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  1. Hello, colleagues! At me it turned out to teach Firefox 45 to play video in Instagram, but the browser does not play video in www.vk.com any more - the largest Russian social network. It can be corrected? For Instagam in userContent.css.
  2. Thanks, VistaLover I had one problem with reflection of a font on some websites. On a font of the text zachka appear. Such problem is also in Firefox 52. There is an add-on for correction of such malfunction?
  3. Language packages from the official site of Pale Moon are not established on two last modifications of New Moon 28 XP mode.
  4. I want to thank NM28 developers for great job. There are several questions: 1) It is possible to remove from the menu of the Bookmark somehow the Panel of Bookmarks and Not Hemmed folders of a bookmark or at least to make them invisible? 2) Whether there is some expansion with a proxy for the browser? In Russia the main Rutrecker.org torrent tracker is blocked by the authorities and to it there is no access. The application for Firefox by the New Moon browser is not supported.
  5. Slavich

    chrome 49 XP

    Colleagues, how you managed to remove the message of the browser what this version of Google Chrome became outdated?
  6. Slavich

    chrome 49 XP

    A set of fonts for Windows XP allowing to display correctly many new symbols in Google Chrome 49 Establish fonts that browsers correctly displayed the majority of symbols instead of squares: in the Control panel we choose Fonts, we choose the File, Establish a Font menu, we specify the folder where they are, we press OK. We wait when the program finds them in this folder, we press to Allocate everything and we press OK.
  7. AIMP v3.60.1503: Audio player +converter. Looks for covers of albums for the lost tracks. http://www.aimp.ru/?do=download&os=windows&cat=old
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