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Where'd the Ads Go?


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Question - I use Firefox primarily and have uBlockOrigin turned off for MSFN pages. I see the adverts but still regularly receive messages asking me to turn off advert blocking, why?

Is it the Firefox no tracking options that are being detected? If so I only have that on for any 'private' windows I open but I do have the 'Do Not Track' signal option ticked too. Not wanting my browsing habits tracked, by advertisers in particular, is a right. It is not advert blocking.

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I moved locations and have them back. Must be due to a change in the router settings (which wouldn't have been by me) or something on the ISP end, as machines running Vista and 2012 R2 were also affected at the other location.

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I have no ads on Android's Chrome, but it doesnt look like I can change any settings. I have third-party cookies only disabled in Incognito, and I dont seem to be able to set ad blocking to anything lower than "block some ads" with no exceptions

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