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My build of New Moon (temp. name) a.k.a. Pale Moon fork targetting XP

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15 minutes ago, roytam1 said:

cloudflare doesn't accept registering with sub-domain.

Oh, it doesnt? My knoweldge is limited on cloudflare. Now I know. :cool:

Looking deeper I see. You need to own the parent domain to protect the subdomains.

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I'd like to use sync feature between my PC and Android phone. My old Firefox mobile app seems not syncing with Serpent 52. Which app should I download on my phone?

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i registered paid domains at freenom(had free version) and novatrend dot ch.

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1 hour ago, luweitest said:

I'd like to use sync feature between my PC and Android phone. My old Firefox mobile app seems not syncing with Serpent 52.

What one likes to do and what is actually feasible is, sadly, often quite different things... :( This issue has been brought up several times in the past, most recently in another XP thread:

My own reply there:


TL;DR: if you'd like to sync between the android version of Firefox (now in Quantum version 69?) and roytam1's Serpent 52.9.0 on a Windows [XP] PC, then it simply isn't possible anymore!

You can reportedly still sync between Mobile Firefox and Firefox ESR 52.9.1 and, at least in theory, between Mobile Firefox and Serpent 55.0.0 ;)

If a mobile version of current Pale Moon 28 were officially available, you could, in theory, sync between Mobile PM28 and official Basilisk (52)/official Pale Moon 28 (desktop) - and New Moon 28; since Serpent 52.9.0 has retained support for WEs, sync between it and PM28 might only be partial :dubbio:; but official mobile PM28 doesn't exist; please read these following relevant exchanges in the official PM forum:


(and the posts after that one...)


Regards :)

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On 3/19/2019 at 7:47 PM, Dave-H said:

do any or all of these browsers sync with versions of Firefox using the Mozilla sync system?

Besides Serpent 55,

On 3/19/2019 at 8:14 PM, Mathwiz said:

Older versions of Serpent [52] do. Newer versions, however, sync with Palemoon's system (called Weave), as does NM of course. (The Palemoon team has been trying to make Basilisk more independent of Mozilla's infrastructure. That also applies to the add-ons Web pages.) ... Looks like the switch was made 15 Dec 2018. Thus, you may want to try the 8 Dec 2018 version of Serpent (still called "Basilisk for XP" back then): https://rtfreesoft.blogspot.com/2018/12/weekly-browser-binaries-20181208.html

From a technical and privacy standpoint, I think Palemoon's sync is better, but that does you little good if most of your other browsers use Mozilla's sync.


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Thanks VistaLover and Mathwiz. To my impression, Serpent 55 branch will not carry on as long as Serpent 52, so I choose Serpent 52 branch. For the same reason I will not try older version of Serpent 52; And Palemoon Android version is not recommended by the developer himself. So it seems I have to live with it.

I think I can export bookmark as html file and import on Android. But I can't find "import" option in "advanced" menu of Firefox for Android as some search results say. Has recent Firefox for Android removed that feature?

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On 10/15/2019 at 5:25 PM, luweitest said:

I think I can export bookmark as html file and import on Android. But I can't find "import" option in "advanced" menu of Firefox for Android as some search results say. Has recent Firefox for Android removed that feature?

Hello again :) ; I have never used the Android (mobile) version of Firefox, Quantum or pre-Quantum, so can't really tell if an import HTML bookmarks feature ever existed there; however, casual on-line searching dictates that the only way to import bookmarks from a desktop (Firefox) browser version is through Mozilla Sync. 

I guess you can still achieve what you want - if you limit your syncing to only a transfer of Serpent 52 bookmarks to mobile Firefox - if you use Firefox ESR 52.9.x on your Windows XP desktop as a sort of man-in-the-middle; you can still keep Serpent 52.9.0 as your daily browser, but only use Firefox ESR 52.9.x (with a simple default profile, without extensions) when you want to transfer bookmarks...

Transferring Serpent 52's bookmarks to FirefoxESR 52 should be a trivial and straightforward process; I think both the HTML and JSON formats are supported (export to HTML file is the obvious route, but you can also create a bookmarks back-up file in JSON format, which can then be loaded/restored in FirefoxESR 52).

Once you have successfully migrated your Serpent 52 bookmarks to FxESR 52, you can then use your Firefox Account credentials to log-in to Mozilla Sync, and then selectively sync the bookmarks present there with your Android Firefox version on your phone/tablet - should work! Of course, you are at the mercy of Mozilla, as I suspect at some time not far away they'll disconnect old & unsupported versions of the Firefox browser from their Sync servers...

Greetings :)

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Thank you for the suggestion VistaLover. I think it should work. Another thought: Not as on desktop I prefer to use Serpent 52, I can try various browsers on my Android 9 phone. Is there any other Android browser that is known to have import|export bookmarks feature?

I also searched other sync addons, but nothing satisfactory. Raindrop.io has an old version that could install on Serpent 52, but it is a CPU hog and has bug in login forever.

p.s. Importing feature for Firefox Android has been requested 7 years ago  https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=837229

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On 9/28/2019 at 5:10 PM, roytam1 said:

OT: the realtek hdaudio driver goes strange and have no sound. kept busy fixing it in the morning but no actual result. finally workarounded by using MS driver instead.

and now it is completely broken. with MS driver, driver doesn't even start now. with realtek's driver, it act as usual broken state: no sound, only some noise can be heard when speaker is in maximum volume. if I send the board back to vendor, then there will a at least a month I can't use my new rig. running in old rig which has only 4GB RAM with win7 x64 is quite harsh and old rig has no M.2 slot for my win7 system SSD.

so I just bought an USB Audio adapter in HK$99 for getting back basic audio functionality. then I hit another pitfall, that is modded AMD USB 3.2 driver doesn't work well with USB Audio. I took extra time for debugging if the device is in fault or kind of driver issue.

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My Kaby Lake laptop also had similar problems with Realtek audio when it was running Windows 7, which started shortly after installation. Eventually I got all functionality back but I'd get a BSOD approximately every 10-15 days. :(

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@luweitest - HTML bookmarks don't need to always be imported; they can also be viewed and used directly as a local webpage. And if there is a plugin that can bookmark all links on a page, it should be able to "import" all bookmarks from the file.

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Febe is most fantastic most important Backup-Plugin for Extensions, Bookmarks etc. He even still has a version for Palemoon 27(SSE-version). There is a FEBE-forum. Pls support Chucks work then.

After a browser-reset first is to reinstall FEBE and setup again the old settings.

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13 hours ago, 3dreal said:

Maybe this can help. if not ask in sysopt.com forum. btw: i am europanorama there.


already read, tried, but nothing helped. also asked selling agent of mainboard and they told be I have to grab the board to their office for further diagnosis

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On 10/5/2019 at 8:08 AM, roytam1 said:

there is no NM27 builds this week as AF upstream doesn't make non-frontend changes. for further examining their changes, I think I should rebase my fix-winbuild and apply XP patches as a minimal base for that.

EDIT: a test build is done: http://o.rths.ml/gpc/files1.rt/arcticfox-27.9.18.win32-20191005.7z

commits are here: https://github.com/roytam1/Arctic-Fox/commits/fix-winbuild

and rmottola upstream pushed lots of commits of front-end side, so 2 merge commit issued and new test build is uploaded: http://o.rths.ml/gpc/files1.rt/arcticfox-27.9.18.win32-20191019.7z

changelog from rmottola:

- Bug 891360 - Move SessionStore I/O logic to a dedicated worker; r=yoric (c42ed07e6f)
- Bug 893009 - Move _backupSessionFileOnce() logic into the SessionWorker; r=ttaubert (ddb0d2874b)
- Bug 898184 - Restore telemetry measurements that were removed when transitioning to the SessionWorker. r=ttaubert (6dcc64be00)
- Bug 898775 - Fix the browser.sessionstore.resume_from_crash preference; r=yoric (1ab3729bac)
- Bug 904480 - Return values of _SessionFile.wipe() and .writeLoadStateOnceAfterStartup() are unused. r=ttaubert (d555f2aefd)
- Bug 914581 - [Session Restore] Plug into AsyncShutdown;r=ttaubert (296589cb19)
- Bug 904477 - Add missing error handlers for promises used in SessionStore. r=ttaubert (f9a7fe352f)
- Bug 921581 - Send a notification once the final state has been written to disk on shutdown. r=ttaubert, r=Yoric (a2e8fd8415)
- Bug 930901 - Rename _SessionFile to SessionFile r=billm (d1e5268bca)
- Bug 918024 - Remove the synchronous fallback for reading in Session Store initialization. r=Yoric, f=ttaubert (b084667337)
- Bug 952465 - [Session Restore] Replace Components.utils.reportError with Console.jsm. r=Yoric (e3e96ff56a)
- Bug 956678 - Replace TaskUtils.spawn() by Task.spawn() in Session Restore. r=yoric (a55caa0d41)
- Bug 942340 - Extracting many Telemetry statistics from sessionstore.js;r=ttaubert,froydnj (c471a206b2)
- Bug 904529 - Remove SessionStore._initialState and pass it as an argument to .onLoad(); r=smacleod (15d64b2751)
- Bug 904460 - Pass _firstTabs 'parameter' as an argument to restoreWindow() rather than tacking it onto the state object; r=smacleod (af47dd8141)
- Bug 887780 - Stop writing state immediately after startup and switch to CrashMonitor for crash detection. r=Yoric, r=ttaubert (3e750a7719)
- Bug 966253 - Fix SessionFile shutdown blocker. r=ttaubert (50c597dc23)
- Bug 959130 - Stop using the SessionWorker for read at startup to avoid slowdown. r=ttaubert (73d5eb0d1f)
- Bug 970495 - [Session Restore] Switch SessionFile.read() to use the native OS.File read(). r=Yoric (a107752cfe)
- Bug 883609 - Make Session Restore backups useful;r=ttaubert Ã[except Privacylevel.jsm] (f624a30672)
- Bug 801598 - Making SessionWorker use the now public PromiseWorker API. r=ttaubert (611612e53d)
- import missing Telemetry (54edadb477)
- missing bits of Bug 881049 - Switch SessionStore to Promise.jsm; r=ttaubert (49767c04ad)
- Bug 898308 - Clean up SessionStore initialization; f=smacleod, r=dao (55aa725815)
- Bug 898732 - Use SessionStore object instead of getting the nsISessionStore service. r=dao (226a7a5630)
- Bug 928335 - Disable 'Restore Last Session' menuitem after restoring the last session; r=dao (96f37183ab)
- Bug 899213 - Introduce a Session Store API for global data. r=ttaubert (6687a700f0)
- Bug 938248 - [Session Restore] Move GlobalState from SessionStore.jsm to its own JSM. r=smacleod (b77ee69e9f)
- add ContentRestore as of 2014-01-17 (dae3886b34)
- Bug 911115 - Move the TabStateCache to its own module. r=ttaubert (97554178ab)
- Bug 930901 - Introduce Utils.jsm r=billm (0fef89af9f)
- update to TabState.collect() (5f3db50cf6)
- Bug 894595 - part 2 - Implement asynchronous data collection for session storage and history; f=smacleod r=yoric (b7ef535dc2)
- Bug 903388 - [Session Restore] Collect cookie hosts *after* serializing session history; r=yoric (c3b2750157)
- Bug 903398 - [Session Restore] Use a 'cookie-changed' observer instead of asking the cookie service for every host; r=yoric (bbaf8a694a)
- Bug 905533 - Move SessionStore._updateCookies() to SessionCookies.update(); f=smacleod r=yoric (0cf58017f7)
- add TabAttributes.jsm at level of Bug 1059007 - [e10s] Use TabState.flush() (8b69b3ed68)
- Bug 972243 - Use Cu.cloneInto() and/or shallow copies to clone state objects r=billm (2f0919cd78)
- also include TabAttributes (f8d9e7b3cc)
- Bug 894595 - part 1 - Move tab state collection routines to a separate object; f=smacleod r=yoric (53d9a35721)
- Bug 910646 - Collect docShell capabilities from content script (r=ttaubert) (fdd1311eca)
- Bug 910668 - Collect pagestyle from a content script (r=ttaubert) (4d46957ede)
- Bug 909048 - Collect text and scroll data from content script (r=ttaubert) (295b9a8ca4)
- Bug 919835 - Make session data collection work with multiple processes (r=ttaubert,Yoric) (802b7e9177)
- Bug 930269 - Rename SessionHistory.read (r=smacleod) Add SessionHistory.jsm as of 930269. (52ba37370c)
- Bug 930269 - Move saving of tab attributes (r=smacleod) (638e9ada00)
- Bug 930269 - Rename SessionStore.restoreHistoryPrecursor (r=smacleod) (fde22bcc23)
- Bug 894595 - part 1.5 - Move privacy level checks into a module; r=yoric (1bf5f0265d)
- missing part of Bug 785884 - Implement support for temporary storage (e245b71048)
- Bug 930202 - Cancel pending session collections when restoring (r=ttaubert) (d139944ef4)
- Bug 930269 - Clean up SessionStore.restoreHistory [adapted] (08fbbe5bc0)
- Bug 930269 - Rename SessionStore.restoreTab (r=smacleod) (107776a22c)
- Bug 919532 - Make sure we don't lose state when quitting early without being notified; r=yoric (f75dd25eb2)
- Bug 923331 - Don't wait for history object in session restore (r=ttaubert) (2781468526)
- Bug 929036 - Remove legacy timer code; r=smacleod (7db14e58e0)
- Bug 930269 - Create SessionHistory.restore (r=smacleod) (ed513ebe7c)
- Bug 938084 - Drop pending collections when docShells are swapped r=billm (d69d3cc44c)
- Bug 938093 - Swap TabStateCache contents when docShells are swapped r=billm (b9065a7ff3)
- Bug 910668 - Move pagestyle collection to a module (r=ttaubert) (328daf6182)
- Bug 910646 - Collect docShell capabilities from module (r=ttaubert) (040b789339)
- Bug 930967 - Add broadcasting for sessionstore data r=yoric,billm,smacleod (4714c39906)
- missing Ãpart of Bug 938093 - Swap TabStateCache contents when docShells are swapped (2c7a1db669)
- Add missing part of Bug 930967 - Add broadcasting for sessionstore data (822ff8d3f8)
- Bug 909048 - Move text and scroll data handling to a module (r=ttaubert) (edc44cc813)
- Bug 947216 - Remove special case for about:config's form data collection r=smacleod (6fdc51af28)
- Bug 921942 - Broadcast scroll positions r=yoric (2e9b7bfe17)
- Bug 947632 - Use sendRpcMessage during session store flush (r=ttaubert) (50444ef808)
- Bug 853779 - Ensure we don't lose sessions when starting with a private window only; r=yoric (9eba8fd494)
- Bug 899276 - Don't collect/save private tabs. r=ttaubert (5d07755b79)
- Bug 945809 - Add Telemetry for Session Store data collection in the frame script. r=ttaubert (da33ac51a9)
- Bug 950132 - Fix pageStyle data collection r=yoric (945645d657)
- Bug 952401 - Collect scroll and pageStyle data as soon as the frame tree is available r=smacleod (02deb47454)
- Bug 952998 - Use FrameTree to collect DOMSessionStorage data r=yoric (3d3900879b)
- Bug 952934 - Use onFrameTreeReset() to re-collect docShell capability data r=smacleod (e3798b5388)
- Bug 956826 - Check docShell's private browsing state when the frame script is loaded r=yoric (ac0d988457)
- small update (e33838b454)
- fix up (3c2f1d1804)
- Bug 940777 - Fixup indexing in session restore (r=ttaubert) (c1ec1ea84d)
- Bug 942374 - Restore sessions by message passing (r=ttaubert) (bc85e714a3)
- Bug 942622 - Invalidate TabStateCache when .userTypedValue changes r=yoric,dao (1ba8241878)
- Bug 958809 - Don't put broadcasted data into the regular TabStateCache r=yoric (978ac794c8)
- Bug 952998 - Follow-up to fix test and use document.documentURIObject rs=Unfocused (078863f242)
- Bug 902280 - Update _lastSaveTime before writing to avoid deceeding the write interval. r=ttaubert (e267b37398)
- Bug 894595 - part 3 - Use asynchronous data collection for delayed save state calls; r=yoric (02689f04e0)
- Bug 923034 - Don't check getCurrentState's return value in SessionSaver; r=smacleod (fe4ed3bb70)
- bug 1036694 - merge nsIMarkupDocumentViewer into nsIContentViewer (27b4413431)
- Bug 962808 - [Session Restore] Better telemetry for _writeState. r=ttaubert (985e97ecff)
- Bug 944557 - Don't save sessionstore.js in permanent private browsing mode. r=ttaubert (0d4108e7de)
- Bug 944557 - Remove sessionstore-state-write. r=ttaubert (86deb9e36a)
- Bug 961016 - Fix icon and label for pending tabs with async restore r=billm,dao (49d4d271c4)
- Bug 950174: Part 1: Move required session store files from browser/ to toolkit/modules. r=gps, ttaubert (5c0a4aef20)
- Bug 961106 - Remove observers on frame script unload r=billm (c480a17ade)
- Bug 961380 - Should be able to undo closing tabs in private windows r=yoric, ui-r=phlsa (And add PrivacyLevel.jsm as of Bug 961380) (b8b48277d2)
- Bug 960903 - Broadcast session history data r=yoric (89d88735ad)
- Bug 981900 - Add OnHistoryReplaceEntry to nsISHistoryListener to handle history.replaceState. r=smaug (788cddd128)
- Bug 1027087 - Fix ContentRestore errors when a tab is closed while restoring into it r=smacleod (3d8a00c2d7)
- Bug 941540 - Use browser.permanentKey to handle docShell swaps more easily r=yoric (8878ef341d)
- update tasks with more Session stuff (bbd09bac46)
- Bug 952092 - Get rid of post data in SessionStore r=smacleod (5c738947de)
- Bug 883609 - Make Session Restore backups useful;r=ttaubert (f2e479e0cd)
- Bug 930901 - Introduce Utils.jsm r=billm (e3941b78a0)
- Bug 962494 - Remove Iterator() usage from SessionStore code r=yoric (f1370c9689)
- Bug 960903 - Listen for subframe loads and clear observers r=yoric (3bd4258646)
- Bug 965218 - Check whether shistory is empty when frame script is loaded r=yoric (c49adb4b47)
- Bug 961861 - [e10s] Make sure content-sessionStore.js is always loaded (r=ttaubert) (ed488e4576)
- Bug 964239 - Give sessionrestore awareness of srcdoc base URI. r=ttaubert (d908d9fb2a)
- Bug 973559 - Fix baseURI serialization for srcdoc frames r=billm (a69aebf357)
- Bug 973550 - "TypeError: webNavigation.document.body is null" in SessionHistory.jsm r=smacleod (f0137fc411)
- remove Messenger.jsm (ae8b522587)
- remove Messenger.jsm (9c2e929910)
- Bug 936271 - Remove load event handling from SessionStore.jsm r=yori (30d71be976)
- Bug 445461 - restore MRU tab order when restoring a session. r=ttaubert (26b5588216)
- Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/rmottola/Arctic-Fox (987409c7d7)
- Don't use APZ for selection carets on Desktop. (bug 1141855, r=kats) (9dddd666d0)
- Bug 1036399 - Multiple CSP policies should be combined towards an intersection (r=sstamm) (e3bff81f2e)
- Bug 1130982 - Ensure the clip rect on a multi-metrics layer belongs to the bottommost layer. r=botond (291ef70d84)
- Bug 943339 - Part 1: Only store a subset of session history entries to file. r=Yoric (57fcec5642)
- Bug 943339 - Part 2: Add tests to make sure the new preferences work as expected. r=Yoric (32c1e32a49)
- mark some stuff done (7c8f9bcd9d)
- mark some stuff done (af4736b682)
- Bug 972797 - More telemetry on SessionStore data collection. r=ttaubert (cb671f8405)
- Bug 915173 - Don't invalidate the whole tab state when setting/deleting tab values; r=yoric (900b38db0f)
- Bug 916390 - [Session Restore] Remove __SS_formDataSaved; r=yoric (4f38afe3e5)
- Bug 901137 - Move initial tabs to end, instead of moving restored tabs to beginning. r=gavin (d31fbc024f)
- Bug 900089 - Added call to _resetTabRestoringState in SessionRestore.setTabState; r=ttaubert (a483895aa7)
- Bug 961863 - [e10s] Update browser remoteness attribute when restoring a tab (r=ttaubert,felipe) (a356005f3f)
- Bug 908440 - Add type checks to prevent non string values from being saved. r=ttaubert (6a78652026)
- Bug 981699 - Skip resizeTo() call when restoring a maximized window that is currently maximized r=smacleod (f531b78612)
- Bug 495123 - Save an empty window state if it's the last window closed and there were no others closed in series before r=smacleod (bf3428b0eb)
- mark progress (2a534b1713)

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