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  1. Damn... I was hoping they were going to fix the, icons and windows completely rearrange themselves when you have dual screens and turn off the displayport plugged in screen,
  2. I've been using aeroglass for several years now and it always had the watermark (unless you pay). Isn't the license some thing like $5. Given that bigmuscle updates it for free everytime MS messes around with the GUI, isn't it worth it?
  3. I had a similar issue. Symbols downloaded with no problems on my PC, but my laptop they stalled out in the dosbox (got stuck on the 2nd command line). I got around it by deleting the symbols folder and rebooting. It re-attemped the download the next time and worked no problem.
  4. It turned out I did get this problem on my 2nd computer (laptop). It would download the symbols file but didn't seem to proceed to do the rest of what it usually does in the DOS box when there's a symbols update. It causes the box the OP mentioned in this thread. I deleted the symbols folder from the aeroglass folder and rebooted. Symbols download/installed fine after that. No more problems.
  5. No problems here either. I just installed the cumulative update. After reboot it appeared to download the new symbols, and now it's working fine. Maybe something glitched? I would recommend uninstalling aeroglass, rebooting, then reinstalling it.
  6. Thank you @bigmuscle!! Special thanks to Microsoft for not trying to reinvent the wheel on this update. Aside from aeroglass needing an update (which was only because it's coded for specific versions), this update didn't break any of my settings or programs. All bigger updates should be like that. Update security features.. maybe a new feature.. but not reset settings and break programs.
  7. This happened to me too. If I remember correctly, what it ended up doing was adding the contribution amount to my existing login. So instead of $5 total donated it shows up as $10 kind of thing. I think this worked out better, because the number of licenses was more for $10 than it was for 2 x $5.
  8. Thank You!! Works great on my 1903. Easy installed it overtop of the beta version I was using,
  9. I really wanted to give you a hard time, because if you read the threads in this forum you'd figure it out. Especially because there's one with a subject and comments where people are specially talking about the Beta. Aeroglass has a common theme. MS puts out a new version of win10 that chances a bunch of cosmetic stuff. BigMuscle, has to update Aeroglass to adjust for it. It takes a while, he does a beta, and eventually the new version comes out. Then a few months later MS puts out yet another version of win10 and the cycle repeats. I'm pretty sure BigMuscle updates aeroglass solo, which is why it takes so long.
  10. That's how mine looks. It's not that there isn't a border, it's that the border is extremely thin.
  11. Woohooo!! Thank you BigMuscle. I've now updated to 1809 on my laptop and PC. Such a pain to have reset all the privacy and assorted tweaks everytime MS rolls out a feature update. Not to mention the constant tweaking of the GUI that always breaks aeroglass. At least Aeroglass makes win10 tolerable
  12. I used this to tweak my firefox after v547 broke it: https://github.com/Aris-t2/CustomCSSforFx/releases/tag/1.5.7 It's basically a bigass userchrome file (and some files required for tweaking). You edit the userchrome to tweak the GUI. It's how I firefox back to the way I like it.
  13. If you changed your mobo then your machine code changed and the old key won't work. You need to generate a new one. You can use the link in the original email to access them. You can have two, so if you only had 1, you can generate a new one right away. If you used both you have to delete one and way 30 days.
  14. I had no problems using my old key with 1.5.9. The old keys worked fine on my pc and my laptop. I'm not sure what to do? First you could try to redownload they key (I think the link is in the original email). If you only have 1 device you could generate a 2nd key. If those don't work you might have to delete a key and wait 30 days to generate a new one.
  15. I use the whole userchrome script from https://github.com/Aris-t2/CustomCSSforFx Then I go into and try to figure it out and tweak settings.
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