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  1. I ran the debug version when RS2 was released and found that both the watermarks and having to constantly minimize the debug window to be really annoying after a while (I even wrote an AHK script to cover the watermarks and minimize the debug window to another desktop). IMHO, RS3 doesn't offer enough compelling reasons to upgrade that would outweigh the watermark/debug annoyances. So, I've chosen to wait this time around... So, it might even be worth waiting for RS4, depending on when BigMuscle finally finishes!
  2. Yes, many of us are patiently waiting. I had to downgrade/restore my Windows 10 system to v1703 in order to keep using Aero Glass. Is there any additional testing information you need from us? The latest experimental build (1290) solved all of the screen refresh/glitch issues I was experiencing...
  3. Hope you are close to releasing the updated official build @bigmuscle. Really looking forward! -JT
  4. For anyone having difficulties initially downloading the symbols required by AeroGlass, Here is a zip file with all of the recent symbols downloaded (from my Win 10-64 system): https://www.dropbox.com/s/y46j8nk1hp1y0an/AeroGlass-Symbols-Backup_2018-01-31.zip Simply, extract the 'symbols' folder as a subdirectory off of the 'AeroGlass' installation folder and you should be 'good-to-go'. Hope this helps! -JT
  5. YES! Thank you @bigmuscle for this latest update, I just finished testing it and it fixes ALL of the visual glitches AND residual artifacts issues I was experiencing as well! Looks like we are good to go! Please DO post an official version as soon as you can! (watermark and debug windows get really annoying after a while). -JT
  6. This was also driving me crazy until I figured out (by looking at the debug file from the latest experimental version 1290) that AeroGlass was unable to download: http://msdl.microsoft.com/download/symbols/dwmcore.pdb/4DFDA14B2ACD35B23AC37976303DB51A1/dwmcore.pdb Finally, by simply manually pasting the above link into my browser, I was able to download the above required symbol file. I then had to manually create a subfolder with the name "4DFDA14B2ACD35B23AC37976303DB51A1" in the '..symbols\dwmcore.pdb' folder, and then copied the 'dwmcore.pdb' file into this new subfolder. Everything worked great from that moment forward! Hope this helps anyone! -JT
  7. Today, BigMuscle just posted an 'Experimental Build' (v1280) that can be downloaded from http://www.glass8.eu/beta that hopefully will address these residual screen artifacts issues. Thx @bigmuscle I'm hoping to test this shortly...
  8. Taskbar bug?

    This is related to the "random glitches on occlusion regions" bug that has already been reported by many users. BigMuscle has just posted today an 'Experimental Build' (v1280) that can be downloaded from http://www.glass8.eu/beta that hopefully will address your issue. Feel free to test the new experimental build and report back your results here...
  9. Thx, Good to know! Looking forward to testing!
  10. This is really a shame. I wish @bigmuscle could help here with so many of us suffering from these artifact/glitches! I have gotten so sick of these AeroGlass artifacts that, for this first time ever, I decided to downgrade my Windows 10 to version 1703 (RS2) and use the (reliable) AeroGlass v1.5.6. I really hope BigMuscle can work with us to create a new reliable/patched version, Otherwise, I'm just going to sit on the sidelines and wait for the next windows version (Redstone 4). -JT
  11. AERO GLASS 1.5.7

    Yes, the artifacts exist and many of us have complained about this serious (unresolved) residual screen artifacts issue! See the other threads... http://www.msfn.org/board/topic/177288-thank-you-big-muscle-for-new-aero-glass-build-157/?page=3
  12. Thx @bigmuscle, It's difficult to pinpoint, but it seems that the AeroGlass blurring is interfering with screen drawing/refresh timing of the display in general. Sometimes ghosted window shadows are left as windows are closed (from multiple apps), the TrueLaunch Bar app often leaves artifacts, and the ribbon display on MindManager 2018 is not properly displayed. turning off window 'animations' helps in some cases, the artifacts disappear as soon as they are 'moused 'over' or it the screen is redrawn in any way. Many users have reported these artifacts issues. I have a simple intel i7 system with onboard HD 630 graphics and no custom anything on it. The above video (from "lucario94") best illustrates one of the many typical artifact scenarios that happens... https://webmshare.com/oPOX6 Thx for looking into this... -JT
  13. Yes, I copied them directly from the 1.5.7 Zip download (and then wiped everything and used the 1.5.7 installer) "symsrv.dll and dbghelp.dll are version 10.0.10150.0 and have a date on them of 06/23/2015" How does one turn on verbose logging?
  14. Thx for the suggestion, but this is the 'tail wagging the dog'. It only solves a few of the 'many' glitches issues. Can you help us resolve these serious residual artifacts @bigmuscle ?