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  1. Swapping JS3250 did not change anything for me. Dave H said it did not work in 98SE and WinXP for him. I get a stack overflow in kernel32 at BFF64277. BFF64000 is the start address for Kernel32. I have uploaded the Fault Log for DW profiling and there is no Fault Log produced without profiling. I have also uploaded the KernelEx Apilog. My K-Meleon74 does not produce any text but displays pictures OK. It is like VLC3 when I increase the font enlargement too far. I just get straight lines like a continuous underscore where the text should be. If Wyzo is used or any other FF vs up to 8, the new files for TLS2 that Roytam1 sent in here on page 12 for FF8 can be used. Just check that everything works out with DW. Select Enable API logging then you open Apilog and just run the program you selected to log. The KernelEx log will then be displayed in the APIlog.exe window. You need to download the APIhook from first page of KernelEx Core Updates https://msfn.org/board/index.php?app=core&module=attach&section=attach&attach_id=39308 Rename ApiMon.exe to ApiLog.exe and place both files in a mapped location like the System folder. FF3.6crt71.zip
  2. I would try profiling it with Depends, that might show up the issue. I have my FF3.6 and FF9 executable set to Base and XUL plus XPCOM on NT4 setting. The individual FF upgraded files like Freebl3 I have in follower mode so they will be theoretically Base as they were not loaded prior to loading FF. I am operating KernelEx enabled and I have set disabled Shell32, USP10, WS2_32, WS2help, Wsock32, Winspool.drv, Winmm, Version, User32, Tapi32, Rpcrt4, Rnr20, Rasapi32, Ole32, Ntdll, Mswsock, Msvfw32, Mspwl32, Msimg32, Mpr, Kernel32, Iphlpapi, Imm32, Icmp, Gdi32, Ctras, ComDlg32, Comctl32, Advapi32 and IE6 module Shlwapi. Now I may have got carried away with disabling modules when KernelEx got more complex and all may not be necessary at all but disabling some of the big ones like Shlwapi and Shell32 may speed up the system some what. The CRT modules in use are set all to BaseNoheap which includes (MozJS.dll - not applicable to FF3.6 though.); thus they are using using KEX STD heap settings. Try Wyzo browser it is FF3.6 but a little better in that it will not share the same Application Data with other FF versions.
  3. Do not forget that restricting vcache to 8MB will not allow all programs to work so if an error occurs that says that it is not working due to restrictions placed on this machine, it will be because of lack of available vcache. Maximum Cache size should be at least 32MB as 16MB is not enough from using that amount as done by accidental experience.
  4. This seems the operative statement. I have had no trouble at all with real machines. Clean clear sound is what I have experienced on all machines. What is different with ME to that of Win7 or 10 etcetera is that a green LED flashes when sound is outputting where as a red LED flashes with win7 or 10. If sound is stuttery it will most likely be from other causes like full CPU usage from lack of reproducible frame-rate from an old video card at high resolutions while playing video as an example, or bad USB throughput but this has to be bad but it is possible with older hardware which has been worn out. Typical example here could be a front panel card reader that has been connected to a USB port but has not been used much. I had been given this machine and that USB port was not functioning although WinME did get it listed as functioning but throughput was really bad and not sure if it would get better. Other OSes listed port as faulty. As far as rendering is concerned PCM is the default output for direct audio in KMP and PotPlayer. There is also an option for LPCM output which I have used also with the USB device. I use 32bit (float) for the PCM.
  5. As you selected to shortcut the original and not to copy the original, the original file was edited. Finding files that were deleted but not overwritten would not be the scenario to pursue in this case.
  6. Contrary to Scanreg.ini information suggesting backup files can have a comma between them, it did not work. So to keep the backup registry and KernelEx in sync I use these 4 lines of text for backing up the Kernelex INI files where BackupDirectory=10,SYSBCKUP is the original registry backup line and my Kstub names are KSTUB01.INI, KSTUB823.INI and KSTUB03.INI and it works. BackupDirectory=10,SYSBCKUP Files=10,KERNELEX\CORE.INI Files=10,KERNELEX\KSTUB01.INI Files=10,KERNELEX\KSTUB823.INI Files=10,KERNELEX\KSTUB03.INI
  7. There needs to be a check made to see if the subscriptions are working. While I have been a member there has been no deductions taken from my PayPal account or from earlier; my bank account. I have been a Silver then Gold supporter but no transactions have been made.

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  8. The patches would not have any effect until the driver is installed and without vcache there is no drivers. I now have tried Ryzen MSI Gaming Plus B350 and it installs the system devices great but there is no Sata driver operating and is operating from the BIOS like it does in safe mode.
  9. I am using Ryzen now and the CPU is susceptible to software anomalies and I have the ME system operating good and stable. When CORE.ini configuration names are changed the 4.5.2 names still work as they were before the new names are updated in the registry. This is possibly because the 4.5.2 kexbasen and kexbases modules are wrapped with the new kexbases kexbasen API definitions. MSVCRT needs BASE/ME kexbases and kexbasen API settings in the core.ini for Miro Video Converter and HD Video Converter Factory 13 of which latest KernelEx allows. MIN loads kstubs even though the contents= does not include kstubs. =0 at the end of core APIs can be removed from a non inherited core.ini but not when a core.ini with many inheritances is used as functioning altered for me. Kstub824 will not load APIs of any CRT modules. I got around this problem by using kstub823 as well as kstub824. Only one instance of kstub823 can be used because the related ini must be named kstub823.ini but kstub823.dll can be named different to match the core.ini. If using kstub823 the redirection of APIs cannot be shortened, it must be like this within the quotations "InitSecurityInterfaceA=>128SC:InitSecurityInterfaceA". Jumper have you an answer to the 4.5.2 anomaly of RtlDeleteCriticalSection ; RtlEnterCriticalSection ; RtlInializeCriticalSection ; & RtlLeaveCriticalSection not working? CORE_7.zip
  10. Dll forwarding was not implemented in win98 but the operating system requirements were dropped in the later OS's. For example you can use Control.exe from Win10 KernelEx disabled. 10240 is fully functional with the internal icon displayed.
  11. If you are referring to my Core_6.ini where you see one definition module in each Kstub. This was done to stretch out the number of plugins. I had 20 DLLs having redirected function calls. If this means that you have made up 3 Kstub,inis then you also need three matching Kstub824.dlls renamed to suit the ini names. Your contents= does not show this though. If you exceed the character number limit and then open Ktree there will be a blank window showing nothing for Ktree and KernelEx will not be working. So when you then open a new program requiring KernelEx, the program will not work.
  12. The operating system will need to adjust to the changes. I found that jumping ahead with too many new plugins after 12 meant that I had slight issues which I have encountered before with this build and it is associated with the registry which is operating in the RAM along with all other active modules. My comments should be respected and other members also. Why do you not believe me? Try to get the programs I have shown in the pictures to work without KernelEx. First one is PotPlayer which is using Flash.ocx of which 10 is inadequate and will stall program. Flash is not essential though. There are other KernelEx requirements for PotPlayer and last post shows WinMerge 2.14 which needs Msvcr90 and it is a case of keeping the upload file size to a minimum. What more proof do you want? Ktree11 works in Safe Mode but if after making changes to CORE.ini or Kstubs and there are mistakes or what ever the reason that Ktree does not work afterwards then forget about rebooting as KernelEx will not work after reboot. Schwups can you back this statement up by exceeding the Kstub character limit and then open Ktree. No, you are joking right?
  13. I have gone up to 22 and OS is still OK. I think that is a fair test for now, why break it? My advice for others who are willing to try this is to increase number of plugins slowly for the registry's sake. I have used the most challenging build for this experiment. What have I posted recently that you have issues with. You should not be reserved about it because I do not know what the misinformation is. Core_6.zip
  14. Tested; my system will not run without KernelEx. If Kernelex is not running then Ktree does not run either. You cannot use dummy plugins it will stop KernelEx.
  15. It depends what you mean by that. Usually KernelEx stops completely if a criteria is exceeded like the 17000 characters per ini. If KernelEx is not working then Ktree does not work either. That I have tested multiple times and is advisable before a reboot to at check if Ktree works after making CORE.ini or Kstub changes. I have tested 5 plugins and KernelEx works for sure. I have the log files for both kstub824 and kstub825. So the 5 plugins are Std, Kexbases, Kexbasen, Kstub824, and Kstub825. Unless Std is not a plugin then I will have to shift more definitions to the third Kstub. I have not been working on the WinME/KernelEx much of late.
  16. No I made a mistake Kstub824.dll is the latest. I have edited last post. Not so, Jumpers comment was after Kstub824 and Kstub823 did not work like that, I tried it. Not true for me, I have made a Core.ini with 6 Plugins and KernelEx is still working. No. that is Windows 2K3SP2 as it says. This file was included in at least one of BWC's archives. It should be 341KB though when using system file properties. BWC's wrapper is a wrap of 2K3SP2 Msvcrt and Msvcr80 and was named a DW7 type file. It is named MSVCRS in the picture. Jumper, the picture is from a build that has KernelEx v4.5.2016.25 updates2+tools but it works with KernelEx v4.5.2016.25 updates3+tools also. I have stuck with the CORE ini that I had that worked and had not changed the configuration naming. CORE_5.zip
  17. What tool was that? Vista does not like saving a reg file download it seems so could you rename APISetStub a txt or zip it? The character limit was solved with Kstub824.dll. Apart from increasing the limit a little over Kstub823 what is done is have 2 or more INIs and 2 or more Kstib824.dll files in the KernelEx folder. So you use Kstub824.dll and copy this file and rename it Kstub825.dll for example then have corresponding INIs of the same names in the KernelEx folder. You then split the definitions across the 2 or more INIs. Works like a charm like I showed https://msfn.org/board/topic/173233-kernelex-45-core-updates-45201625/?do=findComment&comment=121008 and Jumper said https://msfn.org/board/topic/157173-kext-diy-kernelex-extensions/?do=findComment&comment=1208163. To overcome MSVCRT missing functions I suggest using Win2K3SP2's MSVCRT as MSVCRT. Schwups you know this file works if you redirect NTDLL NtClose to GDI32 DeleteObject. This has the advantage of having ??0exception@@QAE@ABQBDH@Z function where as any other known substitute did not have this. It works with VLC and there are no useless functions that are not used as it is a real MSVCRT. MSVCR70 as a MSVCRT substitute is pretty good but it did stop DivX Player and you will gain these functions over those of MSVCR70. ??0exception@@QAE@ABQBDH@Z __CppXcptFilter __CxxFrameHandler2 _abs64 _get_heap_handle _mkgmtime _mkgmtime64 _rotl64 _rotr64 Once using the 2K3 MSVCRT Black Wing Cat's GDI wrapper Msvcrt.dw7 from Dx9W2kFx.zip can be used by directly linking the DLLS that require it. (I do not know where Dx9W2kFx.zip is located on the WWW now) This will improve the processing speed over using Kstubs as function redirection. Add these in Kstubs for BWCCRT where BWCCRT is the name of the Msvcrt.dw7 wrapper as they were not included and are redirected to MSVCRT (2K3). [BWCCRT] ??_U@YAPAXIHPBDH@Z=>MSVCRT: ??0exception@@QAE@ABQBDH@Z=>MSVCRT: ??2@YAPAXIHPBDH@Z=>MSVCRT:
  18. It is a SATA interfacing problem then. What can be done is to buy a PCI-E Express X1 to Dual PCI Riser Extend Adapter Card and try a different hardware interface to drive your media. Here is the AU one from China https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/322957992584
  19. DirectX 9c will install but you need the 2007 or closely dated version. You can still get this version from a game that was released at that time. Last time I installed it I went though my Steam games until I found one. For VC2008 you extract the EXE and install the MSI. Not sure if you need to do this with DirectX but it may need extracting then run the setup.
  20. I found out that the V90 is an S3 Unichrome Pro video device. I have S3 chrome video drivers that I used with WinME that were good.
  21. Yes you are correct it has a VIA 1GHz processor. I was looking at this and thought it was mine but it was not and these are like yours without PS2 and parallel I think. here I need to find out the video chip for the V30.
  22. Did you try configuring an image for a boot to "D" drive from another PC with a RAM drive holding the OS. This way the IDE partition may not be of consequence and it will be "C" drive or the USB drive be "C" and the RAM drive will be "D". So the setup from 95 you make a folder named windows then it should ask where you want to install windows then type D:\Windows then make an image of that machine install then try it on your thin client. The RAM drive will need be stored on exit. I have a WYSE V30 Geode GX2 thin client but have never had it running. It has IDE, USB, PS2, NIC, Parallel, and serial. You can disable detection by removing all system devices with PCI bus second last then APCI BIOS last. Then make an image of this and it should not seek to install hardware until manually told to.
  23. I have not seen any. Cheapest one in AU is $45 second hand and it it an underneath ball type.
  24. It removes the mouse and keyboard after installing the USB 1.1 driver. That is why you cannot catch the USB 2.0 install and you may not have the USB2 driver just yet but it is irrelevant. The solution is fairly simple really and this is what I determined what can be done, Go into safe mode and setup a task to restart after say every 15 minutes or you can use a shut down screensaver or shutdown software. Then reboot and after the USB 1.1 driver is installed then the machine will reboot normally after the 15 minutes has expired. Installing the USB2 driver should not remove the USB devices but if it does then the machine will reboot again after the 15 minutes and the registry will be configured.
  25. A serial mouse needs to be installed manually I think from memory but it could be manually done in safe mode. Another motherboard could be used to find out what changes happen. Find what the driver is and what the system.ini changes are and RegShot or similar used to find registry changes. The changes would then be duplicated in safe mode on the single board computer. The easy way though is to take the hard drive off the machine with the serial mouse installed and put it on the single board machine. The serial mouse remains as a device. A PS2 mouse can be made to run as a serial mouse with help from an Arduino micro-controller. Code and schematic https://github.com/Lameguy64/ps2serial

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