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  1. Links to USB serial adapters. Hope they work properly. The second one shows where to get the driver from GitHub. I have the first link one. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32614229889.html https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4001081237508.html A repeater uses the same WIFI login security key as your router and accesses the internet via your router. It can extend your range of your router. PCs can login to either the router directly or the RJ45 repeater :- (as I have termed it). I have a Vonets model and the direction of the WIFI signal is through the nose of the device, so the nose points to your router. I have this one and the OEM password and IP address is on the bottom of the device. There is no driver required. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32785330579.html
  2. No, not if using Fat32 as you yourself have mentioned. WinME and I assume 98 can be installed in parallel with XP from the same Fat32 C: drive one after the other. The default install directory is Windows unless there is already a Windows folder then the install will ask where you want the install to be of which you nominate the Fat32 partition on which Volume.
  3. I did not say that did I, though I have done this before and changed the Program Files install directory to COMMON as can be seen in some of my pictures I have uploaded. Not for a retro games machine though and besides if the extra file size is required make a new NTFS partition.
  4. I have used a USB to serial adapter before. It achieves faster baud rate and drivers were not a problem. There was no need for the COM port modem as there are network RJ45 connected repeaters that I have used also.
  5. There is an other option worth considering after backing up your XP installation. Convert the XP partition to FAT32 off line then install 98 after testing that XP is OK.
  6. There is also the possibility of using a USB to serial adapter plus the 9pin to 25pin adapter that would be connected to the modem.
  7. Desktop window manager DWMAPI was used in several programs one being Opera12, another being WinMergeU. I have used DWMAPI 5270 and it works with my 4.5.2 build but will have 4 missing APIs with OPERA. With OPERA.dll DWMAPI APIs will be called and the module will stay loaded. Opera explicitly loads OPERA.dll then explicitly loads DWMAPI of which ROS/BWC's version has 2 missing APIs and DWMAPI 5270 has 4 missing APIs. DWMAPI is explicitly loaded from MFC90U and has no missing APIs with WinMergeU. https://iso.reactos.org/bootcd/ The above URL shortcut contains bootcds from 2008 onwards, it is a big list. Download and extract ISO say 64900 then open reactos folder then extract reactos.cab. A bit unrelated to the quote but some applications use compression in their modules like Volumouse and Alcohol120 to name a few. These compressed modules will show as purple highlighted when viewed in Process Explorer.
  8. Have you tried this. DWMAPI from 5270 has not got enough APIs.
  9. I use version 5.10.1000.7 this can be found at Dell in R134875.exe. Later versions may also be useful but R134875 is self extracting so that makes the INF easy to get. Extract the executable then from device manager install inf found in SMBUS folder. It is signed by Chicago and has an ALL.Mfg section which sets up your registry. https://www.dell.com/support/home/en-au/drivers/driversdetails?driverid=pgtdj
  10. The language code identifier to locale name and locale name to language code identifier functions may not be needed anyway for the browser to work for WinME. 0x0C00 is a default LCID. https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/openspecs/windows_protocols/ms-lcid/926e694f-1797-4418-a922-343d1c5e91a6
  11. If DW detects a debugger it will not like it. A typical example is when using MDM.exe. DW has its own debugging techniques setup before profiling. Agreed; the one prior to the exception can be responsible for the memory allocation problem.
  12. Try LocaleNameToLCID=>KERNEL32:ConvertDefaultLocale that will partially do the conversion and it will probably be OK. NLSDL should have worked with KEX disabled but it did not so try NLSDL Win10 with LocaleNameToLCID=>KERNEL32:ConvertDefaultLocale. BTW I use Dibya's ExKernel now but before I was using NLSDL and it was working with Cometbird9 and also KernelEx logging. I have done what I said with Win10 NSLDL above and it works see picture. Also if that does not work then perhaps returning the LCID with GetUserDefaultLCID or GetSystemDefaultLCID from Kernel32 for LocaleNameToLCID.
  13. Your browsers will want to go back and forth with both LocaleNameToLCID and LCIDToLocaleName so just doing one API is not a good test. It is good you have a solution though. Yes but most programs should exit correctly. Admittedly Explorer can keep some DLLs in RAM afterwards though like Quartz. With the introduction of KernelEx 4.5.2, it stopped freezing in FF4 to 9 to a great degree but it does not get cleaned up properly and that is a problem.
  14. It does not work for me when changing redirection definitions but it might work for just stubbing. I do not know about the latter.
  15. Contrary to what has been said you need to restart your machine when making changes to Kstubs. What you do is your preferential business but there should have not been a problem. I would have written up all the redirects to NLSDL and then restarted the machine before testing. The restart is essential and the other NLSDL APIs will get used.
  16. ATI 5.9 driver can be found here. http://www.mediafire.com/download/axme7jgrpaoejyt/5-9_wme_dd_cp_26397.exe
  17. Yes, thanks, that makes my last post and one prior to that inaccurate. Corrected last post.
  18. It is version 1.0.4018.0. 1.1.3790.0 is not really a problem especially with Jumper's KEX but having the LdrUnLoadDll in UNICOWS, which will try to load on many occasions, is something we did not need to have. Use DW to see it try and load or use a HEX editor to find the delay load string. https://www.dlldump.com/download-dll-files_new.php/dllfiles/U/unicows.dll/1.0.4018.0/download.html
  19. Yes that's right I am using 4.5.2 which will show when reading the DLLs as 4.5.12. Maybe but I do not know how you have determined this. I have got the programs to run that stopped running with KEX25 and earlier. That is what I have done in going back to 4.5.2. The UXTHEME from BWC is OK. The latest UNICOWS is not real friendly with WinME and is designed for other OS with the delay loaded Ldr functions. 4018 has all of the latest APIs without LdrUnloadDll and LdrLoadDll. So I use 4018 without any issues. Yes but there are problems which go unresolved. I did not mix 4.5.2 modules as seen but I did use your KernelEx.dll for convenience and so I can use your Kstubs.dll. Thankyou. Why not as 3rd party apps require them and they are used here in this topic.
  20. I use AVRT from Win10 but it will not load with KEX25. Give it a try yourself. AVRT from Vista to Win8.1 are a bit harder to get going. You can use BWC's AVRT from Windows2000-KB935839-x86. You can use ROS DWMAPI say bootcd-64900 or BWC's 2017 from One-Core-x86. They are essentially the same. Alpc was added to the functions for local machine only so the Alpc prefix can be dropped from the API name. I have uploaded a modules in use for KMPlayer. AdvapiEx as seen in the KMP.htm will not load with KEX25 either. NLSDL can be used for Locale to LCID functions from just about any OS and is included in One-Core binaries or you can use Dibya's ExKernel. [KERNEL32] GetParentLocaleLCID=>NLSDL:DownlevelGetParentLocaleLCID GetParentLocaleName=>NLSDL:DownlevelGetParentLocaleName LCIDToLocaleName=>NLSDL:DownlevelLCIDToLocaleName LocaleNameToLCID=>NLSDL:DownlevelLocaleNameToLCID KMP.htm
  21. If monitor goes black soon after logo and not blue screen error then it usually is your monitor registry settings. This happens after installing a new card when one of the same manufacturer was install just prior to the new install. Try going into safe mode. If you want to keep your monitor setups for other installed cards right click desktop and select properties - settings - OK. This sets the display to 16 colors as it says. (If there are no need to keep old monitors then they can be removed in safe mode.) Reboot then go to Device Manager and remove the monitor then change display to 256 colors. It should work then after reboot. Do not install monitor unless you have already 256 colors or greater running otherwise you need to cancel install or remove it in device manager before restarting machine. You need to use Ati2cqag.dll form from the previous driver 5.9 as 6.2 version does not work.
  22. I should have said before but not only the Core names cannot be changed the order that they are in cannot be changed to that of 4.5.2.
  23. The left window is the same tree display as the middle window which is extensions by API.
  24. Kstub825 ordinal addressing only works up to 1008 for me. See picture.
  25. Your inferred assumptions are incorrect. There is little or no benefit from using more than one Kstub then and it is not the sort that creates the issue. Having ordinal functioning in Kstub is a good improvement but I would like to see ordinals implemented into Kstub824 without the other changes that were implemented creating Kstub825. Assuming that you are talking about kstub modules only I understand. It seems ktree is only guessing where kstub loads the redirection of APIs or does kstub need a free range of memory just below its base address. Cisco Systems made a GINA module that is completely compatible with WinMe. It is called CSGINA.dll and a web search will find a download. Rename it MSGINA or tell registry that MSGINA is CSGINA in system KnownDlls. MSGINA will load every time the OS goes to restart or shutdown.

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