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  1. for me, this is the best so far... Midnite 7 by Maximus2020
  2. Dear Uk58, please don't get me wrong, I really appreciate the time and effort you have put into this. I guess I'd try my luck with it if I had the time and patience. Is it really not possible to make different sized caption buttons in Curtains like those in WindowBlinds?
  3. this is the least bad skin for Curtains until now. but still... the proportions are not there. and the window buttons are ugly. but the least ugly so far. I give a try to Curtains in every one or two months, just to check if there's a decent win7 skin. but nothing so far...
  4. Stardock Curtains is the closest in similarity. It has editable skins, but there's still not a half decent skin that looks like Win7 or Vista.
  5. this works for me with UxThemePatcher https://www.deviantart.com/niivu/art/Glassic-780843509
  6. thanks. I won't install Windowblinds 'cause it's a resource hogging bloatware. (yeah, I tried.) I gave a chance to Curtains, but no dice...
  7. I don't get it. I checked your Curtains skins on wincustomize.com, but the window buttons there look completely different. Am I missing something?
  8. yes, but for how long can we do this? sooner or later there will be something in those dll's the system will be missing...
  9. honestly, I let Areoglass go a couple of weeks ago. the wait was too long. now I just use a Win7 theme from Deviantart without transparency, but at least I have visible borders on the windows.
  10. this Windows update has been auto installed itself on my computer three times already. I always uninstalled it afterwards. Before the third time, I left it on the computer for a couple of days, maybe I can get used to it. I couldn't. Not just because Metro surface lacks the aesthetics of Win7 Aero, but it has practical disadvantages too: the application windows has no visible borders which can be grabbed for resizing or moving. It's like MS has forgot the meaning of the name of their operating system, and thinks everybody uses all windows in full screen every time... So now I uninstalled the update for the third time and disabled the updates for as long as I could. Is it stupid to postpone essential updates for the sake of looks? Probably it is. But right now this is how it is.
  11. It's great idea to ask this straight on the developer's board...
  12. same here... also, when I try to register or unregister DWMGlass.dll, I get the following error:
  13. the watermark is always there in the beta versions, it can be turned off only in the final versions. (which there isn't)
  14. the beta works quite well actually. it's just there's that annoying notification message at logon, and the debug window. i could live without them...
  15. tried Windowblinds instead of Aero Glass. it's a piece of crap. Please, BigMuscle, we need that update. (I'll pay you again if needed.)

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