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  1. Can you Add a Tweak so that Password never Expires for LocalAccount UserName as defined in Unattend Installation ? After using WinNTSetup I normally Open Admin Command Window and give command: wmic UserAccount where Name='UserName' set PasswordExpires=False Without this command then Password would Expire which is unwanted.
  2. Ok, I will check this and report about it later and try to find a solution.
  3. That FAT32 Size Option is Unhidden when you use Windows 10 or 11 as Operating System and the Option is Hidden in Windows 8 or 7 Operating System that don't support 2 partitions on Removable Devices. So I suggest you to use Windows 10 x64 or 11 x64 as Operating System.
  4. Update Download: Make_WinPE_Trusted-44 - pw=bootwimb for Windows 10/11 x64 OS Download: Win10_2004_English_x64.iso (best) Or Win11_English_x64v1.iso Or Win11_English_x64.iso (better than 11v1) Download: using Windows-ISO-Downloader.exe - Added 3 Drivers 10x64 - essential for modern laptops and not available in ISO DriverStore Support for Intel Rapid Storage Technology VMD driver iaStorVD.sys - NVME SSD Disks Support Intel Wi-Fi 6 Internet and Intel Thunderbolt Controller USB - Default is LARGE Version - PE_19041_US_L.wim Size = 657 MB - best universal PE for Desktops and Laptops - LARGE Version uses DRIVERS Hive and all \Windows\INF\*.inf files from install.wim so that MS Drivers are installed already - Delete "MinimizeFootprint" limitation imposed by WinRE in SOFTWARE Setup Key - Removal is essential for more Driver Support [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Setup]
  5. Update Download: Make_WinPE_Trusted-43 - pw=bootwimb for Windows 10/11 x64 OS Download: Win10_2004_English_x64.iso (best) Or Win11_English_x64v1.iso Or Win11_English_x64.iso (better than 11v1) Download: using Windows-ISO-Downloader.exe - Added EXTRA Version PE_19041_US_X.wim with Printer + Scanner support - Credits and Thanks to noel - Rebuild WinSxS Fixed so that other English ISO versions can be used - tested for 19041 versions 2004 and 20H2_v2 21H1 21H2 - Added Fix SideBySide\Winners Registry to prevent SidebySide Error in case of 32-bits apps for ISO versions 20H2_v2 21H1 21H2 - Add your non-MS Driver folders to Make_WinPE_Trusted-43\Make_WinPE\Add_Drivers\10_x64
  6. Update Download: Make_WinPE_Trusted-42 and PE_Tools - pw = bootwimb
  7. Make_WinPE - Boot and Make PE WIM File from x64 Windows ISO Download: Make_WinPE_Trusted-40 - pw = bootwimb Manual: for Windows 10/11 x64 OS 1. Download: Win10_2004_English_x64.iso (best) Or Win11_English_x64.iso (best Win11) Or Win11_English_x64v1.iso 2. Double-click on Win10_2004_English_x64.iso Or Win11_English_x64.iso to Mount as DVD Drive 3. Double-click Make_WinPE_Trusted.cmd to Launch Make_WinPE_x64.exe as Trusted Installer 4. In Make_WinPE_x64 Select DVD Drive e.g. sources folder with boot.wim and install.wim files 5. Option to make BCD EFI and Boot Manager Menu entries to Boot with the created PE_19041_US.wim Or PE_22000_US.wim file Select Boot Drive and WinPE drive e.g. the Drive where PE WIM file is Copied to WinPE Folder (Default) 6. Select Make PE button and Create in 1 minute PE WIM file in folder Build_PE For Boot Option PE WIM file is Copied from Build_PE to WinPE folder on WinPE Drive 7. Copy PE_Tools.zip and Drive.y to Root of any Drive e.g. USB Drive with Portable Tools Use 7-zip R-mouse Menu to Extract here to get PE_Tools folder with Portable PE Tools e.g. WinNTSetup and BOOTICE 8. Reboot and Select WinPE-WIM in Windows EFI or Boot Manager Menu for Booting from RAMDISK 9. On Desktop click on Run_PE_Tools to get Menu with Portable PE Tools e.g. WinNTSetup and BOOTICE 10. On Desktop click on Run_System_Info for System_Info folder with Portable Tools and Option to Launch PStart Menu with Tools More Info: Make_WinPE - Make PE WIM File from x64 Windows ISO - LARGE Version is Default with Explorer Shell - Better Shell, but larger Size - MEDIUM Version is Default - good performance for smaller size - Microsoft Management Console (MMC) + WiFi Internet + 32-bits Portable Apps - SMALL Version has Ultimate Size Reduction - Equal to MEDIUM Version, but missing 32-bits Portable App support All Versions have Picture + Sound + LAN Internet support and support Portable Apps - Run Apps via Desktop Icons or Launchbar Add_Drivers folder - Add your Drivers folders e.g. for your WiFi Network card Added already 3 Drivers 10x64 - essential for modern laptops and not available in ISO DriverStore - Support for Intel Rapid Storage Technology VMD driver iaStorVD.sys - NVME SSD Disks - Support Intel Wi-Fi 6 Internet and Intel Thunderbolt Controller for USB Option to make Entry in Boot Manager Menu e.g. Multi-Boot with your Internal Windows OS Or Multi-Boot USB - UEFI Secure + MBR BIOS Boot support Select Boot Drive and WinPE Drive e.g. the Drive where WIM file is located in WinPE folder. Credits and Thanks to: - ChrisR - for making Win10XPE - LARGE Version corresponds quite well to 10XPE without Apps https://github.com/ChrisRfr/Win10XPE - ericgl for giving Info on How to Extract files from install.wim by using wimlib-imagex http://reboot.pro/index.php?showtopic=21677&p=220611 - JFX for making WinNTSetup Program for Install of Windows from ISO File WinNTSetup v5.2.3 - Install Windows from USB - MSFN - alacran for testing and helpful support and for sharing Desktop Links and SendTo Links and Launchbar for support of Portable Apps http://reboot.pro/index.php?showtopic=22608&p=220827 and http://reboot.pro/index.php?showtopic=22608&p=220862 - noel for his expertise and great help in adding Printer support http://reboot.pro/index.php?showtopic=22608&p=221255
  8. MinWin Install with Printer and Scanner Enabled in DrvStore_Inf.txt works OK, when Printer is Connected AFTER Install. Bluetooth Audio Device Added AFTER Install works OK, but Bluetooth cannot be Selected as Playback Device Can Print LibreOffice Document. I should say everything works except Selection of Bluetooth as Audio Playback Device
  9. Hidden Option - Left-Click on "Mode:" region to get the blue arrows - Left-click on blue arrows to select Profile, normally Default is used
  10. WiFi Connect is working OK in WinNTSetup 5.2.2 - Bluetooth Add Device now Failed - DrvStore_Inf.txt adjusted to Add Printer + Scanner - Setup Failed in Getting Devices Ready ... Froozen ==
  11. Following @JFX and instructions of @alacran and using Win10_2004_English_x64.iso as Source I can report now: - WiFi available Networks are shown, but Unable to Connect to WiFi - notepad++ and Paint working OK - LibreOffice does not work for me with modded SySWoW.txt same error as before - Working OK now thanks to alacran - Bluetooth can Add Device, but Unable to Select as Playback Device - Printer - cannot Add Printer - Set Default App for mp3 works when using Open with .... Select to Always use Checkbox and then Portable VLC program - Result Icon = VLC and Double-click works
  12. After Connect with PENetwork it is still the same: Does Not show available WiFi Networks (on taskbar WiFi icon Or in Network settings interface) May be better then to build-in StartIsBack so that it works straight for the user. What is download Link for your Source ? Then I can test here too. I am using Win10_2004_English_x64.iso
  13. Min_Win is VERY GOOD VHD UsedSize = 1 GB and LZX WIM = 757 MB - VHD has 11245 Files and 1770 Folders Where I need three programs (WinNTSetup + Win_Debloat + Reboot + Win_Reduce, say 5 minutes for VHD with 1.5 GB UsedSize), your WinNTSetup 5.2.1 does everything in 30 seconds - I used VHD_WIMBOOT LZX Capture and Apply to Reduce the UsedSize from 1.5 to 1 GB Not yet Perfect: - Portable Apps Notepad++ and LibreOffice Fail (see picture) - WiFi Connect only works via PENetwork - Icon on Taskbar works, but does not show available Networks - Start Menu Items cannot be used - Menu disappears with Flash - Default Apps jpg PhotoViewer works OK, but mp3 pdf doc docx xls xlsx don't work e.g. mp3 does not get VLC Icon and double-click does not work
  14. OK then skip PowerShell first and focus on WiFi Network Connect and the Taskbar Icons Interface for Network Connect and Sound Settings. That is indeed far more important functionality for a Mini Windows.
  15. @JFX For testing MinWin I have used as Source Win10_2004_English_x64.iso - 19041_US PowerShell is nice but indeed Not essential for Mini-10x64. However, it does not take too much space.
  16. My first experiments with the MinWin Mode gives a UsedSize of about 1 GB and 10.800 files. These figures are really very small and it is indeed an impressive result, but there are some issues in functionality. Apparently my WiFi Network Driver is removed, which I miss, but that can be fixed in the Default Profile Settings. Taskbar Icons Interface does Not work for Network and Sound Settings and I think that must work (may be missing SystemApps and WindowsApps). Sound and LAN Network are working OK. Windows Photo Viewer does not work but I can use Paint instead. PowerShell fails and after trying to fix it in Default Profile the Start Menu is instable and PowerShell does not work. It is inspiring and good to know what extra files and folders might be removed from our Mini-10x64.vhd. EDIT: WiFi Driver is Fixed , but WiFi fails, Unable to Select Network (also Taskbar Icon Interface does Not work for Network and Sound Settings) EDIT: Source is Win10_2004_English_x64.iso - 19041_US
  17. wimb


    Update System_Info-55 Download: System_Info from GitHub - File is Encrypted with password = bootwimb - Added Regshot - Take Snapshots to get Registry changes related to System changes - Added Foxit PDF Reader - small PDF utility - Added ProcMon - Process Monitor - shows real-time file system, Registry and process/thread activity - Added PowerRun - to launch Apps as Trusted Installer e.g. Explorer++ and regedit.exe PowerRun is used to Install Context Menu items for PC Icon, Command and PowerShell - Thanks to alacran More Info on CTMenu_Commands and for 10XPE here
  18. Update Manual - VHD_WIMBOOT PDF Test with Win11_English_x64v1.iso gives Mini-11x64_US.vhd with UsedSize = 1.9 GB Booting in UEFI mode from RAMDISK using SVBus driver - PowerShell and Advanced Firewall Settings are working OK
  19. Download: from wimb GitHub - Win_Debloat-28 and Win_Reduce_Trusted-52 - Download File E = Encrypted PassWord = bootwimb Manual: VHD_WIMBOOT.pdf - Download: Win10_21H2 x64 ISO and Win11 ISO from Microsoft Preferred is to use Win10x64 as Normal Operating System with Defender and AV Software Disabled - Allows Easy Mount / UnMount of VHD and Prevents Attacks on SVBus Driver - Otherwise use Win10XPE as Norwal working OS so that there is no problem with Defender attacking SVBus driver 1. WinNTSetup do Fresh Install of Win10x64 in VHD for Local Account - Take care that Internet Cable is Disconnected - Page 1-2 of Manual and Settings 2. Boot with VHD and Run Win_Debloat_x64.exe - Debloat Online Windows and Install SVBus Driver 3. Reboot VHD first as FILEDISK from Boot Manager Menu - to make Install of SVBus driver effective in Windows Boot Manager Menu Requires F8 Disable driver signature enforcement needed for SVBus Driver 4. Boot other Win10x64 OS - Mount VHD by Double Click - Run Win_Reduce_Trusted.cmd - Reduce Offline Windows 5. UnMount VHD by Eject - use R-Mouse on VHD Drive in Windows Explorer 6. Use VHD_WIMBOOT_Trusted.cmd for Capture and Apply of WIM file in New Mini-10x64.vhd Size 2.5 GB 7. Boot Mini-10x64 VHD from RAMDISK - Connect first time to Internet using Potable FireFox - All changes in OS are volatile Booting from RAMDISK - Use Steps 6-10 on page 1 of Manual VHD_WIMBOOT PDF Thanks to: - W4RH4WK Debloat PowerShell scripts - Windows Update Blocker from Sordum - PowerRun from Sordum - schtrom for making SVBus Virtual SCSI Host Adapter for GRUB4DOS - Best Answer - Several times Press Enter key (First Click on OneDrive Remove Window) to let the Program Win_Debloat_x64 Continue - it allows to view intermediate results and give instructions on How to Install Manually SVBus driver Windows Update Blocked and Defender Disabled, 51 Tasks and 67 Services are Disabled, WindowsApps Removed with Clean Start Menu OneDrive Removed, Telemetry Blocked, SVBus Driver Installed for booting from RAMDISK, UsedSize Reduced to below 2 GB for Mini-10x64 OS in VHD
  20. wimb


    It must be a False Positive. Thank you for giving Info about Detection by Malwarebytes. It will be very nice if you can tell Malwarebytes to ignore it. Tokener is a well-known fellow of reboot.pro forum and I trust his .NET Framework Enumerator VirusTotal Malwarebytes and MS Defender have no problem with System_Info-53.zip
  21. Update Win_Reduce_Trusted-50 Download: from wimb GitHub - Win_Reduce_Trusted-50 Download File E = Encrypted PassWord = bootwimb Manual: VHD_WIMBOOT.pdf - Download: Win10_21H2 x64 ISO and Win11 ISO from Microsoft - Added Windows Update Blocker - Wub folder in \Add_Folders_Files\Port_Apps folder of Win_reduce - Shortcut on Desktop to launch Wub_x64.exe added in \Add_to_UserPath\Desktop folder - Shortcut on Desktop to launch Network - ncpa.cpl - Easy Switch On / Off Network Adapter - PS.exe is running now as Admin so that all apps in PStart Menu are Running as Admin - Added Run_System_Info_x64.exe in \Add_to_UserPath\Desktop folder Run_System_Info_x64.exe will Find and Run \System_Info\System_Info_x64.exe on Any Drive For this purpose your System_Info-53 folder must be in Root of Any Drive and must be Renamed as System_Info First time you need to boot Mini-10x64.vhd as FILEDISK and be sure there is No Network Connection possible. Then you need on Desktop launch Wub_x64.exe to Disable Windows Update and Protect this Setting. It is now safe to connect to Network using Enable WhiteList Off setting in Firewall App Blocker. Boot Mini-10x64.vhd as FILEDISK or from RAMDISK and Connect to Internet and FireFox pages appear OK without an increase of the Mini-10x64 UsedSize
  22. wimb


    Half of what atmzzrSystemCheck is doing, is available already in System_Info. e.g. .NET Framework Info, System Info and DirectX are giving similar info. A problem is that atmzzrSystemCheck is in conflict with Security Software, e.g. SmartScreen.
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