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  1. You could add dummy ports in Win.INI then the next port to install will be named the next in the list. Remove redundant ports in Win.INI. Example of port config under [Ports] is COM2:=9600,n,8,1,x
  2. Of course, redirecting to MSVCR80 is fine but MSVCR80/MOZCRT19 are not stand alone substitutes for MSVCRT. The MSVCRT substitutes that work for VLC are MSVCR70, MSVCR80 vs 8.0.40607.38 or earlier and MSVCRT vs 7.0.3790.3959 (2K3's version once redirection of NtClose is done). If using a different version, then placing any of these in VLC's folder will be required and make sure that system KnownDlls in the registry has not got MSVCRT=MSVCRT.DLL or the MSVCRT in the system folder will always load. I have the latest MSVCRT working as well and it too works with VLC. It is not a stand alone substitute though as it needs KernelEx. More discussion about it in kext-diy-kernelex-extensions soon.
  3. It would be 2K3 server's MSVCRT. KernelEx's vs of NtClose API does not work so 16bit _lclose or DeleteObject needs to be used instead. It is possible but for an unaltered MSVCRT I recommended using v8.0.40607.38. To make v8.0.40607.52 serviceable you need to direct _getdrives to CRTDLL and make explicit calls to Fls functions go to Tls functions pertained inside the DLL. Threading has changed somewhat over time and the next known version of MSVCR80 after 8.0.40607.52 does not work with Fls changed to Tls. If a particular DLL has load trouble with 8.0.40607.52 you need to turn KernelEx off on that DLL. It is also better to change Fls to Tls of 8.0.40607.38 also. 8.0.40607.38 has no known errors and is the one I use because it has __CxxFrameHandler3 which is handy to have instead of redirecting with Kstubs. Edit: I forgot about having reference back to MSVCRT for explicit error correction. Because MSVCR80 has this it cannot be left feeding back on itself. This has been discussed in another topic https://msfn.org/board/topic/152471-kernelex-apps-compatibility-list-new/?do=findComment&comment=1194308. This is only applicable with 8.0.40607.52 so best to have explicit calls within the DLL directed to CRTDLL. The error correction will not progress as CRTDLL has not got the APIs. Even 2K3 MSVCRT has not got all the APIs necessary for the error correction to progress fully.
  4. https://msfn.org/board/topic/97786-geforce-67-and-8-agppci-e-driver-edition-for-win98me-by-zak/?do=findComment&comment=1211457 https://web.archive.org/web/20210803233722/https://www.mdgx.com/files/NV8269.ZIP https://web.archive.org/web/20210803233722/http://www.mdgx.com/files/NV8269.EXE
  5. I selected Yes button twice with Kstub824 and Kstub825. I would have expected both to be logging the same but 825 did not log ShelXP as the picture shows. The Comctl32 logs in 825 were already there.
  6. More errors that occur with Kstub825. This is what happens when a Kstub824.ini error occurs and in this case is a spelling mistake of ShellXP. This is what happens with Kstub825 and this non descriptive form of error occurs with any Kstub.ini error. Also the log does not work with Kstub825 on Kstub.ini errors.
  7. There should be a scaling option somewhere in the Nvidia settings? The scaling setting is universal to all resolutions so you would adjust it when in 1080p. It is most likely that the monitor works better at 60Hz so select that refresh rate before adjusting resolution to 1440p.
  8. The solution is:- [ADVAPI32] CryptAcquireContextW=>CRYPT32:CryptAcquireContextU
  9. I do not use it because it does not do any theming. BWC's 5.1.2599.10 version works and does theming on KMP 4.06 which is my main player.
  10. Go into NVidia control panel and select 'adjust desktop size and position' then try scaling on display or GPU. The scaling mode is usually by aspect ratio and sizing is adjustable if the monitor overscans but in your case it is underscaning.
  11. Loading a single module does not make it necessarily usable. The ROS API sets load as an individual module load test because they implicitly load some compatible ME modules but will not work in a practical way because they will explicitly load some incompatible modules, similar here being with other API sets. ME's Ntdll statically links to the fixed API addresses of Kernel32, NT OS versions are incompatible. Gdi32 will load but it needs to link through to the hardware in which Gdi32 of ME's version is already taking this role. ME's Gdi32 has in-use APIs that are also included in the NT modules that would be doubled up. This would not be any good as ME's Gdi32 version will be loaded in almost all programs.
  12. This happens with Kstub825 and what I did was to use 824 and only use 825 where the ordinal definitions were required. I previously had mentioned this but it is good that now that there are 2 testers backing this up.
  13. Uxtheme should be used in Codesuff Starter, KMPlayer and Opera to name some and it will stay in memory while the programs are running. If not remaining in memory then that module is not being used.
  14. You can use BWC's UXTHEME in KernelEx folder vs 5.1.2599.10 from Windows2000-KB935839-v30 (or similar extended kernel version).
  15. You should be able to use Iertutil from Windows 7 up to version 7.0.6000.21396 without any trouble or Vista SP1. They should have a file size of 262kB approximately. Early Vista say LH5728 would be neater with less missing APIs only GlobalMemoryStatusEx of which the Ex can be removed as it only calls this API and not both GlobalMemoryStatusEx and GlobalMemoryStatus. File size 260kB. If there are any other APIs missing that I have not explained then it is because I am using some upgraded modules. Might get back to us on that point if you will.
  16. I checked the wiring and it is indeed correct for the Dimension 4100 so forget about my second last post here. https://www.ebay.com/itm/235000267788 https://www.atxpowersupplies.com/Dell-P10-connector-adapter.php
  17. If your original PSU is OK then it will have enough power for what you need. The video card will probably need to be AGP 2x compatible. If AGP 4x card works then you could always add another separate 12V power supply just to the video card if it has an external power connector.
  18. I see you have an original 4100 power supply does it work? All you need is a multimeter to measure the voltages. A paper clip bridged from pin 11 Grey to pin 12 Black will power it up. I would not do that until you know what voltage is what on the motherboard. Most motherboards had an optional 6pin inline connector but the 4100 they say will not work with out the 6pin aux power connector. The P10 connector adapter in the link is not correct because of the tab assignment on the outer side of the 6pin not fitting. I am fairly sure that the P10 adapter in the link is not going to be compatible and also not compatible with all the proclaimed Dell models in the link. You just need to do the optical check of the wiring to know if it lines up with the Dell Pentium 11 and 111 picture I sent in.
  19. The Codegen X or XA or XX models had a 6pin inline connector but I am still not sure if it is compatible with 4100 due to lack of pinout connection diagrams for 4100. Also the 4100 would have a different 20pin assignment than a standard ATX PSU see picture. You might be able to shift the 20pin plug along as shown here. https://www.vogons.org/viewtopic.php?p=668990#p668990 The old Pentium11 power supplies had 2 x 6pin inline connectors. They had different keyed little tabs on the side so that they were not made interchangeable. All indications for the Dimension 4100 point to a proprietary made power supply. Dimension 4200 used the standard ATX 20pin. Example of a X model Codegen. https://www.ebay.com
  20. A separate partition has a different drive letter of course. This has an issue that you should be aware of. Normally you can make the hard drive removable which means that you can assign a drive letter but not on a drive with 2 or more partitions. If using a second partition for the OS; it means that your machine has to not be changed as far as hard drive installation is concerned as your second primary partition's drive letter will be volatile when placing new drives on the machine. If you cannot install a separate drive for XP or 98 and the hardware drive configuration is not to be changed than it will be OK as long as the 98's partition end is is under 137GB from the start of the drive and the total drive size is under 2TB.
  21. Links to USB serial adapters. Hope they work properly. The second one shows where to get the driver from GitHub. I have the first link one. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32614229889.html https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4001081237508.html A repeater uses the same WIFI login security key as your router and accesses the internet via your router. It can extend your range of your router. PCs can login to either the router directly or the RJ45 repeater :- (as I have termed it). I have a Vonets model and the direction of the WIFI signal is through the nose of the device, so the nose points to your router. I have this one and the OEM password and IP address is on the bottom of the device. There is no driver required. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32785330579.html
  22. No, not if using Fat32 as you yourself have mentioned. WinME and I assume 98 can be installed in parallel with XP from the same Fat32 C: drive one after the other. The default install directory is Windows unless there is already a Windows folder then the install will ask where you want the install to be of which you nominate the Fat32 partition on which Volume.
  23. I did not say that did I, though I have done this before and changed the Program Files install directory to COMMON as can be seen in some of my pictures I have uploaded. Not for a retro games machine though and besides if the extra file size is required make a new NTFS partition.
  24. I have used a USB to serial adapter before. It achieves faster baud rate and drivers were not a problem. There was no need for the COM port modem as there are network RJ45 connected repeaters that I have used also.
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