that gives Acrylic title bars to some windows. you also have choices for tabbed or mica. Acrylic looks really nice....


With "ExtendFrameIntoClientArea" turned on:

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There are other files besides dwm.exe, eg. dwmcore.dll, uDWM.dll and others. I tried replacing DWM version in the past, but I either missed something or there are just too complicated dependencies on other system DLLs and how they work, so all I managed to do was making DWM non-functional.

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