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  1. Ok, decided to use this time to restart and provide exactly how I carried out this new setup I just did. Here's some information in the BIOS that seemed helpful to be sure we're on the same page: Processor ID: 00010676 Processor Cache Size: 6144KB Memory installed: 4096 MB Memory technology: DDR2 SDRAM Primary hard drive: 160 GB HDD Mod bay device: DVD+/-RW System DBay device: none Video controller: Intel Crestline GRaphics Video BIOS version: 1588 Video memory: 8 MB Audio controller: Sigmatel 9205 Modem controller: Conexant HDA D330 MDC Wi-Fi Device: Intel Wireless no cellular/bl
  2. This one doesn't really seem to work, unless maybe you mean I have to do it on a fresh install? I've tried this six ways from Sunday and it always installs itself as the dual fifo thing and never allows for any CDROM drive. Disabling USB emulation doesn't prevent the two phantom USB-related question marks from appearing, either. IDK. The BIOS says I don't have one installed, but it's also said the same for my ModBay device when my CD drive is clearly installed (and it knows that too, since on a different screen in-BIOS it will acknowledge that it's installed). I'm too risk-avers
  3. I should note that I made an error earlier in my post that I've since corrected (putting "Default" where it should've been chronologically, where i accidentally said "No IDE Channels enabled"), but I guess it doesn't change anything. In this case, should I try using AHCILDR provided in the AHCI driver files? I've been hesitant to use it since I don't want to risk damaging the BIOS, but it looks like the options left are starting to disappear. Also, I feel I should mention that many installations on this machine have given me a bluescreen on their first startup warning me that my driv
  4. I'm not sure what you mean, as I uninstalled the driver earlier. Reinstalling it and changing the Dual IDE Channel Settings in Device Manager to "No IDE Channels enabled" made the "Primary IDE controller (dual fifo)" go away, and now the device status for Ultra ATA says: "This device is disabled because the BIOS for the device did not give it an IRQ (Interrupt Request). (Code 29.) You must enable the device in the BIOS. See your hardware documentation for details, or contact your computer manufacturer to get an updated BIOS." However, while I did this, I remembered seeing something before
  5. Here's what I got from Sentinel. It also tried to detect F6DFB800/0, something that moves too fast for me to get a picture, 01F0-01F7/1, 0170-0177/0, and 0170-0177/1, but those passed by without providing any information. The "1 bad sector" and "spare area" notes showed up each time I ran it.
  6. I was checking over things and noticed that the readme for the AHCI driver said: "If your BIOS sets the Controller to AHCI but does not enable it, this Driver cannot be used." How can I know if this is happening in my case? Also, is it worth trying the AHCILDR tool to fix any potential BIOS problems that could be causing the weird behavior?
  7. I miss the good things of childhood, and there were some things that were better then, but a lot only looks better because I was too naive to understand what was bad. Everything has its benefits and losses. If you spend life looking at the rear view mirror, you'll find yourself missing everything that lies ahead (and might get in a fender bender).
  8. Done! (file was the modded MSHDC.INF from the intel driver pack mentioned before). It's the same as before, but now with "PCI IDE Controller" floating as a yellow question mark between PCI Card and PCI Universal Serial Bus. I don't think I found any, but I only ever know one when Device Manager explicitly states it.
  9. Sorry about delay. Trying to upload pics right now and the uploads are failing. I reinstalled again but with MaxPhysPage=20000 instead of HIMEMX and I'm still at the same place as before. Will upload as soon as it works again. edit: also i disabled PCcard/1394 trying to get rid of the MS-DOS compatibility mode warning stuff, but sadly it was of no effect
  10. AUTOEXEC is empty. This is CONFIG.SYS: DEVICE=C:\HIMEMX.EXE /MAX=523264 For whatever reason, the setver command that usually gets placed there by default has gone missing. The HIMEMX line was below it, but now it's the only thing in the file, with no evidence that setver was there. I'm not sure if I've ever had that happen before. I'm pretty sure the drive is IDE, but since I'm still pretty clueless on hardware, here is the front and back of the thing:
  11. I tried re-enabling stuff like internal bluetooth/cellular (dont even know if this thing has it, but they default to Enabled) and turning the i394/Card option back on to see if it would detect anything more, it it was still at 3, so I tried just using the 4 port version. It works fine, but oddly enough, it ports 2 and 3 give me a Code 10 with a yellow exclamation point instead of only 3. The primary and secondary storage controllers under the Standard IDE/Intel Ultra ATA controller (I ran the install with none of the custom INFs this time, so I tried adding them, but the yellow marks were stil
  12. I've run AHCIMAP and it says my machine supports 3 drives rather than 4 or 6. Does anyone have a version of the .INF for 3 drives?
  13. Okay, I decided I was bored tonight and did this, but nothing changed.
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