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  1. It has TLS 1.2 web browsing, which is nice, but doing something like banking is gonna be a herculean task without using browservice. Social media, which is less mandatory, is also a difficult task depending on the platform. Since there are few people willing to create a TLS 1.3-compatible graphical browser for DOS (and, even if you did, some sites would probably reject you outright because of your user agent), you're stuck with building custom clients for websites that have accessible APIs. This is easier for some sites than others (as a twitter client would require you to render or otherwise operate a browser page to allow API access, for example), but it's not impossible, since someone's already done it for Mastodon. Instant messaging platforms like Telegram and Discord are both difficult or impossible to write for (the former requiring asynchronous code and backporting of C++14, and the latter technically being a little more possible but being a ToS violation AKA ban risk). DOS could definitely be more "alive" with a more dedicated group of users developing new software, but even the more hardcore "never upgrade" adherents keep Windows or some other graphical desktop for non-coding/non-gaming purposes. The potential is there, but people would need to want to do it first.
  2. As far as I can tell, the only concern in the coming years is the gradual dropping of 32-bit support in new software, but I don't really know of anything people use for XP that still gest updates that isn't specifically built with legacy OSes in mind.
  3. I was thinking about setting up browservice last night (and still might for the sake of Wii etc), but now I wanna try this out when it's ready for the same reasons mentioned in OP. It looks good! Also, I agree about VirtualBox being difficult with 98. I gave up on it a while ago but tried again recently, and I forgot how I did it, but somehow mine works now (though I had to install a patch for speed issues because of one of the computers I access it on).
  4. Wait, for real? I never talked with him personally as far as I remember, but for the short year or two I've been on this site, I've seen him *everywhere*. I didn't even know anything was wrong. Definitely did a lot and I pray him and his family peace.
  5. I get the white screen on MyPal, too. I haven't installed 360chrome on this new machine to see if it works there, but I'd guess it might (edit: got the new ArcticFoxie chrome and it works there). You can still use the "webogram" web version on Github that's linked by Telegram on their Apps page, but the features are more limited (no secret chats, for example).
  6. You'd probably have to attempt building it yourself using the source available, but keep in mind that they monitor users accessing Telegram wit unnoficial clients iirc (though it might not count as unofficial if it's just the source code?). If you have a newer browser that allows desktop notifications, you can use the browser version at https://web.telegram.com to simulate the same experience. For older browsers that only get a white screen when accessing the website, you can try the legacy web version that they link at https://github.com/zhukov/webogram (this is linked to by Telegram despite the strange github url), which may possibly have the same "new user" problem. If you are interested in attempting a build, there is a semi-guide on building C++ apps for XP and earlier here: https://building.enlyze.com/posts/modern-visual-studio-meets-ancient-windows/
  7. I've found that a combo of WiseVector StopX and COMODO Firewall are overkill enough to feel safe on my end. Granted, the best antivirus is common sense, but I just like to use them to keep my bases covered. I just stick with StopX alone on XP tho, since COMODO Firewall, while very strong, couldn't update and stepped on my toes all the time. Either way, you'll be facing a very warning-heavy experience, which is fine for me because it means it'll be easier to know when something unusual is happening. (Also, I'm aware that StopX comes from China, but this doesn't bother me all that much)
  8. The Humming Owl versions of 360chrome are based off of Chromium 88 IIRC, so you should be able to pull off the free TunnelBear account (the browser extension requires a minimum of Chrome 20, I think). Choose whatever version your computer handles best (I run the highest version, but it doesn't always run the smoothest due to my hardware). You can also try making your phone work as a mobile hotspot and use it to redirect traffic thru the VPN, though that will cause your phone battery to drop more quickly. Setting your DNS to with an alt address of should also help with site access.
  9. You *can* do this, but I don't *want* to, as specified in the original post.
  10. You can set one up manually if your employer provides one. I haven't got mine to work yet, but it was just as complicated for me to set it up on my Windows 10 laptop, so it's probably something that could be made to work eventually. If you don't have one from the office, you can try TunnelBear, but you'll have a rate limit (which you can boost to a higher level for free, once). I don't know if the .exe will run on XP, but it also has a browser extension that should run on one of the Chromium versions available for XP. You always have to be careful about free VPNs, because when a service is free, you're not the customer, you're the product.
  11. It was WiseVector StopX. As you said, it was apparently detecting the AutoHotkey parts of the program, so I allowed it through.
  12. Is this still looking good! Did a fresh reinstall recently and I'm assuming the best method for install/maintenance may have changed again
  13. I know this program triggers false positives on AV programs, but I'm particularly concerned about the message I got after installing and trying to run the proxy: "Min2Tray.exe is trying to record keystrokes by installing a keyboard hook." What part of the program is triggering that?
  14. In Windows 10 Home, I'm not able to access the Power Management tab under Device Manager > Network adapters > Realtek 8821CE Wireless LAN 802.11ac PCI-E NIC > Properties. This network card is apparently notorious for disconnecting every few minutes and requiring a reset when the computer isn't plugged into a power outlet. I've tried the trick where you make DWORD key CsEnabled with value of 0 under Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Power in regedit, but this didn't work. I also tried taking the alternate route, Control Panel > Devices and Printers > (Computer name) > Properties > Hardware > Realtek 8821CE Wireless LAN 802.11ac PCI-E NIC > Properties, which was reported by some to make the Power Management tab to appear, but this didn't work either. Some people pointed out that certain Dell machines will need to have Wake on USB enabled in their BIOS to make it appear after making the above changes. However, my BIOS doesn't have any such option. I'm using a Dell Inspiron 15 3000 currently. Is there anything else that can be done to get this thing working without being plugged into a wall outlet? I want to avoid purchasing more parts if possible, since I have no experience making these changes and also want to avoid wasting one of my USB slots on something my computer should've been able to accomplish by itself.
  15. I have yet to reinstall Win10. I don't think I've ever seen the slowdowns people talk about. The only reasons I've ever had to get a new installation is because I drop the computer and break the screen. I still keep them as backups.
  16. Setting my time zone to Asuncion seemed to fix it, though it looks like I may have the problem return sometime around October. It does make me wonder if anyone released a timezine fix for XP like there is for 98SE, but a quick search provided no fruit
  17. I've noticed it earlier, but the whole certificate debacle has reminded me of the issue again after reading some error stuff: v13 believes that my timezone should be an hour earlier than it is. As a result, Discord message timestamps will say a message was sent at 22:00 even if it was really sent at 23:00. Right now, if I try to visit Ecosia, the Advanced button of the "Your connection is not private" warning tells me that the current time on this machine is "09/08/2021 21:30" even though it's actually an hour later right now. The time is reported correctly as 10:30PM on my computer, so it doesn't seem to be an OS issue. While I dont think the time discrepancy would break anything major, does anyone know how to fix this? I searched for "time" in the flags, but found nothing, and dow loading the latest version didn't help, either.
  18. My main concerns are having a properly functioning browser and, more importantly, not having to add an extra click to visit any new websites. I will say again: correct certificate stuff is just for convenience. My actual main security concern is when 360chrome reports that my connection is not encrypted despite knowing what encryption tools should be used.
  19. Alright, I installed purely up to SP3, then installed Firefox and 360chrome v13. Ecosia , MSFN, and Discord were trusted in Firefox, but not 360 v13. Waiting on updates to download (decided to take a non-SP4 method that should avoid POS updates)
  20. I'm not sure, though really I've done enough stuff to this machine with updates and certificates that I might just try starting afresh and seeing if the problem is fixed there. Would the post-SP3 you provided be necessary if I installed all updates through a service like the one described here? Also, I my concern isn't so much having a green padlock as it is having a slightly more reliable certificate assessment and, more importantly, having secure encryption algorithms that 360 doesn't seem to be employing on some sites (for this example, Discord and Ecosia).
  21. As a kid, I remember having a computer tower someone modified by replacing the ethernet port with an antenna (PCIE I guess) that let it connect to wifi. Either that or creating a wifi bridge with a raspberry pi is my best guess at getting that USB slot free (will need a second wall outlet at your library for the pi). In unrelated news, I'm going to try ProxHTTPSProxy to see if running that somehow allievates the issue of some games being unable to connect to Steam. It probably won't work, but it's worth a shot. I just have to wait to for my antivirus provider to give the file the OK so it stops blocking it from running (I dont like hitting "exclude" on a file that may be good now but could be infected later)
  22. The SP4 and post-SP4 both contain POS updates iirc, so that's true on my end
  23. Oh, my apologies, I'm running this in 32 bit XP with SP4 and post-SP4. I keep forgetting that people use this outside of XP...
  24. Im not the guy replied to, but this quote describes my situation atm. Ecosia and Discord have acceptable certificates in Firefox, but not 360chrome v13.

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