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  1. Hi! Thank you for your work. Please add the certificate of the Digital Ministry of Russia to the assembly: https://transfiles.ru/203oj Thank you.
  2. In the last two versions of the browser, while listening to an MP3 track from the site, when the page is minimized, the sound is interrupted for a fraction of a second. Tested on several sites. Windows XP 32 bit.
  3. Hello. Allow me to post a few more screenshots with errors reflecting web pages in the New Moon browser. https://ibb.co/94fdHqG https://ibb.co/41hFfcQ https://ibb.co/dG1VwQs https://ibb.co/CpypBDX https://ibb.co/0cVf7z1 Thanks.
  4. Hello. Allow me to present two more screenshots with errors. Thanks. https://ibb.co/2Ys0cH4 https://ibb.co/JcFWyG0 https://ibb.co/sR3HGNy
  5. Hello. Another archive with log files of three sites that are incorrectly displayed in the New Moon browser. Thank you. https://ru.files.fm/u/hns2kpms3
  6. Information from the console of incorrectly displayed sites in New Moon. Thanks. https://wdho.ru/645fb45
  7. Hello. The latest version of New Moon has started to work much faster, but there are a few shortcomings. In the latest version, unlike the previous one, there were problems. On two sites (owned by the same owner), errors started to fly out. It is also impossible to log in to your personal account on the website of public services of Russia. Thanks. https://i.ibb.co/M5PQ1jL/1.jpg https://i.ibb.co/JQXmtYD/2.jpg https://i.ibb.co/1dbV3zT/3.jpg
  8. I installed a newer user agents from later versions of Google Chrome, Yandex Browser, Firefox, but it is mentioned above gives the highest speed in opening YouTube.
  9. Hello, @roytam1. Thank for your work. Let me make a few comments. I have Windows XP SP3 installed on my computer. If you register a user agent for Youtube: the site opens in 12 seconds versus 16 seconds with a user agent from Firefox 60. Also, I noticed that when the browser was launched, the start page was loaded immediately before, now the inscription "New Tab" appears on the tab and only after a moment the start page loads.
  10. Hello! I have a problem in Windows XP SP3. I suspect that it appeared after installing the latest versions of the browser. It works by default. Hyperlinks have stopped opening from MS Office 2000 files. I had to set the parameters in the registry manually: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Office\9.0\Common\Internet. In the Edit menu, select Create, select the DWORD value. Rename the resulting file to ForceShellExecute. In its menu, select Edit and set the value to 1. After that, everything functions as expected.
  11. Hi, there is a problem in the latest versions of the browser: hyperlinks from Word 2000 files have stopped opening. New Moon is the default browser.
  12. Hi, there is a problem in the latest versions of the browser: hyperlinks from Word 2000 files have stopped opening. New Moon is the default browser.
  13. Hello, Roytam. There was a problem with the display of the site https://gosuslugi.ru . This is the largest state portal for servicing citizens of Russia. For some time now, all Firefox-based browsers cannot display the user's personal account. Screenshot: https://ibb.co/h2t9FWZ Is it possible to fix this in New Moon? Thank you for your work. I wish you good luck in all your endeavors.
  14. Good afternoon. I ran into a problem. The browser throws an error for the VkOpt extension, which allows you to download music from a social network Vk.com . This extension for the Pale Moon browser gives an error in the New Moon browser.
  15. Hi! Previously, when booting Windows XP, I immediately got the inscription Welcome, now first the inscription Booting Windows - the computer began to slow down when booting. Could this be due to the hidden installation of New Moon?

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