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Alternative Device Manager for Win98?


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36 minutes ago, Damnation said:

Does anyone know of an Alternative Device Manager for Win98? Preferably one that shows HWIDs?

So I can know exactly which device I'm installing

You mean something *like*:


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This maybe:


It's nice, it gives you Hardware IDs and also lets you uninstall old devices without needing to go in safe mode.

It was bundled with some HP printer drivers. You can get it here for example.

Other than that and what's in the other thread I also know these:



They are both from Microsoft and I don't quite remember where I found them, some free to download hardware development packages from MS for sure but that's all I know. Not sure if it's appropriate uploading them

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I can certainly recommend HP System Diagnostics, I've been using it for years after it came bundled with the software for an HP photo printer I bought.
I use it on Windows 98SE and Windows XP.

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HP System Diagnostics uses IoUnregisterDeviceInterface in NTDLL check your CFGMGR32.dll with Dependency Walker to see if it is highlighting this function in NTDLL.dll. It is a unique function and not many OS's have it. It allows the removal of devices in registry. Win10 has gone back to separating CFGMGR32.dll from SETUPAPI.dll.

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On 7/24/2019 at 12:03 PM, jumper said:

@wimb: Win98 can't run x64 apps.

For support of 32-bits version System_Info_x86.au3

Disable Windows Defender - Realtime-Security

Please Download and Install AutoIt https://www.autoitscript.com/site/autoit/downloads/

You can Run the au3 Script Or Compile Script to .exe (x86) to get executable Program System_Info_x86.exe

Defender will remove System_Info_x86.exe as Trojan horse, which is however a false positive action 

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