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  1. @UCyborg In which Chrome version does this new parameter/switch go into effect? I just tested it in Chrome 75 and it doesn't work. Perhaps Chrome 76?
  2. @UCyborg Is this good news? Does it mean that the 'disable-windows10-custom-titlebar' parameter/feature will still be available in Chrome 76? (and beyond?)
  3. Can anyone summarize the 'negative' side-effects of using 'Win 8' compatibility mode with Chrome / AeroGlass. I for one, noticed significantly slower page reloads and new tab/window creation. What other side-effects have been observed? Thx!
  4. Thx for confirming this @UCyborg, Sad to hear... So much of my desktop experience is in Chrome-based browser and app windows (I'm sure this is also true for many others). This makes me think twice now about using (and waiting months) for delayed Aero-Glass updates. -JT
  5. Thanks @Wolfshadow! Looks like the 'writings on the wall' with this capability then. The 'Win 8 Compatibility" method is a poor substitute. Perhaps someone will discover another workaround... -JT
  6. @Wolfshadow Curious - Where did you read that the flag functionality will end with Chrome v76?
  7. Here's a solution for one remaining issue with the new command-line fix... @UCyborg If your Chrome browser is set to start in the background automatically with Windows (for certain extensions like Hangouts, etc.), Here's how one can edit the Chrome AutoLaunch command line in the registry: Open Regedit.exe and navigate to the following key : HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run Find the string named: "GoogleChromeAutoLaunch_......" and right-click to modify the text/command line to add the new parameter: (Here's what mine looked like when finished:) "C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe" --no-startup-window --disable-features=Windows10CustomTitlebar /prefetch:5 Now Chrome will autostart in the background with the AeroGlass compatible title bars. -JT
  8. OMG @UCyborg !!! I'm just seeeing this awesome solution now!!! You are a shooting star!!! ★★★ Thank you sooooo much! -JT
  9. @UCyborg I just solved the window border issue by using "Winaero Tweaker" and adjusting the Customize Windows Borders "Border Padding" slider down to 0 (initially it was set to 4, the exact width of the problematic new borders highlighted in the image above). I hope this info helps anyone else attempting to work around these annoyances! -JT
  10. @UCyborg The (Win 8) compatibility setting almost worked, now these annoying black borders are appearing below the Chrome top frame (see screenshot - border bars circled in green). Do you have any suggestions on how to remove these border bars introduced by the compatibility setting? Many thanks! -JT
  11. Thank you soooo much, @UCyborg! The compatibility mode setting (for Win 8) worked like a champ!
  12. Chrome was recently updated to version 74 and appears to no longer support native W10 title bars (and the AeroGlass effect). The #windows10-custom-titlebar flag is also no longer available along with the ability to 'Disable' it. Does anyone know of an alternative/workaround to re-enable AeroGlass support for the new Chrome 74 title bars?
  13. Much appreciated! @bigmuscle Working great so far... -JT
  14. Title says it all. Thx @bigmuscle - now many of us can now install and test v1809. Starting this new thread for feedback and bug reports...
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