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  1. haha, sorry, I have no idea of the legalities of when you can officially call something deadware. The purpose of my post was to caution the poster not to pay for the license because the software doesn't work on new versions of Windows 10 and it's been a few years since it did.
  2. lol, don't do that. The software is now long out of date. Unless your running a 2 year old version of win10 it's deadware :(
  3. sigh.. I made a grumpy post indicating you should read any of the other posts on the first page of this forum. The answer isn't hiding. short version: It feels like it's no longer being supported. It hasn't been updated for the last two major windows updates. It no longer works unless you running a year old (or more) version of win 10.
  4. The fall windows update is now available. For the first time I recall Aeroglass has been lapped (No update for a major update before the next major update came out)
  5. He doesn't post much, but he did a post a month or two ago in one of the threads that he was working on it, but the development wasn't at the point it was working yet.
  6. I tried Windowsblinds once recently, and once a few years ago when an Aeroglass update took a long while to come out. It wasn't the same. I pretty much use Aeroglass to make the Title/Menu bar and window borders transparent. I'm not too fancy about it. I found Windowsblinds didn't do as near a good a job. It seem to barely make those things transparent I decided to go dark mode, and went with making my menu/title bars black for now. I'll go back to Aeroglass if we get an update. The problem being I think we're about to get the big fall update, which will probably push progress further back.
  7. Yah, there's been a few times before where it took Big Muscle a while to update Aeroglass to support a new version of Win10. I think this might be the first one that it gets lapped. IE the October update will come out before BigMuscle had a chance to make it work with the spring update I ended up uninstalling Aeroglass as I'd deferred months and months of security updates to keep it working. If Aeroglass ever gets caught up again, I'll gladly reinstall it. For now I'm setting with a dark theme and accent.
  8. I decided to uninstall aeroglass today. I'm guessing something made it harder to update this time around (and/or BigMuscle is tackling covid related problems). At this point by the time we get an update the next version will come out and break it again I did try Windowsblinds, but it's still just as bad as when I tried it a number of years ago. For now I'm going to go without areo I'll come back to Aeroglass when it's a bit more current. At this point I felt like I'd gone on long enough without letting Windows install updates
  9. That's not really his style. There's been a few other times before where the update has taken a long while to come out. He doesn't really provide any updates while we wait. If I were betting person, I'd bet that it comes out eventually. BigMuscle doesn't really communicate these things. It comes out when it comes out
  10. I had to edit my Windows Registry to allow me to keep delaying the updates. Starting to wonder if I should give up and go non-transparent. I suppose if we get the update I can always hop back on board. There's been a few times in the past where it took BigMuscle a while to put out an update. I'm hopeful we see one. Hopefully it's just the Coronavirus re-aligning his priorities, but he's ok.
  11. Weird, because to me the the boxiness of Win10 mixed with the removal of aeroglass makes it look like a bit like Windows 95/ME.
  12. That's because their highly correlated topics. The only reason aeroglass breaks is because Microsoft keeps tweaking the graphical interface with their big updates. Obviously there's merit to that making us think windows 10 sucks. I still have no idea why MS removed Aero from Win10. You could run Aero no problems on technology from 10 years ago. Today's tech should have so much redundant power it should be a non issue.
  13. I don't mind Windows 10. It's pretty reliable. I've really only had to do clean installs on new hardware (not like the old old windows days where an annual clean install was highly recommended). Sure I need to tweak it the way I like it, which makes it work more like win7. My only gripes are when updates break or reset things. I have to imagine we're all in the small minority using aeroglass, so I'm guessing most people don't even notice this when there's a bigger update.
  14. I agree with most of that, except I don't recall Aero on Windows 7 being that big a problem. Now with a decade of additional cpu/gpu advancements, is Aero really something that would cause people to glitch out in windows 10. I assumed MS had other reasons to not implement it They should bring it back. Without Aero, windows 10 kind of reminds me of Win95.
  15. you don't say? Have you read any of the other threads posted recently, or even just the subject lines? lol.
  16. That really doesn't seem his style. It's the same thing every time an update breaks aeroglass. Crickets, lots of waiting, People in the forums keep freaking out, asking about an update, demanding bigmuscle address their concerns. He ignores them all. Then a month or two later an update drops. Then a few months later Microsoft breaks it again. Rinse/Repeat. Sure it'd be nice to get faster updates, but I think I'm only in this for $10 at this point. I think I bought $5 license one, used it on 2 pc's. Then I bought a new one and didn't want to wait for 30 days to reuse a deleted key, so paid another $5. I don't feel like he owes me a lot for $10. Especially when i've been using it for years. I tried the only other competition I'm aware of (Windowsblinds) but I didn't like it.
  17. Virus aside, it's pretty normal behaviour. Most of the time when Aeroglass breaks it takes a long while for an updated version of Aeroglass to come out. BigMuscle doesn't generally give us updates on the progress. He (or she?) is usually pretty dark about the whole thing. In this case we had two successive updates that broke Aeroglass, so at this point I'd be reseting the clock on the one that come out last week.
  18. Why are people freaking out? It always takes BigMuscle a while to make an update when Windows breaks Aeroglass. I doubt he's stopped supporting it. This happens twice a year.. lol.
  19. We never do, but this happens every time there's a major windows upgrade. It usually takes him a while to put out an update, I don't imagine Coronavirus is speeding up the process.
  20. Because someone put time and effort into creating it and charges for his time?
  21. Not really BigMuscle's fault that Microsoft keeps making substantial enough changes to windows 10 that it keeps breaking Aeroglass. I'm kind of moot. The delay in Aeroglass updates it's usually enough time to determine if the big spring/fall updates are having other issues. By the time the Aeroglass update comes out your pretty safe to install the spring/fall update. I hope BigMuscle is doing ok out there.
  22. This happens every time Windows does big updates. It breaks Aeroglass. It's been going on for years. It usually takes BigMuscle a month or two to fix Aeroglass so it works on the new version of Windows. I agree that he most likely didn't update after the last months update, because the big update was coming out this month. What's the point of starting to work on it if MS is going to break it again. He'll get there. I don't imagine the Coronavirus is making things easy either. Depending what problems it's causing for him, maybe it'll be a while
  23. Thanks for the heads up. I had uninstalled and delayed the update that originally broke aeroglass, and now I will delay it further. I wonder if BigMuscle was waiting to do an update until the May update came through. Those bigger biannual updates always break aeroglass. It would of been counterproductive to fix it a few weeks ago, only to have it break again when this month's update rolls out.
  24. The worst part is that I think MS is doing a major update this month? If bigmuscle does release an update before next Tuesday, MS will probably break it again

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