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  1. Yes, I renamed "symbols" folder and I have these folders and files: C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Kits\10\Debuggers\x86\symchk.exe C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Kits\10\Debuggers\x64\symchk.exe C:\AeroGlass\....... But when I run UCyborg's cmd, there only flashed some small window and it does nothing. I did not run it as administrator, my account has an administrator rights. However, thank you for the tips.
  2. Now the DL link is working fine, thank you. I copied the whole downloaded folder of symbols into c:\AeroGlass and no error window appered. Great. Before that I did exactly the 4 steps you had written, but it did not work for me. Nothing was downloaded (any symbols), and I am pretty sure, that after next Windows update the old error window AG (Incompatibily issue) will be here again.
  3. Please, what is the key for downloading?
  4. Did you update Windows 10 1709 before to 16299.248? I tried to realize mentioned advice above with no luck.
  5. Today my Windows 10 was updated with monthly security updates: and of course, the well known window is back: My pleasure with working AG did not last for long time. And again, I do not know how to solve this problem, but I think, AG should be able to download "appropriate symbols package" by itself.
  6. Yes, it does the trick! I did everything, you wrote, I downloaded file dwmcore.pdb, created path C:\Program Files\AeroGlass\symbols\dwmcore.pdb\4DFDA14B2ACD35B23AC37976303DB51A1\ and put dwmcore.pdb file into there. Thank you for your help! AeroGlass works now very nice, without annoying messages. I think, I must to deactivate upgrading my Windows 10 to another fool version until BigMuscle will upgrade AG v 1.5.7 to higher version, to have beautifull Windows again.
  7. So, I uninstalled AG from Program Files folder, install it to C:\Aeroglass, but I still do not see any subfolder "Symbols" under Aeroglass folder. Also I tried to install AG to another folder, with no luck. There is no "Symbols" folder. But I remember, when I very first time install a trial copy of AG (v 1.5.7 unregistered), there was no error window, only window for a donation there popuped. Error window appeared just after registration. My OS:
  8. Bigmuscle, please be more specific. Where the "Symbols" folder can be found? And what then? Delete it and download some symbols from some MS page to the new folder "Symbols"? Which symbols to download? Or when the folder "Symbols" will be deleted, AeroGlass will download symbols automatically? I attach list of debug.log of today. Please, look at it and write me, what I should do to solve the problem? I am not a programmer, I am only user. Thank you, Peter debug.txt
  9. I have read somewhere, that donated copy of this Aero Glass will find and download the symbols themselves. But my copy does not. I would do it on my own, if I found somewhere detailed manual how to do it.
  10. Thank you for AeroGlass  v.1.5.7, it works very nice on my machine with Windows 10 Pro 1709, 16299.192, 64-bit.

    Only one thing is annoying - when Windows starts and AeroGlass is loading, a small window pop-up with "Incompatibility issue" Repeatedly clicking on the button "Znova" solves nothing.

    I thought, sponsored version can automatically download missing symbols, but it does not. Please, can you look at this problem and solve it?

    Thank you,




  11. Hello, I bought a licence for Aero Glass for WIn10 10.0.16299, everything works fine, but at Windows boot still appear a well known small window with "Your DWM is incompatible". I think, this is a question for Big Muscle, but does anyone know how to get rid off this annoying window? The "Again" button in this window does not work. In fact, it looks like that: Thank you for help, Peter