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  1. The BIOS was already on A13 when i first got this laptop. I did try looking at the descrptions of all the past BIOS versions and didn't see anything mentioned about sound/audio. (like a12, a11, a10, etc) I'll try those ones now Jumper https://i.ibb.co/NT7HYT3/device-id-snappy.png https://i.ibb.co/6HcbT2D/device-id-2.png edit: okay well i don't know yet on either of those 2 versions cause both of them make this error message at the very end. "class installed denied request" which i've never seen before. I don't know why or what the deal is. When doing "dont search i'll chose what to install" until the Have Disk otion, and pointing to the INF file for the 6324 or 6230 ..they both show this: https://i.ibb.co/nwrfzT3/error-msg.png these dang CAB files are such a pain - is it cause i un-installed the sound first ?? I thought it would have been better to un-install the current sound driver always each time, before attempting a different version just in case so there's no conflicts. edit 2: put the 6017 A01 sound back on then tried to go through the device manager update to either of those 2 versions above jumper said, still says that "denied request" at the end...sheesh.
  2. I only tried 4 of these so far...almost all of the ones on the list for the audio are non-dell brands again like HP, gateway, leveno so i didnt try any of those yet, after bad results from just trying 2 of the HP ones. hp 6427 - wouldn't install hp 6233 - no sound at all except only a constant high pitched buzzing dell 6292 - alot of errors and crash - was a 6.x.x version so probably vista/7 dell 6285 - installed, but didnt fix the muffled crap i did system restore after every test to go back to that original A01 6017 from the dell site. There's some 5800 or 5600 dell ones on the list, but they all say 6.10.x.x - so vista again i bet. Didnt try them at the momment. if i can somehow know what Mr.Scienceman2000 had sometime if possible.
  3. Okay i'll try that, i really do apprecaite the help. Yes it is a "muffled" type of sound that it sounds like. I was just starting to think last night if it had anything to do with this "andrea filter" thing that gets installed as part of the IDT audio. - Doesnt matter either when i force exit all the exe's in Task Manager related to the IDT and "andrea". Since the .sys and .dll's are loaded elsewhere anyway. That andrea thing has 4 options, but of course they don't make a difference, but i wonder if that's what creates that low quality 16 khz muffle'd-ness or whatever. I dont know heh. I have no intention on using any microphones or headphones, which is what the purpose of that program for is... "i think" - as im not a twitch streamer or anything like that. Yea i've never used any 3rd party driver installer programs ever before except one called "driver identifier" which just simply scans your system and sends you to a website with a giant list of version numbers....but most of the versions numbers listed for IDT were all higher than the dell ones and for Win Vista / 7 ..or entirly different laptop models - I'll try looking at the snappy driver Do i get the latest snappy version R539 from there, or a specific older one ?
  4. damn i just dont know then. i really hate this. it's starting to fustrate me enough to not want to bother having that laptop anymore (not yet but getting there) i tried the device manager method a minute ago of installing one of thos INF files from the realtek thing from earlier that Skorpios said.. about these dumb CAB files. i just picked the one that said HDA01 - i ignored that warning prompt about "your about to install drivers that may be imcompatible with your hardware" message cause i just didnt care anymore. So after it installed it just said "driver could not start" - so that realtek one didnt work i guess.. I'm seriously just going to probably try re-installing XP again and first thing install the IDT A01 before anything else period and see if that matters or not...probably will be a waste of time. I havent really done much at all on the laptop anyways yet...besides just the drivers and stuff. This has never happened in the almost 20 years i've only ever used XP (across different laptops/PC's ...only this M6400 with this audio issue)
  5. yes i took a few screenshots and there was nothing suspect as usual. https://i.ibb.co/mFBmHxz/dpc-idle.png - this one is just sitting here idle...doing nothing not touching the keyboard, mouse touchpad, nothing whatsoever. https://i.ibb.co/1MntGJv/dpc-testing-sound.png - this is when clicking/testing the sound when im clicking it slow (about once per second) hearing that very low/poor sound (just clicking the slider button on the main volume window there that i mentioned before) https://i.ibb.co/SNjdLLk/dpc-testing-normal.png - this is when im clicking it really fast - at least 2 or 3 times per second where the sound is actually normal, until i let go of clicking or slowing down.
  6. Once again the download link on every single one of those files leads to .CAB files...which i currentlly can not figure out how to install from.
  7. How do i install this cab driver exactly ? All these realtek drivers are in .CAB fomat and i cant for the life of me figure out how to yet. I already extracted the contents to a folder and it has like 8 different inf files, but no .MSI installers or anything. I dont want to blindy try every single INF file cause some them have names like "apple" or "samsung" in the filename. So i dont even know which one to pick I've been fustrated for over an hour trying to google this and all i find is just commands like pkgmgr and dism which is only win 7 and higher. There's no right-click menu option for installing this cab directly.
  8. Okay i'll try that soon ..is that XP's "generic" type of driver that would work on any type of PC or laptop ?? like how win7 and 10 apparently has a basic "microsoft audio" thing or something like that. i'll try this one since it has the most recent date of 2007 - Realtek Semiconductor Corp. - Sound - Realtek High Definition Audio Windows XPDrivers (Other Hardware) 10/24/2007 11.8 MB
  9. I've looked at that whole thread first. And i would of posted on that forum (notebookreview) before here, but i probably wouldnt get any replies.. all the past M6400 threads and 100+ page long "m6400 owners thread" is locked. So -- esata port disable in bios already tried (same as the youtube video i linked earlier) -- i installed the intel matrix storage thing just to test, but it wasnt affecting the sound as usual, so i un-installed it. When i first installed XP a few nights ago it was already loaded with version 8.6-something, i did try the latest driver which was 9.4 or 9.6 i think, but no difference. --- already tried turning off power management on IDT control panel. if that's "on" it will make those pop noises people have mentioned, when it's "off" it fixes that but it still doesnt do anything to this really bad low quality i've tried so hard to explain. I never tested Control Point software, but i gave that a try tonight, looked through all the options, no difference, so un-installed that right away. - already had tried disabling the Wifi completely, turning off the switch, etc. It's really not "stutter" or pops or clicks, it's more closer to something like this person said on the 2nd page of the thread - quote "I updated the BIOS and some drivers, and such, but the thing that fixed *this* issue was to change the sampling rate in Windows 7 to 44.1 KHz (the default was 48KHz)." If windows xp had something like this, cause thats what it sounds or feels like. As if it's like 16 or 24 khz...but normal sounding if i click on the volume control slider button fast enough. (this affects all windows sounds and stuff unless i have like a game emulator running in the background for example even if no game is currently loaded on it) About the IDE/ATA hard drive thing, i found this website called "fix ide" - https://www.d7xtech.com/free-software/fixide/ it took me a few hours to go through this, and it worked out letting me install the regular IDE controller driver without being forced to go through the XP setup all over again....so i could now boot with slow IDE or faster Sata Raid bios options....but it still did nothing whatsoever to address the stupid sound. I don't own any headphones, so i havent gotten to test the headphone/microphone jacks other people mentioned, i have no clue about that yet. :| I perfer just using the regular laptop's speakers, but i am curious about people saying headphones can use the speakers.
  10. I actually tried turning off the speedstep option from bios before i posted this thread and didnt help either. It's a "Core 2 Quad Xtreme 9300" - this one: I really kinda dont want this though, i would rather have a T9900 3.06 GHZ someday soon...if i decide to keep this laptop or not first https://www.cpu-world.com/CPUs/Core_2/Intel-Core 2 Extreme Mobile QX9300 AW80581ZH061003.html It's at it's minimum speed of 1.5 GHZ or 1533 MHZ i believe based on what CPU-Z and Throttlestop shows, and when right-clicking My Computer -> Propeties window. Doesnt matter either if i manually force it to the highest multipler with throttlestop which is 2.5 GHZ ( i never touched the overclock stuff ) - Already also tried applying the different regular windows XP's own power schemes like "laptop, always on, desktop" - didnt affect the audio in any way. There's only 2 things left i could think of i guess... trying the much slower "ATA/IDE" hard drive BIOS setting which i cant do cause it BSODs instantly at the splash screen with "stop 7B" -- i just left it on it's default "raid" setting like the E6420 laptop was. or just flat out try re-installing fresh again but with the ATA option selected first ...and then immediately try installing the IDT A01 sound driver before anything else whatsoever, assuming it works normal at all.. "then" go normally from there like chipset/etc to see when it gets screwed up. I have my doubts though.
  11. Would i even be able to do that, at this point ? trying a lower version ? or have to restart all over ?? (re-install xp again deleting the partition first from usb flash drive then re-install) Since there's no where in the Device Manager specifically about this "intel chipset 9.0.x.x or 9.1 or whatever. And nothing in the Add/Remove Programs about it. It's really confusing too when looking at the chipset section on there. There's "intel chipset" ..."intel mobile chipset" ..and "intel chipset software" -- with slightly different versions. 9.0 - 9.1 - and 9.2 - im pretty sure i frst picked ", A02" - later after doing sound and hearing this annoying problem, i then tried the, A05 - which didnt do anything to the audio either. https://manualzz.com/doc/3106553/dell-e6400-re-image-guide Also i saw this website about doing things in a specific order ..the first thing it mentioned was doing "dell system software" first before anything else - i tried this later after the audio problem...maybe it would of fixed it... ya know ? but all it did was get rid of the USB connect sound effects according to the description for A04 - It literally deleted those 2 entries from the "sound scheme" page...ugh. reguardless, no difference before or after
  12. Hello again, i kinda feel bad to post another topic about a different laptop model this time compared to my last thread being about a Latitude E6420. But i have another laptop with a slightly different problem I can not ever figure out, and this time it's reguarding the Audio/Sound on a Dell Precision M6400. I started with a clean fresh install of XP SP3, and things were going okay. I started doing the drivers slowly, starting with the chipsets, PCM cards, audio, video etc -- until i noticed something was really "off" about the way the audio sounds. First it's "IDT IDT 92HDxxx HD" It's really hard for me to explain this in words but i'll try. For example when i double-click the audio icon in the system tray normally to bring up the volume control window, and just simply click the slider ..it sounds horribly low quality..washed out, "muffled" ..something like that. I dont know the right word to describe it. but if i click it really rapid and fast, it actually sounds normal like it should ...but if i slow down how fast im clicking it, it'll instantly be back to really bad. It's as if it's going into some sort of power saving mode instantly or...really low/bad "sample quality rate" or...something. Instead of staying normal. The weird thing is, if i open any of my gaming emulators..or youtube or something that relies on sound whatsoever, it'll always be back to normal, but the second i close anything, it's back to crap. Thats why it's so hard for me to explain. I've never experienced such a thing happen on my D620, or the E6420 laptops...and never on any past PC's from the 2000's (win XP only) I've seriously checked and tried everything i possibly could so far. I went to the IDT control panel and disabled the "power management" option and all the others there. - i went to the "andrea filter" control panel which has only 4 different settings, tried all of those - no difference -- https://youtube.com/watch?v=cQbK9q_IQDs i tried the method in this youtube video i saw about disabling the ESata Port in the BIOS ...which apparently fixed it for hundreds of people...i saw a comment or two of people doing this for the M6400...i guess it's a fix for Win 7 and 10 only. I tried disabling a few other things in BIOS like wifi, lan/ethernet, all the media cards - tried disabling a bunch of other things 1-by-1 in windows device manager, dvd drive, even the "microsoft UAA sound driver" thing which only just disabled the sound entirly ...but turning back on didn't help. I tried each and EVERY single version avaiable of the IDT from here: https://www.dell.com/support/home/en-us/product-support/product/precision-m6400/drivers A01, A03, A05, and A06 ...the bad news is that every step UP only makes it worse....only A01 is the closest possible thing to getting it to fixing it. I also tried a driver that was meant for E6410/E6510 and M4500/6500 ..which managed to install but didnt help. I then tried the current driver version that was on my E6420 laptop because it's IDT also ..but it wouldnt install because it'd say "your hardware ID is not compatible with this version" I double-checked with the Direct X diagnostics tool - start -> run -> dxdiag -> sound tab and checking all the options on the slider for Hardware acceleration -- and i double-checked the 2 slider buttons for the Sound/Audio Devices Control panel going to the Advanced tab --> performance and trying out each possible option on "Hardware acceleration" and "Sample Rate Conversion Quality" - no difference on every slider option. I dont know what else to do. Again basically it's like the audio somehow is getting instantly put into some sort of super low quality bit rate or...power saving..or something i dont freaking know. It's never happened on other laptops or PC's before. I've read windows 7 and 10 has it's own generic "high defintion audio" driver that can be loaded without needing the IDT's own driver at all and i've been frantically google searching for hours to find out if there's anything like that for XP too but havent had any luck finding such a thing. Is there any ??
  13. Dang that's seriously crazy. I had no clue that's been a Dell related issue since forever. That totally explains it then. I was mentioning in my post from a few days ago that it doesnt happen on my Dell Latitude D620. Thats why i've never knew until I got this Latitude E6420 where it does happen, until literally disabling (or physically removing it) it in Device Manager as mentioned.
  14. sorry, firmware i mean then ** my mistake. This was a dicussion thread i was just looking at earlier about this D600/D800 thing: https://www.dell.com/community/Storage-Drives-Media/TSSTcorpDVD-RW-TS-U633J-DRIVE-not-ejecting-after-firmware/td-p/3781036 And yea i tested a CD and DVD, they load up fine.
  15. Oh my god that was it. the 1 single thing i never would of thought to try... the DVD drive. - I was on the verge of totally giving up after days of pure fustration. I took it out ...and it stopped the hard drive light, it actually acts normal now, and not 1 blink per second forever. I put it back in, and it started happening again. So i just instead disabled it from Device Manager (for now) ...and... it stops the HD light activity. Wow, its finally solved. But that's weird, why would that happen from the DVD drive though ?? I mean i wasnt using it, there's nothing in it. I'm guessing it because it has a bad firmware, it's "D600 A04" version from dell's site. But based on some google searching, apparently this TSST Corp DVD Drive had firmware "D800" originally, but dell only provides D600, and i cant find any link for this D800 anywhere period. So it's a down-grade I couldnt use the "rollback driver" option in device manager as it said it doesnt have any backed up files for it. As it was already the latest version...or bad one apparently i guess. But at least it's finally stopped this infinite activity on the hard drive LED on top-left side of the laptop. I've never experienced a problem like that ever before on previous PC's throughout my life.
  16. Hello, I recently purchased a Latitude E6420 laptop a week ago, as a backup to use over my Latitude D620 i've had always without problems. (Only if i get an issue figured out with the E6420) This came with a clean install of XP Pro 32 bit, i5 2540m, Intel 3000 graphics only, and "Toshiba" 128 GB SSD model number "thnsnj128gcst" - I'll try not to make this topic too long because i posted about this problem on notebookreview.com hoping to get a reply from any other past E6420 owners, but nothing. If anyone is willing to look at my problem here (i couldn't register there with my name kuja killer for some reason) http://forum.notebookreview.com/threads/latitude-e6420-problem-with-ssd-looking-for-some-help.837143/ The reason im posting here now is - I want to try the "ATA" option to boot from, to see if it will simply stop the endless Hard drive light acitivity that i can never manage to find the source of. I'm not sure exactly what I would do to get it to boot from the regular IDE/ATA/SATA without being forced to re-install all over again. My D620 uses that, but the E6420 only uses "raid on" with a different driver(s). It's not as simple as copying the "atapi.sys", and "pciide.sys" and other files to the System32 drivers folder right ? Would probably take a whole bunch of registry edits/etc too ?? I dont have an a physical XP install CD - just only whats on the D620 here to copy from. about these -- https://i.ibb.co/HqZsvq7/ata-drivers.png Is there a step by step process anyone might know of that i can do this, to test ?? I dont know if this is even going to solve this stupid annoying HD light acivity problem at all, if it doesn't then i'll just only assume this Toshiba SSD needs to be replaced.
  17. Hmm yea maybe. I didnt ever try checking it out though. I couldn't deal with the 7000+ RPM fan noise after while, felt like my ears were going to explode eventually if you know what i mean. It also seemed to exhibit other problems where once or twice a day a error would get logged to the Event Logger about "IDE did not respond in timeout period" or something, and when that happened enough times, the hard drive would get put into "PIO" mode making things worse, only a hard reboot would set it back to normal, but only for a few days at a time. Again this was in about mid-late 2010 so i dont have that tower anymore anyways.
  18. Oh man my experience with Pentium 4 was the most horrible thing ever. I had gotten a Desktop PC once back in 2010 (XP pro) that had a 2.4 GHZ Pentium 4 (1 core only) - Nvidia 6000-something series GPU, and some ridiculously insanely ear-shattering loud CPU fan that was always running at over 7000 RPM according to "speedfan" ...it only lasted a few months. One day while i was sitting here playing a Nintendo 64 game on the "projcect 64" emulator, "i think" i heard some loud pop noise from the tower, because the system just completely froze up - not BSOD but just straight "hard locked" -- when i rebooted, things were fine, but... the CPU tempature was always running no less than 165 to 175 degrees Farenhigt ...and when i'd try to play any sort of game, or emulator, even just the plain simple NES emulator fceux which literally takes zero CPU usage...it's jump up to 186F instantly and stay there..and it was always like this for "everything" no matter what. And i found a CPU speed monitoring tool that showed the CPU was literally running at 300 MHZ all the time because of this. Even if i left it turned off for a whole night, and turn it on, and go to BIOS, the tempature would jump up from 100 to 180 degree's just on the BIOS within 1 minute or less. the CPU fan was still working...although it absolutely killed my ears. I think it was one of these "prescott" models which according to wikipedia is the hottest known type of Pentium 4. it was the most terrible experience of my life. I since switched to a Dell Latitude D620 laptop with T7600 2.3 GHZ which i've been using to this day without issues.
  19. Ah wow, well first of all, thank you for the encouragment about us people here using XP, while most other people on other forums and stuff would be pretty not so nice about it. Yea i realize i should serously consider the whole "dual boot" thing about having 1 part of the hard drive (or SSD) with XP, and the other part for Win 7 as backup. I've never tried that ever before in my life. And i dont mean the "virtual box" or virtual mode or whatever it is in win7. I know it would make sense cause then i'd be able to at least play some games i'd want. It does suck that i cant play a few types of games ...because they require "net framework 4.5" while XP only goes up to 4.0 And yea about the BSOD's thats basically my case. If one happens and i actually caused it myself, then i know im fine cause i at least know it's because I dont have a "dedicated video card" or some other reason like that. If it's something that randomly happens without me knowing what i did beforehand, then I may be in trouble. Which is extremely rare. Hmm i see, yea I understand about not needing anything really after SP3, but i'd still like to be on the "safe side" just in case. Even though i always make sure to run Firefox, IE or any other web browsers through the program "sandboxie".
  20. I personally want to stay with XP for rest of my life even if it sounds stupid. I had tried Win 7 before one time in my life and even after messing around for several days trying various "classic XP shells/themes" to try getting it to look and feel like XP as close as possible, it still wasn't perfect, especially how much "different" windows explorer is - the whole interface as a whole. I just plain did not like it at all. I do not have any real technical problems or issues with XP to this day aside from "sometimes" getting a crash or BSOD here or there once in awhile. once or twice a year on average. I still have access to my my needs and wants - like Steam (thanks to a thread posted here on this MSFN xp forum, slack (firefox version 90 spoof required), my gaming emulators, etc. I've gone through a few computers in my lifetime, and i may consider getting a Dell Latitude E6420 next sometime. Only thing im concerned about is getting all the updates up to the 2014 April EOL via one of those youtube 2021 videos i've seen about it, "then" i can focus on copying over all my programs/years worth of settings, etc. I'm perfectly comfortable staying on XP still.
  21. dang. Already was there in earlier versions too? Hmm. Cant possibly find what sort of thing stopped the ability to have more than 1 to choose from ? And yea actually the 1.2.1 is the one i've had on my computer for many years ever since, until i discovered your thread/github page. And yea i could select the r4600 from the list on there, so the audio works just fine. I wanted to check out your version to see if i could get a few extra FPS, which i do seem to... i think I dont have a very good computer in terms of specs - Dell Latitude D620 - Core 2 Duo T7600 2.3 GHZ which is the highest this laptop can support. Integrated Intel Graphics -- i get about 45 to 57-ish depending on where/what on screen and so on. I might be considering a slightly better laptop sometime in the near future (still windows xp only, but a 2nd gen Core i) anyway here's my shot of the 1.2.1 which i've been using for years. https://i.ibb.co/F3Tf465/ps2-ver.png
  22. Hi there, im mostly more interested in game emulation, than am i with PC gaming in general. like nes/snes/gb/ds/Ps2/wii etc etc I apoligizing for bumping a thread 1 year later, but i just now decided to try out your custom version, and it works great except for 1 small issue that's been present since older versions, only until it was "finally" fixed in some update for 1.7.0 i think. It's about the game Megaman X7. The audio seems to always run like 3x faster than normal, and i've confirmed searching all over google and other forums people on other PC platforms experiencing too, and the only solution is to use an older version of the audio plugin from 0.9.x https://wiki.pcsx2.net/Mega_Man_X7 It works fine on spu2-x-r4600.dll - dated April 2011 - but not any others past that. I have a r5875 dll where the audio problem exists. And it also happens on your 2.0 version. So.. I tried to copy that r4600 file to the plugins folder but your custom 1.5.0 wont add it to the list or recognize it i guess - so then i made a backup of the current file that was there, and renamed the r4600 file to "Spu2-X.dll" just like yours was named...but the emulator throws an error that it cant detect it or not supported or something. If that makes sense. Did you remove the ability to have more than 1 plugin type avaiable to choose from on the list ? For the audio dropdown. if it's possible for me to add that older plugin to the list somehow. I dont know why it's only "forced" to use the 2.0.0 dll
  23. damn, it didnt help at all. I tried both the site specific method you said, and the whole global one - tried reloading page, close/open firefox completely again after setting the user agent, but nothing. - The only thing i noticed was some of the buttons at the top of the page disppeared (online users, search box, pins) and so on, but nothing else appeared different or changed. It still lags and flickers, 100% cpu, etc - just as bad as before. I'm very lucky i dont have to deal with the horrible slowdown with youtube on other hand since they have an actual real mobile version of the site "m.youtube.com" which i use that now permenately since the old layout addons were all killed, so everything loads there instantly.... wish discord had it's own dedicated "mobile" or "m" domain.
  24. Can you tell me exactly what user agent to copy-paste ?? i'll try it. And ah i see.. yea figures it'd be something like so much javascript. I once searched on google for hours and hours trying to find out about this, until i finally heard of "electron" and i once saw someone post information about like apparently firefox is making hundreds or thousands of "calls" nonstop to some specific fonts folder or files ...or a directory or something...but it was someone using "ubutunu" ...not windows or mac...so it did not help me at all to try finding where this stuff was to get rid of it or do something to make it stop. I dont know. I use this a spoofed "firefox 90 on windows 10" user agent on this firefox 52.9.1 (last for XP) so i can use the Slack website, cause i need it to talk to my friends for a game project. And that works fine, no lag or slowdown or anything... but just discord though. But yea tell me what this mobile one is you use. so i can try it on "general.useragent.override"
  25. It still works for me in regular firefox 52.9.1 ...but with that extremely horrible lagging crap i mentioned before. I only can look at discord maybe once a day or less cause it's way too much of a god dang freaking pain to deal with. takes like 20 seconds to "click" on anything - channel name, private message, just typing a few letters at a time. I heard it's cause of this stupid "electron" thing or something discord uses, that firefox just struggles like a "snail" with.

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