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  1. Is that 1909? EDIT: Wait, what? how do you have minimize and maximize buttons the same size as in windows 7? EDIT2: Is that a glossy effect on the taskbar? When I use Startisback, the default Windows 7 theme doesn't have that effect, it just has blur. EDIT3: Wait, you are on 2004? How the heck you have blur effect and windows 7 theme? Do you using Windows Blinds or what? Please answer
  2. https://www.deviantart.com/win7tbar/art/Theme-Atlas-Collection-for-Windows-10-14393-Final-658193357
  3. This is what happened to me when using this program with Openshell, but after uninstalling Openshell everything work fine.
  4. you can use the theme to change the color of unselected tabs, I use the "Edgy Light" theme from the Chrome Web Store, and with the Windows 7 Atlas, theme looks exactly like in Windows 7. here is the theme: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/edgy-light/hiejfgolnaceciaifhdejmgdlmdfbblg p.s Chromium Edge can use themes from Chrome web store. And here's what it looks like:

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