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Thank You Big Muscle For New Aero Glass Build 1.5.9


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17 hours ago, UCyborg said:

There's also a fact that Big Muscle doesn't share his thoughts on release-ready status of the experimental version

Absolutely.  He keeps us in the dark.  No one knows what is going on.  The whole project could be abandoned for all we know.

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On 7/10/2018 at 8:41 AM, dhjohns said:

@bigmuscle I just think everyone would appreciate a faster turn-around time.

Hey Bigmuscle@bigmuscle
Is there anything you need (debug info, logs, feedback?) from any of us in this community/forum
to complete your debugging efforts and finally release AeroGlass v1.5.9?

The beta/experimental version seems to be working well on my test machines.
How can we help you get v1.5.9 released?
-JT :cool:

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It's a tough spot for sure.   It's one guy working on the project, and we only have to pay once for a lifetime license.   The last update came out superquick, but overall they've been slow to come out.   It's too bad MS messes with the OS so much, that it takes BigMuscle month's to fix aeroglass to work with the new version.


Hopefully 1.5.9 comes out soon, but I understand why the updates take so long.

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On 7/14/2018 at 9:21 PM, 666_peter_666 said:

The thread aero glass for version 1803 is technically orientated and it turns out to be worthless, just because nobody of users is able to solve problems with AG v.. 1.5.8 and Windows 10 1803. This thread wants to encourage the author to work on new build of AG and remind him to keep up his work alive. 

and I do not see in this thread the proposition of anything other than aero glass for version 1803 ?? !!!  :sneaky:

stop bickering on the threads !  :realmad:

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14 minutes ago, 666_peter_666 said:

Maybe you misunderstood the punchline :no:

Or maybe he understood it all right but found it "not funny" (IMHO it is not only "not funny", but also confusing to many members).



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Version 1.5.9 has been officially released yesterday!

Has anyone noticed that Aero Glass actually fixes broken Aero Peek behavior where under certain circumstances window frames are shifted and not rendered entirely? It usually happens if you don't have any window maximized or placed in the way that it covers upper-left portion of the desktop.

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1.5.9 is in and not subject to the slowdowns seen in the development version (not surprisingly because the development version isn't optimized).  Looks good so far.  THANK YOU.

Big Muscle, may I suggest you provide a development version that's optimized, though still logs.  I have three configs in products I build: 

Debug - unoptimized, with full instrumentation. 

Beta - optimized, but with a lot of instrumentation.

Release - optimized and without debugging instrumentation.

It's just an idea.  I wasn't really able to test your pre-release code much, beyond seeing that it actually worked, because the slowdowns made my Win 10 setup too sluggish to use.  I'm very happy the optimized version is still snappy as ever.


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