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  1. Hello, i use the program called "pidigin" to use Slack and Discord since it wont work in browsers for me in Windows XP. Things are fine with discord, but slack is having problems since about 1 month ago where it wont connect because of an certificate error. It first happened a month ago, and just randomly decided to work after a few hours and was fine ever since, until just tonight where the same error message has come up again. And it just wont ever connect now. I posted about this on the original github "issues" site where i downloaded the slack plugin from here explaining this, and showing the debug window contents about what it said reguarding these certificate errors. I dont know if im ever going to get a response there anytime soon, if at all even. https://github.com/dylex/slack-libpurple/issues/176 The reason im posting here is in case i get a faster response here on what to do about this. I already have attempted to do the roots update procedure from this thread here: I used the program from the mediafire link to get the latest certificate files https://msfn.org/board/topic/175170-root-certificates-and-revoked-certificates-for-windows-xp/ But sadly it didnt help with pidgin and slack. Do i need an updated copy of this "dst root ca x3" , "ISRG Root X1", and/or "R3" to get the program to work somehow ? (based on what the debug information showed that i posted on the github page above. If so, where would i find these exactly ? Since the root updater program did not address it apparently. I'm hoping some people with more experience on the matter will know what to do. I tried to export all these certficates via serpent browser, and importing them into pidgin manually with it's certficate manager, but it doesnt help... https://i.ibb.co/QkMBmvh/cert-list.png I have a screenshot to show what this looks like: edit: I just got it to work somehow. I tried copying those 3 certficate files i got from the browser, and put them in the "ca-certs" folder of the main Program Files Pidgin folder instead of the "application data" directory where pidigin stores its settings, and it managed to work. I dont know if it's going to hold up though or for how long, but im happy now.
  2. Hey there. i personally now use a program called "pidgin" version 2.14.1 - which lets me use slack and discord. It's not "great" cause you cant do things like share images/videos/files since you have to upload them to other online websites. the online members list is usually not accurate half the time wether someone's online or not. and smile faces never works, or at least it never translates to the real discord itself or whatever. - There's no way to ever know when new messages are present in any rooms/servers, cause you have to manually double click them all, to check. But it works "ok" for me though:
  3. Thank you. I responded to the PM now, i'll reply here too. I downloaded the python 3.8 for future backup now. I only ever need it for "streamlink" to watch live twitch streams daily. It's working OK currently for python 3.7 + whatever last 3.xx is for streamlink.
  4. wow dang i wasnt aware about the whole them using this newer API thing, im sorry. :( Well i decided to try out the "serpent" first since you mentioned that specificaly. I didnt actually know it was literally a clone of firefox 52.9.0/1 besides the version number. I got it from this May 21, 2022 link https://rtfreesoft.blogspot.com/search/label/browser Yea twitch works now in that one unlike the original firefox. And i figured it'd be just as resource heavy/intensive as the original firefox. This serpent 52.9 instantly uses 500 to 700 MB of RAM when loading a twitch stream + chat. which is way too much. it's very annoying. But it did that too on regular firefox 52.9.1 i had been using. I noticed some video players in sites work now with this too, while firefox would be "no compatible source found" or something weird like that, even though i thoroughly followed all the guides here about enabling h264, and all the codecs/files and so on. So yea that's cool i'll keep this as a backup. I still havent tried the 360chrome(s) yet. apparently those 3 versions all have big performance differences, i'd perfer the lowest RAM usage/cpu intensive/etc. I will try eventually.
  5. Hhmm i see...but im curious...is this "chrome 360" the same as the original chrome but a higher version ? if so, then i worry it will give me the same BSOD issue i briefly mentioned above with the regular chrome 49 (last version for windows xp) I only use windows xp pro 32 bit. I dont ever want to use 7 or higher for my own personal reasons even though im aware of the negative consequences. I'm still on my Dell Latitude D620 laptop by the way since 2010 to this very day still. - Core 2 Duo T7600 2.33 GHZ, intel graphics, SSD -- The other laptop in that M6400 thread i talked about i officially quit and gave up on that worthless thing cause of it's stupid Sound issue. And i meant about the "Twitch" chats (the popout version i showed) not working anymore in firefox 52.9.1 (not twitter since thats fine thankfully) - does that work in that chrome 360 or the mypal ?? I'm sorry if i de-railed your thread.
  6. Ah man i was afraid of that. I did actually happen to look at this thread's details about 1 week ago or so, and i saw how you were posting frequent updates about your upcoming popmenu in the system tray down in taskbar. Some of my internet explorer bookmarks that i visit everyday for years no longer worked "page cant be disaplyed" this year...and then exactly 1 week ago another one happened and i was like "i cant take it anymore, this isn't fair" ..then i found your thread here, tried the proxy1.5 rev 3e - and now all my bookmarks work like normal again, so that's all i needed. I'm just really feeling bummed out that just "now" twitch chat is broken in firefox since that's been part of my life for 5 years or so. I've never used any other browsers ever before except that and IE 8 i used to have the last "chrome 49" as a backup option, but i stay away from that cause it causes random "kernel32.dll" BSODs only when closing the stupid browser. (like X button in top right corner for example) or right clicking in taskbar and "close" and other method so i got rid of that. I'll try to look at "mypal" sometime real soon.
  7. Hello, i have a few questions to ask reguarding your program. And i apoligize if this is not the appropriate thread to ask in specifically. I saw this thread about how it helps to load websites in IE 8 and such. First, is this only meant for IE8 specifically ? Or can it work with firefox 52.9.1 too ?? If not, then my next questions are probably irrevelant to your program, but i'll still ask. So just sometime yesterday or friday night, Twitch posted this message on their twitter that the chat window on twitch streams (and the "popout chat" verision) wasn't working apparently. And then that they fixed it... well i wasnt ever effected as it was working fine 100% fine for me while watching some people's streams earlier in the day on Friday afternoon. https://twitter.com/TwitchSupport/status/1527748040601350144 But now friday night immediately after this tweet...twitch chats no longer ever load anymore in firefox 52.9.1 ever since....and they obviously arent goinig to do crap about it. I mean the site will load...but the actual chat wont anymore, for example here (i've been watching this person for many years with no problem) https://www.twitch.tv/popout/kuumba_/chat It just shows "stream chat" at the top of screen, but wont ever load it for reals period. There so called "fix" scam according to twitter instead permenately "broke" it in firefox now...i know they are NOT going to respond to me about this, or bother to fix it again.. I did EVERYTHING i possibly could with the "spoof user agent" tricks like windows 10 + edge version 100.. latest chrome, ipad, samsung galaxy phones, all kinds of different things and nothing makes a difference So i wondered if your program "proxy https" will work with twitch chat ? Or is something entirly different ?? Also this site stopped working for a couple months ago too which i had bookmarked and am very depressed about, a online translator site called "deep L" which i always used for japanese to english translations no longer works either in firefox 52.9.1 https://www.deepl.com/en/translator All i would do is just copy-paste text on the box and it automatically pops up on the right box...but it doesnt work anymore. again, the site loads at the very least, but the 2 boxes on the screen wont function. I dont have any add-ons blocking anything, "noscript" is turned off...everything like that, i double checked everything, clearing cookies/cache doesnt help, etc. And i do have the latest certificates with the "update certificates 1.6" program which i run every once in awhile. i forget what it was called. Does your proxy http program affect eitiher of these 2 sites by any chance ?? (twitch chat and deep L translator)
  8. Hello there, thank you very much for confirming for me, I really needed to know this from other people who may have had this laptop model. it's really depressing to know. I bought this cause I wanted to try out a little higher specs than my D620 here. The highest possible Core 2 Duo year/generation that im still able to use "RMClock" and "ThrottleStop" with to under-volt for lower temps...while 1st to 3rd gen i3/i5/i7 are not possible (this is QX9300 2.5 GHZ, but i really would have bought a individual T9900 3.06 GHZ someday "after" setting everything up). This video card is a "ATI firepro m7820" which was originally only in the Precision M6500, but works fine in M6400. I spent several months of research before I bought this via ebay, as i've heard the Nvidia models would have all kinds of overheating, and "black screen" issues, while the ATI doesn't. But i NEVER in my life, expected to be stopped dead cold in my tracks because of the stupid audio muffled-ness problem. I just dont understand why i can influence this by sounding normal based on how fast or slow I click that slider button on the Volume Control window for testing ...only for those clicks - or any programs, or "voice test" or youtube, video players, etc only if there active/running. But closing them returns it back to instant muffle. If it's doing something to a specific driver or file, theres way too many to know what, like wdmaud.sys, hdaudbus.sys, directX stuff, i dont know. If only it could be forced somehow to not lower itself back to crap after half a second or whatever. But ugh, im sick and freaking tired of trying. @we3fan i know i keep hearing that headphones wont have the problem, and I dont have any first hand confirmation as I've never owned any headphones before, so i officially do not know sadly. Im willing to buy a pair of headphones, but I dont have a clue where or what i would buy, not something like "latest greast 2022 model" of something that might not even work at all on the 2009 laptop. So i would not know "what" to buy exactly. i actually did try some external speakers a week ago, i have a pair of left/right speakers seperately that I havent touched since around 2008, they worked fine obviously on the last Windows XP desktop PC i used them with around that time.. i plugged into the headphone port on that M6400 laptop.. and no...it made zero difference, the stupid "muffled" B**S** is still there coming through the 2 speakers away from the laptop...but I have no clue about actual real headphones still.
  9. Just an update since no one else has replied. I recently talked with someone on discord - whom i originally found from a random youtube showing off a M6400 laptop before i bought this, which has something called "windows XP integral" instead of SP3 apparently. I dont know anything about this integral edition as i've never heard of it before (also win 10 as a dual boot with it) the video was here - https://youtube.com/watch?v=JG1RpJgy5Qw so i talked to him a few days ago wondering if he could test the whole audio problem too on his M6400, i described briefly about this whole stupid annoying "low quality/power 10 khz-like" muffled problem with the laptop's speakers, and apparently he expereienced this exact same issue too - on the Win XP "integral" ...he also tested it on Windows 10 too and said the same thing happens there... though i cant confirm myself cause i dont know what it sounds like on there So he believes it's NOT XP - just this laptop was manafactured very poorly in reguard to the speakers.. ughhh. - So i think i'll finally accept the reality that nothing can ever be done about this crap. And that it's not worth trying to waste more endless hours trying a million things, and re-installing XP to start over, again and again trying different things. None of the "modded" drivers are possible to download from the laptopvideo2go forum cause every freaking thing says "404 not found" Also i noticed another problem I can never figure out while i was testing other things. the program "RightMark CPU Clock Utility 2.35" used for controlling the CPU voltages to lower tempatures. This here: https://cpu.rightmark.org/products/rmclock.shtml right clicking it in the taskbar and exit or restart ...just keeps it frozen there forever...it never will close no matter how many times i try, reboot, or anything. thus not saving settings. i compared side by side with my Dell Latiutude D620 laptop every single loaded DLL file and version number using Process Explorer, and everything matches exactly 100%. It works just perfectly fine on my Latitude D620 XP laptop, closing the program normally i mean. So i have to force-exit it via Task Manager on the M6400 laptop...which means it's impossible to save any settings from the program. I'm so freaking dang fed up with this god dang M6400 laptop, i cant stand it anymore. This was a waste of time, waste of 200 dollars, i gotten MANY headaches from sleepless nights trying EVERYTHING. Just will stay with my Latitude D620 once again. Also i apoligize for anyone bothering to read my stupidly super long posts. It's very hard for me to explain things as "short" as possible, please forgive me for this.
  10. Ah sorry, my bad. :| I took the time to try taking as much screenshots I could of these registry settings if anyone's willing to look. I didnt get shots of "every" single folder or key cause there are quite a few entries that are empty or just only have a blank "default" - but i tried to screenshot all the most relevant and important ones. I already tried every single "1" or "0" registry key as i mentioned, and i also tried all the ones like "enabled PCM bits/dac bits" to FFFFFFE ...but doesnt affect it obviously. There's nothing in the "plugins" area. I dont know what all the "pins" and "bands" are about, i didnt take shots of all those cause there all completely random numbers on each one. And i assume all the stuff about "jack" and "mic" are related to microphones, which i dont have any such accessories. -- "AFG Power State Policy" sounded promising.. i tried 0, 1, 2, and 3.. but of course nothing. https://ufile.io/h96expi6 - heres the screenshots
  11. So does that mean i have to actually have the wifi turned "on" to test this this ? i've already had it turned off, and disabled ...already had tried that several times before from both in XP and from BIOS...disabled every single WLAN/WWLAN, wifi switch, catcher, everything single option related to those and it didnt do anything to the audio.. So i have to install the wifi drivers and turn it on ? cause im real confused there. it already didnt help with it being off or on before already anyways. By the way that page says "sigmatel" while this M6400 is "IDT" so i doubt 99.9% it's going to matter. I'll try getting some screenshots of all the registry settings from this audio crap soon. I didnt try all the ones that have random hex numbers like 629DE or 7B49 since i dont have a clue what any of these mean or do, but i did try each and every single one that had a "1" or "0" hexcidecimal number that i mentioned earlier. Thats why i rebooted dozens and dozens of times between each test. I seriously want to take a video and put it right up against the laptop speakers so i could show you guys exactly what I mean about this "muffled" low-quality sounding...power saving whatever-the-crap is happening. I dont have a video camera of my own right now sadly.
  12. Hello again, i've tried to deal with this in past few days after Mr.Scienceman2000 finally was able to check his version...unfortatently i was instantly depressed when he said it was 6285 which i already had previously tried with zero luck...the very first time from "snappy driver". - I tried again anyway. I re-installed XP SP3 all over from the start fresh (made sure to format/wipe out the drive and all that of course) --- as soon as i got to the Desktop for the first time - i create system restore point, installed the 6285 IDT version immediately before anything else period, which i had backed up earlier to a USB hard drive.. And of course it made zero difference period. No change, sound still horribly low quality, everything i already described. So that was a complete waste of time, i knew it wouldn't work. And neither did the original 6017 either obviously. I did more google searching for hours and hours, read some things about "device sharing and IRQ's being shared" - checked device manager and sort by "resources by type" - the IDT audio is shared with 2 USB entries...tried disabling the USB ones..and literally every single freaking thing possible - every single usb hub/port/PCI, all network stuff, cards, readers, dvd, all the "system board", "high precision event timer"...still nothing changes the stupid audio. Tried going into Direct X diagnostics (start -> run -> dxdiag) and tried every option on the hardware sound accleration slider including "emulated" - no difference - tried the same thing on the regular Sound/Audio devices (advanced tab, performance) tried all those otions, no difference Tried editing a crap load of entries in registry editor where the driver settings were, took screenshots before of all the settings. And 1 by 1 i swapped registry entries from 0 to 1, or 1 to 0 ...reboot PC every single time to test....i rebooted at least 50 or so times doing this, not joking... no difference. There was 1 registry entry i saw called "CPL_SaveExtraPower" or something... default value was 1, so i tried 0 ...reboot... no difference. DPC latency checker is between 1600 to 4000 "us" seconds while im trying to test this crap. https://i.ibb.co/hYkMzmz/idt-new-install.png What i dont really understand is why the audio will actually act "normal" only at very specific momments like when im clicking the slider button on volume very fast, or say if i open the "test hardware" button from sound/audio devices (in Voice Tab) ..."only" while the window has a progress bar on the screen, as soon as that's finished, it's instatly poor again, or only if there's some program that's reliing on audio, game/video.. it'll be normal ...but close it and it's crap. Why is there some sort of power saving thing going on, editing that 1 registry entry did nothing, and nothing works on the IDT or Andrea Filter options. i tried looking through a couple of these threads about "modded" drivers here...but every single file in these peoples posts are on that website which dont exist anymore. All 404 not found, nothing archived on "way back machine" website. https://forums.laptopvideo2go.com/forum/144-idtsigmatel-support/ Do i just quit and get rid of this worthless laptop now already ?? is there ANYTHING left to try ??
  13. The BIOS was already on A13 when i first got this laptop. I did try looking at the descrptions of all the past BIOS versions and didn't see anything mentioned about sound/audio. (like a12, a11, a10, etc) I'll try those ones now Jumper https://i.ibb.co/NT7HYT3/device-id-snappy.png https://i.ibb.co/6HcbT2D/device-id-2.png edit: okay well i don't know yet on either of those 2 versions cause both of them make this error message at the very end. "class installed denied request" which i've never seen before. I don't know why or what the deal is. When doing "dont search i'll chose what to install" until the Have Disk otion, and pointing to the INF file for the 6324 or 6230 ..they both show this: https://i.ibb.co/nwrfzT3/error-msg.png these dang CAB files are such a pain - is it cause i un-installed the sound first ?? I thought it would have been better to un-install the current sound driver always each time, before attempting a different version just in case so there's no conflicts. edit 2: put the 6017 A01 sound back on then tried to go through the device manager update to either of those 2 versions above jumper said, still says that "denied request" at the end...sheesh.
  14. I only tried 4 of these so far...almost all of the ones on the list for the audio are non-dell brands again like HP, gateway, leveno so i didnt try any of those yet, after bad results from just trying 2 of the HP ones. hp 6427 - wouldn't install hp 6233 - no sound at all except only a constant high pitched buzzing dell 6292 - alot of errors and crash - was a 6.x.x version so probably vista/7 dell 6285 - installed, but didnt fix the muffled crap i did system restore after every test to go back to that original A01 6017 from the dell site. There's some 5800 or 5600 dell ones on the list, but they all say 6.10.x.x - so vista again i bet. Didnt try them at the momment. if i can somehow know what Mr.Scienceman2000 had sometime if possible.
  15. Okay i'll try that, i really do apprecaite the help. Yes it is a "muffled" type of sound that it sounds like. I was just starting to think last night if it had anything to do with this "andrea filter" thing that gets installed as part of the IDT audio. - Doesnt matter either when i force exit all the exe's in Task Manager related to the IDT and "andrea". Since the .sys and .dll's are loaded elsewhere anyway. That andrea thing has 4 options, but of course they don't make a difference, but i wonder if that's what creates that low quality 16 khz muffle'd-ness or whatever. I dont know heh. I have no intention on using any microphones or headphones, which is what the purpose of that program for is... "i think" - as im not a twitch streamer or anything like that. Yea i've never used any 3rd party driver installer programs ever before except one called "driver identifier" which just simply scans your system and sends you to a website with a giant list of version numbers....but most of the versions numbers listed for IDT were all higher than the dell ones and for Win Vista / 7 ..or entirly different laptop models - I'll try looking at the snappy driver Do i get the latest snappy version R539 from there, or a specific older one ?
  16. damn i just dont know then. i really hate this. it's starting to fustrate me enough to not want to bother having that laptop anymore (not yet but getting there) i tried the device manager method a minute ago of installing one of thos INF files from the realtek thing from earlier that Skorpios said.. about these dumb CAB files. i just picked the one that said HDA01 - i ignored that warning prompt about "your about to install drivers that may be imcompatible with your hardware" message cause i just didnt care anymore. So after it installed it just said "driver could not start" - so that realtek one didnt work i guess.. I'm seriously just going to probably try re-installing XP again and first thing install the IDT A01 before anything else period and see if that matters or not...probably will be a waste of time. I havent really done much at all on the laptop anyways yet...besides just the drivers and stuff. This has never happened in the almost 20 years i've only ever used XP (across different laptops/PC's ...only this M6400 with this audio issue)
  17. yes i took a few screenshots and there was nothing suspect as usual. https://i.ibb.co/mFBmHxz/dpc-idle.png - this one is just sitting here idle...doing nothing not touching the keyboard, mouse touchpad, nothing whatsoever. https://i.ibb.co/1MntGJv/dpc-testing-sound.png - this is when clicking/testing the sound when im clicking it slow (about once per second) hearing that very low/poor sound (just clicking the slider button on the main volume window there that i mentioned before) https://i.ibb.co/SNjdLLk/dpc-testing-normal.png - this is when im clicking it really fast - at least 2 or 3 times per second where the sound is actually normal, until i let go of clicking or slowing down.
  18. Once again the download link on every single one of those files leads to .CAB files...which i currentlly can not figure out how to install from.
  19. How do i install this cab driver exactly ? All these realtek drivers are in .CAB fomat and i cant for the life of me figure out how to yet. I already extracted the contents to a folder and it has like 8 different inf files, but no .MSI installers or anything. I dont want to blindy try every single INF file cause some them have names like "apple" or "samsung" in the filename. So i dont even know which one to pick I've been fustrated for over an hour trying to google this and all i find is just commands like pkgmgr and dism which is only win 7 and higher. There's no right-click menu option for installing this cab directly.
  20. Okay i'll try that soon ..is that XP's "generic" type of driver that would work on any type of PC or laptop ?? like how win7 and 10 apparently has a basic "microsoft audio" thing or something like that. i'll try this one since it has the most recent date of 2007 - Realtek Semiconductor Corp. - Sound - Realtek High Definition Audio Windows XPDrivers (Other Hardware) 10/24/2007 11.8 MB
  21. I've looked at that whole thread first. And i would of posted on that forum (notebookreview) before here, but i probably wouldnt get any replies.. all the past M6400 threads and 100+ page long "m6400 owners thread" is locked. So -- esata port disable in bios already tried (same as the youtube video i linked earlier) -- i installed the intel matrix storage thing just to test, but it wasnt affecting the sound as usual, so i un-installed it. When i first installed XP a few nights ago it was already loaded with version 8.6-something, i did try the latest driver which was 9.4 or 9.6 i think, but no difference. --- already tried turning off power management on IDT control panel. if that's "on" it will make those pop noises people have mentioned, when it's "off" it fixes that but it still doesnt do anything to this really bad low quality i've tried so hard to explain. I never tested Control Point software, but i gave that a try tonight, looked through all the options, no difference, so un-installed that right away. - already had tried disabling the Wifi completely, turning off the switch, etc. It's really not "stutter" or pops or clicks, it's more closer to something like this person said on the 2nd page of the thread - quote "I updated the BIOS and some drivers, and such, but the thing that fixed *this* issue was to change the sampling rate in Windows 7 to 44.1 KHz (the default was 48KHz)." If windows xp had something like this, cause thats what it sounds or feels like. As if it's like 16 or 24 khz...but normal sounding if i click on the volume control slider button fast enough. (this affects all windows sounds and stuff unless i have like a game emulator running in the background for example even if no game is currently loaded on it) About the IDE/ATA hard drive thing, i found this website called "fix ide" - https://www.d7xtech.com/free-software/fixide/ it took me a few hours to go through this, and it worked out letting me install the regular IDE controller driver without being forced to go through the XP setup all over again....so i could now boot with slow IDE or faster Sata Raid bios options....but it still did nothing whatsoever to address the stupid sound. I don't own any headphones, so i havent gotten to test the headphone/microphone jacks other people mentioned, i have no clue about that yet. :| I perfer just using the regular laptop's speakers, but i am curious about people saying headphones can use the speakers.
  22. I actually tried turning off the speedstep option from bios before i posted this thread and didnt help either. It's a "Core 2 Quad Xtreme 9300" - this one: I really kinda dont want this though, i would rather have a T9900 3.06 GHZ someday soon...if i decide to keep this laptop or not first https://www.cpu-world.com/CPUs/Core_2/Intel-Core 2 Extreme Mobile QX9300 AW80581ZH061003.html It's at it's minimum speed of 1.5 GHZ or 1533 MHZ i believe based on what CPU-Z and Throttlestop shows, and when right-clicking My Computer -> Propeties window. Doesnt matter either if i manually force it to the highest multipler with throttlestop which is 2.5 GHZ ( i never touched the overclock stuff ) - Already also tried applying the different regular windows XP's own power schemes like "laptop, always on, desktop" - didnt affect the audio in any way. There's only 2 things left i could think of i guess... trying the much slower "ATA/IDE" hard drive BIOS setting which i cant do cause it BSODs instantly at the splash screen with "stop 7B" -- i just left it on it's default "raid" setting like the E6420 laptop was. or just flat out try re-installing fresh again but with the ATA option selected first ...and then immediately try installing the IDT A01 sound driver before anything else whatsoever, assuming it works normal at all.. "then" go normally from there like chipset/etc to see when it gets screwed up. I have my doubts though.
  23. Would i even be able to do that, at this point ? trying a lower version ? or have to restart all over ?? (re-install xp again deleting the partition first from usb flash drive then re-install) Since there's no where in the Device Manager specifically about this "intel chipset 9.0.x.x or 9.1 or whatever. And nothing in the Add/Remove Programs about it. It's really confusing too when looking at the chipset section on there. There's "intel chipset" ..."intel mobile chipset" ..and "intel chipset software" -- with slightly different versions. 9.0 - 9.1 - and 9.2 - im pretty sure i frst picked ", A02" - later after doing sound and hearing this annoying problem, i then tried the, A05 - which didnt do anything to the audio either. https://manualzz.com/doc/3106553/dell-e6400-re-image-guide Also i saw this website about doing things in a specific order ..the first thing it mentioned was doing "dell system software" first before anything else - i tried this later after the audio problem...maybe it would of fixed it... ya know ? but all it did was get rid of the USB connect sound effects according to the description for A04 - It literally deleted those 2 entries from the "sound scheme" page...ugh. reguardless, no difference before or after
  24. Hello again, i have a laptop with a slightly new problem I can not ever figure out, and this time it's reguarding the Audio/Sound on a Dell Precision M6400. I started with a clean fresh install of XP SP3, and things were going okay. I started doing the drivers slowly, starting with the chipsets, PCM cards, audio, video etc -- until i noticed something was really "off" about the way the audio sounds. First it's "IDT IDT 92HDxxx HD" It's really hard for me to explain this in words but i'll try. For example when i double-click the audio icon in the system tray normally to bring up the volume control window, and just simply click the slider ..it sounds horribly low quality..washed out, "muffled" ..something like that. I dont know the right word to describe it. but if i click it really rapid and fast, it actually sounds normal like it should ...but if i slow down how fast im clicking it, it'll instantly be back to really bad. It's as if it's going into some sort of power saving mode instantly or...really low/bad "sample quality rate" or...something. Instead of staying normal. The weird thing is, if i open any of my gaming emulators..or youtube or something that relies on sound whatsoever, it'll always be back to normal, but the second i close anything, it's back to crap. Thats why it's so hard for me to explain. I've never experienced such a thing happen on my D620, or the E6420 laptops...and never on any past PC's from the 2000's (win XP only) I've seriously checked and tried everything i possibly could so far. I went to the IDT control panel and disabled the "power management" option and all the others there. - i went to the "andrea filter" control panel which has only 4 different settings, tried all of those - no difference -- https://youtube.com/watch?v=cQbK9q_IQDs i tried the method in this youtube video i saw about disabling the ESata Port in the BIOS ...which apparently fixed it for hundreds of people...i saw a comment or two of people doing this for the M6400...i guess it's a fix for Win 7 and 10 only. I tried disabling a few other things in BIOS like wifi, lan/ethernet, all the media cards - tried disabling a bunch of other things 1-by-1 in windows device manager, dvd drive, even the "microsoft UAA sound driver" thing which only just disabled the sound entirly ...but turning back on didn't help. I tried each and EVERY single version avaiable of the IDT from here: https://www.dell.com/support/home/en-us/product-support/product/precision-m6400/drivers A01, A03, A05, and A06 ...the bad news is that every step UP only makes it worse....only A01 is the closest possible thing to getting it to fixing it. I also tried a driver that was meant for E6410/E6510 and M4500/6500 ..which managed to install but didnt help. I then tried the current driver version that was on my E6420 laptop because it's IDT also ..but it wouldnt install because it'd say "your hardware ID is not compatible with this version" I double-checked with the Direct X diagnostics tool - start -> run -> dxdiag -> sound tab and checking all the options on the slider for Hardware acceleration -- and i double-checked the 2 slider buttons for the Sound/Audio Devices Control panel going to the Advanced tab --> performance and trying out each possible option on "Hardware acceleration" and "Sample Rate Conversion Quality" - no difference on every slider option. I dont know what else to do. Again basically it's like the audio somehow is getting instantly put into some sort of super low quality bit rate or...power saving..or something i dont freaking know. It's never happened on other laptops or PC's before. I've read windows 7 and 10 has it's own generic "high defintion audio" driver that can be loaded without needing the IDT's own driver at all and i've been frantically google searching for hours to find out if there's anything like that for XP too but havent had any luck finding such a thing. Is there any ??
  25. Dang that's seriously crazy. I had no clue that's been a Dell related issue since forever. That totally explains it then. I was mentioning in my post from a few days ago that it doesnt happen on my Dell Latitude D620. Thats why i've never knew until I got this Latitude E6420 where it does happen, until literally disabling (or physically removing it) it in Device Manager as mentioned.

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