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  1. Hmm i see. i looked at the changelog about what they did between .2 and .5 and it's just "update codec tweak tool" on them ... and "update iacros" which i did not install anyways. nothing specific about updating certain files or bugfixes except in earlier versions. So prob wont matter. :( jumper - wow interesting info, still no way to ever find out what it was ?? i was monitoring that debug window minimized in the taskbar for all those months, and 1 thing i noticed is 2 dll's always load whenever i open anything like notepad, paint, ...almost anything really. but they always "unload" aproxmiately after 30 seconds. these 2: but im guessing it's not that. ..i looked in the folder and there like "microsoft signature" ..something and "windows shell ..windows script host" -- again i right clicked and looked at the dates and there dated from 2008 and 2010 ..so again they havent ever been touched. probably part of the Sevice Pack 3 windows updates, i dont really know. It didnt crash until 3 hours later as you can see. I dont remember if i opened a notepad or paint window or PC game or whatever at that exact momment. but i would test lots of times and see only those 2 dll's pop up in the log, and unload exactly 30 seconds later. So i'm still clueless. :(
  2. Ucyborg - I doubt any hardware is causing it, this is a laptop by the way. I've never had any sort of "hard lock" or freeze's where the system would be completely frozen and forced holding power button to turn off for example. "not" talking about BSOD. And speaking of that, i never have had any "unexpected" BSOD's before for as long as i can remember, only if it's something i know would make it happen like a PC game i cant play cause of this having a "integrated" intel graphics when i'd need nvidia/amd - which is impossible to have for this laptop. But otherwise I don't get any BSOD for reasons that im unaware of or "out of the blue" Cpu has always been fine. I still doubt that's a cause. It's a "intel core 2 duo T 7600" not like that detail matters. :| I always look at Event Viewer => System like once everyday or so and dont ever see any errors. only usually just "windows time didnt sync" once in awhile. but it usually always works the next day or whatever (the clock in taskbar) Dave-H - i had the version 13.8.5 because this page is what it said...is it actually wrong ?? https://codecguide.com/download_kl_old.htm
  3. I wondered about that "internet open url" but how am i supposed to even know what caused it ? Like i said it couldnt have been the ntdll.dll cause that's not ever been touched... and that article you linked i dont understand anything about it since it's all "coding" related ...not talking about any issues or problems or crashes...so i dont have a clue what i'm supposed to look for then. Does that windbg have any other more advanced commands for seeing exactly what file or whatever those question marks were referring to ?? i dont know anything about debugging stuff besides just the "analyze -v" thing which wasnt useful at all ...cause of question marks. And as i've mentioned before, these goddamn crashes are purely no way to predict when it will happen.. maybe after a week, month... I dont have any idea how to reproduce it, cause this time it took 4 months for it just happen out of a blue while just casually doing anything like viewing images or videos in my folders, or notepad text's, or any other kinds of programs like playing games, etc etc.
  4. Doesn't seem like it cause that number is at the end of the ntdll line as a "hex" value like the other lines. 0174fccc 7c92a600 077444f6 04d069f0 00000000 ntdll!RtlpWaitOrTimerCallout+0x73 I have MalwareBytes AntiMalware and i've scanned with that several times this year with the latest defintion update(s) since this first started, and i've always come up clean (0 detections) everytime. :|
  5. yea theres those worthless question marks. but i mean, it cant possibly be ntdll right ? cause that's not ever been touched since i've had this computer around 2010. it wasnt ever modified or anything like that. https://i.imgur.com/Uq4Eyb9.png i also tried searching for like ID 454, but there was no such thing in all the running exe's at the time, explorer was process ID 3916 it said, in the "process list" text file.
  6. yea.. well,i just went ahead and uploaded that crash dump file to mediafire. i dont know why it has to be such a ridiculously huge size like this. I dont know anything about coding and all that stuff so all i ever knew what to try was "analyze -v" ..and getting stupid question marks as i showed in that screenshot earlier. http://www.mediafire.com/file/ygwvkqu3ekgok6w/explorer+crash.dmp/file
  7. I mentioned already in one of my earlier replies in feburary that i checked with that shellex program before and didnt have anything at all that would be suspect. so that didnt help at all.
  8. Sorry to bump this topic after so many months, but may i possibly get some help still on this ?? I had that debugger program sitting in the taskbar, and it took almost 4 months until explorer.exe crashed again, so that i finally got a "2nd chance violation" crash dump file from it. I attempted to load it in the "windbg" thing and followed the instructions on just viewing what the problem was, and even that doesnt tell me anything at all. It "still" didnt say exactly what dll or file caused it, and it had a bunch of question marks on all the values. what the hell!! how is this possible!! here's what i mean, it just shows question marks for this 77444f6, and doesnt even say what dll it is on the 1st line of "stack text" area at the bottom besides "ntdll" which i doubt is it, since thats a main OS file https://i.imgur.com/1mHVvmx.png This crash dump file is almost 150 MB in size, there's another crash dump labeled "1st chance shut down" also 150 MB, but im guessing only the access violation one is relevant here. should i try uploading it mediafire or something so one of you guys might be able to check it and figure out what the cause is ?? cause im sick and tired of never gettinng any information out of this. Always these freaking "unknown model" ...unknown... question marks, version - etc etc.
  9. I wouldnt have the first clue how to make them show up.
  10. huh, did something break or get screwed up in .1 that was not broken in .0 ?? (about the horrible freeze/lag/screen flicker) and yea, same about the icons graphic, not showing in chrome.
  11. Hmm, i got a question about discord since someone decided to make this topic. So i have the firefox 52.9.1 like everyone else here. And it loads just fine and all but...holy freaking crap it lags like utter hell and i do not understand why. I've got literally all of the important "text/appearance" options, animations, etc whatever all turned off in my profile settings, but it doesnt seem to help though. What i mean is, just clicking on anything like a server icon, profile name, typing messages, anything will literally freeze firefox dead for 10 to 20 seconds until i can do anything, and the screen also flickers pure white (just discord, "not" the actual firefox itself) Does anyone know what im talking about ?? :( I've tried googling about this many times before and seen people mention these very exact same experiences in even the latest firefox 70+ versions ...windows 8/10, and so on. I dont understand. Closing/re--opening firefox fresh doesnt make a difference. This only ever is with discord web. This is not a problem in Chrome 49 though, it loads all just fine there, no lag, no freezing browser, everything is instant/smooth there.
  12. how do i view any youtube videos on this place ? never heard of it before today until your post but... i tried like 5 different websites "not named" invidious on that instances list...and every single time it says "No compatible source was found for this media." on the videos... that doesnt happen on youtube or any other place as far as im aware. What sort of video format is it expecting from firefox 52.9 ?? :|
  13. I've never once updated the magician software ever before, and not the ssd's own firmware either, it says the firmware is already the latest apparently. And i just originally installed the software straight from the CD which says uhhh.. version when hovering mouse over the exe
  14. I'm on XP Pro with a laptop...and i have a Samsung Evo 850 SSD on here for a few years now, and it's been just fine for me. Never have had any sort of problems with it yet. I run that "trim" thing on the Samsung magician software once in awhile. and tempature seems pretty good for it (the SSD) ..usually is always at about 102 degrees on average, 108 max on load.
  15. Wow that usercontent thing for the descriptions worked. I didnt want to install any addon's to fix that dumb thing so i always ignored it before i saw your post. -- i always had to keep going to View => Page Style => No style -- scroll the page all the way down to read video descriptions, a little annoying But this way you mentioned works finally. Thanks.
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