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  1. Could you please provide the link to the new symbols file? EDIT: Nvm, I found them myself. If someone encouters the same issue after the latest cumulative Windows 10 update, you can download the appropriate symbols with this tool: https://github.com/rajkumar-rangaraj/PDB-Downloader Just select the dwmcore.dll in C:\Windows\System32.
  2. Thank you so much BigMuscle, your work is much appreciated!
  3. Thank you very much BigMuscle! I was really looking forward to your next release and never lost hope. Please always take the time you need, the new build works perfectly so far.
  4. Hello Community, I noticed that the Windows 10 Mail application doesn't work properly anymore, since the latest update of the app. As you can see in the screenshot, the preview of the mail content below the title works fine but the content on the right side does not. I uninstalled Aero Glass 1.4.1 and after rebooting, the app was working again. After I reinstalled Aero Glass 1.4.1 (without rebooting first) the app still worked, so I assumed that the issue was fixed but it turns out that the bug is back after another reboot. Anyone experiencing the same issue? Best regards, hurt
  5. I already deleted its folder, so how do I activate the license now? It still doesn't work.. Sorry I should have mentioned, that I already deleted it.
  6. @bigmuscle: So I installed AeroGlass and I used the AGTweaker. I just donated and read that AGTweaker makes the license unloadable. How can I fix this?
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