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Force "multiprocess mode" in FF 52

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21 hours ago, dmiranda said:

@XPerceniol, why the network.websocket stuff?

I don't know ... Lol!

I reset user_pref("network.websocket.enabled and its gone, so I guess it was no longer active. I've been carrying those prefs around for a while because at one point I was told it was a security issue. I guess I'll decrease my paranoia and reset them their defaults. I trust somebody here would say something about that is it were still an issue on Serpent 52. I actually gave up on FF52.9.1 and only use it for testing now.

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@Slavich : How does your latest post above fit into this thread/topic? :dubbio::angry:

This is about force-enabling multiprocess (aka electrolysis=e10s) in Firefox 52 ESR (under Windows XP) and in roytam1's Serpent 52.9.0/55.0.0 forks...

4 hours ago, Slavich said:

the latest versions of the browser... New Moon is the default browser.

Please post any issue(s) you have with New Moon (27 or 28?) in the appropriate thread ...

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