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  1. Woohooo!! Thank you BigMuscle. I've now updated to 1809 on my laptop and PC. Such a pain to have reset all the privacy and assorted tweaks everytime MS rolls out a feature update. Not to mention the constant tweaking of the GUI that always breaks aeroglass. At least Aeroglass makes win10 tolerable
  2. I used this to tweak my firefox after v547 broke it: https://github.com/Aris-t2/CustomCSSforFx/releases/tag/1.5.7 It's basically a bigass userchrome file (and some files required for tweaking). You edit the userchrome to tweak the GUI. It's how I firefox back to the way I like it.
  3. If you changed your mobo then your machine code changed and the old key won't work. You need to generate a new one. You can use the link in the original email to access them. You can have two, so if you only had 1, you can generate a new one right away. If you used both you have to delete one and way 30 days.
  4. I had no problems using my old key with 1.5.9. The old keys worked fine on my pc and my laptop. I'm not sure what to do? First you could try to redownload they key (I think the link is in the original email). If you only have 1 device you could generate a 2nd key. If those don't work you might have to delete a key and wait 30 days to generate a new one.
  5. Zod

    Aeroglass and firefox

    I use the whole userchrome script from https://github.com/Aris-t2/CustomCSSforFx Then I go into and try to figure it out and tweak settings.
  6. Wooo!! Updated windows and installed the new version. Thanks BigMuscle.
  7. It's a tough spot for sure. It's one guy working on the project, and we only have to pay once for a lifetime license. The last update came out superquick, but overall they've been slow to come out. It's too bad MS messes with the OS so much, that it takes BigMuscle month's to fix aeroglass to work with the new version. Hopefully 1.5.9 comes out soon, but I understand why the updates take so long.
  8. I've had that happen before. Usually, eventually after a windows version update, the symbols become available and download upon bootup. Then it goes away.
  9. I don't think it's Aeroglass, I think it's the new Firefox. Firefox Quantum broker all the addons. I was using classic theme restorer and glassmyfox to make my menu/tab/etc.. bars transparent. The new firefox broke them all
  10. weird.. it didn't do anything to mine... it downloaded the new symbols and kept behaving as it did on the last version.
  11. It often resets the settings (but not always). I tend to have to gui to put it back to the way i like it.
  12. The problem I've had upgrading to new versions of windows, is that the new windows doesn't support aeroglass and sometimes the conflict causes wierd things to happen like an infinite bootloop. My method is always to uninstall aero glass, upgrade windows, then reinstall aeroglass (using the latest version). All you need is they key file in the aeroglass directory to make sure it's licensed. I always copy it to another folder, but the aeroglass uninstall never seems to remove it.
  13. Excellent!! Time to update win10 Thanks BigMuscle
  14. Microsoft keeps changing windows, so the author has to keep changing aeroglass everytime Microsoft rolls out a big update and messes with windows. It's been going on for years. It makes us all dread the annual (And now bi-annual) major win10 updates. They always break aeroglass.
  15. Really? I'll be contrarian, but what's been great in the yearly (and now semi-annual) updates? All they seem to do is mess about with stuff I use, but they don't seem to bring in any new features that I use. Thus the massive updates feel more like a pain than something that improves the OS. I much preferred the old way of a new OS every so many years, with only security update and service packs.