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  1. Activate Core protection. Also google it to know possible disadvantages.
  2. google recaptcha verified fix (2018.08.24) for all browser design for XP: New Moon SEE 27.8.0a1+ XP, New Moon 27.9.1a1 + XP, Mypal 27.9.4 + XP, K-Meleon 76.0 (20180818) + XP - Test: https://www.google.com/recaptcha/api2/demo https://patrickhlauke.github.io/recaptcha - about:config dom.messageChannel.enabled true
  3. This was offered. minimal interface: https://www.virustotal.com/old-browsers/ similar with some mailboxes. here web.de and gmx.net(same owner).
  4. good to know. so how can i install latest working version? replacing newest? running from folder is resulting in crashes.
  5. switching pages at bottom worked months ago nonworking now or or very slow. 27_SSE 27.9.7 I have to enter page-no above.
  6. Need working 27.9.7 de language pack, thanks a lot. also tried resetting-in vain.
  7. where did you get and how did you install? installation from addons seems not to work anymore. Need german version.
  8. found an older than last one: only last one in 27. folder. the one i was already using successfully earlier nonworking since early 2020. dont know exactly since which PM 27 SSE-version. https://github.com/MoonchildProductions/pale-moon-localization/tree/27.0.0_Release?files=1 but where is the xpi?
  9. ok older than 27.9.3(lasted 27 version) for me SSE then. we will see. here they are: http://archive.palemoon.org/palemoon/langpacks/ i could be this "mistake" Use the same code as the file name of the language pack you downloaded de.xpi means not de-de but de only as value. Update: IT MUST BE de-de.
  10. YES YES YES. cleaning contacts regulary over the many years helped to solve many problems.any which can be cleaned on any hardware. always advised the very same method. clean with 96% alcohol(hard to get theses days so get 70% and wait will its dry. e.g. one of my drives has over 8000hrs running already. and i have used others too. so capacitors plague is NOT A LIE. ok i switched MOBOs over the years. and i will switch again my SSE-MOBo when SSE2 will be reactivated again. 16 MB Ram and win7 and winxp(on seperate HDDs there. yes i also have two ultrabooks with win10s/edge now and i dont miss winxp/win7 there. NB: dont touch memory when system is running. it could kill or damage HDD or window-system. No boot anymore and in worst case one cannot repair anymore if no backup available. like here!
  11. Same here for german version when installation was made(newest version installed. I tested these successfully with older versions from 2019. PM running from foilder. german language pack 27.9.4_RC2 adviced to use since last 27-version) and 27.9.3. settings are: de-de. will check which version was installed and running in german on my other HDD which has a boot-problem. can view data and version. maybe should i set de-DE like pl-PL from above? Update: not working eighter. general.useragent. locale value de-de worked earlier. How to exchange installed version with an older one?
  12. Could be that one memory-slot is defective. can be verified when testing new memory-stick/Ram. memtest386 cannot be trusted. be aware. false-negative is possible. I am currently running on 2x1 of 3x1gb possible Ram on my SSE-MOBO. Yes have a replacement-MOBO which will be installed when SSE2-MOBO(or copy if it) will run again.
  13. Actual FFMPEG-Download http://rwijnsma.home.xs4all.nl/files/ffmpeg/?C=M;O=A
  14. Since you have your own workaround my tips are still true for those not having done your steps. btw: Execute as means Run as. Update: My findings are still true for SSE. AND: german language pack(de-de) not working anymore. didnt update since some months. will check which version i had installed when it last worked. Will discuss this issue later since i remember anybody else has the same problem. had PM-crashes(again) when running in folder instead of installation. Thats what i always did at the very beginning with Newmoon/PM. no installer used.
  15. I can only speak about my SSE-experiences with the installer. When you tried to use the installer without admin-privilegues you have two problems: 1. browser will not start-no access. 2. you must totally remove the browser-folders(those you wrongly installed) before restarting with admin-previlegues. reinstallation in admin-account will not help. will never do. installer must run in standard-account with admin-previlegues. maybe right-clicking and "execute as" with the right PW would do. didnt yet test maybe someone can do.
  16. CITIBANK login displayed properly on SSE. 2/200 with less space. NM27SSE.
  17. Use Burka/Nikab. When i was at a gazoline-station-the official one for police and other units it was so bitter cold i was fully masked and with military cap. was with a relative he as driver. when i left the car after 2 min. we were surrounded by three-all three police units. but they were calm. and i told a joke...being perfectly protected. son of relative is policeman and member of special taskforce. meanwhile obviously they recognized that.
  18. german and us secret service spying out states(or us) with help of swiss crypto-device also done in their rooms. last information from a several years old message. in reddit(no chance to continue and edit....that means its under restrictions) the following message also had been censoured. can deliver link. https://www.zdf.de/nachrichten/politik/cryptoleaks-bnd-cia-operation-rubikon-100.html In my opinion bezos is playing a double-game. or even multi.
  19. SSE here-I updated Kmeleon Goanna, Palemoon/Newmoon 27 SSE and Firefox 45 ESR SSE with installer like the last time where i did all the adjustments in about:config and others. I checked which settings had to be altered after a new installation-update. see 2. Be Aware: i have a weak system with less space left. so neednt be default for all SSE-PCs. 1. Important Note for Browser-installation: If there are Administrator- and Standard(Restricted in Winxp)-accounts it is advised to install first in Restricted account but with administrators rights. If done wrong-not changing the rights-its impossible to start(no access to exe) and removing folders is impossible. one must do that in save-mode but not in standard system-administrator but in the admin-account which oneself had setup. i didnt care with CYS common youtube saver(not installed) since i couldnt make it running again. antvideo downloader also crappy. i am am interested how videos and sound are working in Youtube and Facebook, 2. So which settings had to be adjusted again? a)here only FFmpeg files had to be copied to PM-folder b) in about:config strange was search was not working for all settings. means: i was searching-despite entries were still there search didnt find. 3. I installed UOC-Patch and Enforcer but only for Firefox 45 ESR SSE since i wanted to see how youtube is behaving in Kmeleon Goanna and Palemoon 27 SSE(Newmoon). and because it is said using FF 45 ESR SSE is advised. 4. Firefox 45 ESR SSE soon was blocked after a short period of time playing YT-videos. Will observe that over next time. in Kmeleon sound is almost perfect all the time but video not playing smoothly. Next is checking Palemoon/Newmoon 27 SSE. Videodownload i will not check on this non_backed-up system. Services must be checked and preferences reset. Never did the latter! Fear it at the moment.
  20. could not navigate and answer messages in Yahoo-mail on my SSE in Palemoon/NM 27 SSE and Kmeleon. only Firefox Nightly worked. Maybe its really my PC or/and slowing it down artificially(from outside) due to security risks. Internet slow also on my WLAN-win1os-Ultrabook.. PC is dying and more limits here. will get speedy ultrabook in next days. UPDATE: maybe yahoo-mail worked in Firefox nightly because i hadnt saved it as favourite. maybe i must remove yahoo-mail as favourite before deleting cache and cookies too. it really offered option for older browsers which i didnt see in my other browsers where i had set yahoomail as favourite. MUST BE VERIFIED. login always worked only i could not take actions like answering mails. btw: a negative behaviour which started only these days. i dont use yahoomail often. but certainly used it in december 2019. could also be related to crappy MOBO. (for those complaining this and argueing to replace: dont worry i will do when time is right(SSE2-MOBO with winxp and win7 is reactivated again)since i want to know from where all the problems came incl. slow internet-router still not changed) UPDATE 2: Yahoomail properly working in FF 45.3.0 ESR /SSE here. UPDATE 3. Yahoomail nonworking/no answering possible in KMeleon despite deleting Cookies, Cache and more. UPDATE 4: Nothing changed. In Yahoomail i cannot answer Mails. navigation ok. PM/NM 27 SSE, KMeleon only. I suspect its the lack of UOC-patch and enforcer. Must first update. see you
  21. Or one of the memory-slots is defective. here on my dying SSE-MOBo its slot 1. GA-7N400-Pro2(is affected by capacitor plague). Memtest 386(one cannot rely on it it may be falsepositive or negative) will always show red sector when new working Ram-sticks are used. one should run it always three times. So i am actually running only slot 2 and 3. 2x GB( DS). for 3x1: 1x DS 2x SS needed. 3gb max.
  22. you should have replacement sticks. when i tested my 3 slots and exchanged sticks memtest showing always red errore when first slot was full-since also new sticks used it was clear. defective 1st slot. can now only run 2gb ram instead of 3. or using 1x DS and 2x SS 3 gb total. clean all memory contacts also all others. Videocard, HDD. use a hard erazor-flat roundshaped or whatever matches. a brush to clean and alcohol to further clean them. had to do this service multiple times over the years. maybe PSU is dying. always have a replacement for every hardware. incl. MOBO. saved me often. otherwise a lot of lost time. are you affected by capacitor plague? google your MOBO on this respect. check your MOBOs-forum also and ask.
  23. I dont see ESR there. thats why i didnt write. Yes i was already advised to remove. the only big problem i seem to have is browsers running without fresh profiles. maybe you could lead me to a link pls. in browser-thread i explained my situation. some dont understand. asa my SSE2-ASrock alive Dual eSata2 is reactivated i will replace my actual desktop(in reality fully open without case) MOBO which seems to die. GA-7N400 Pro2. second SATA-slot seems dead! cannot clone. was working. btw found backup/cloning software: AOMEI backupper. first memory-slot is dead causing the crashes. i still have sopme but those are related to few space. and services. Have netbook win10s/edge and will get much better one these days. I know where the problems are but not always all of them. The reason i spent so much time with older machines is knowing hard-and software-secrets. This will help for future tasks. Thanks
  24. waste to reply ignorants. its a reply of someone holding his nose high and telling it to people with less knowledge. aka arrogant. My 25 Years of pc-knowledge is high enough to judge situations. 2. First memory-slot is dead causing the crashes. running with 2GB. Yes nothing ESR there. Nightly(not listed) 45.9.-18 SSE. other version: 45.0.3 ESR if present Nightly should be removed. But complaining about other halfignorants that is ok. I dont listen to you anymore, you who has given this crazy tip of deletion: Forgot to google? look too on ctfmon activity... delete it. NM 27 SSE. safebrowsing: have 2 entries not safebrowsing-term inside- only string and value(link). Update: Obsolete for NM 27 SSE
  25. Is SSE still supported? I see here Google Chrome 27.0.1453.94m and FF 45.9.18 and 45 ESR SSE. Should i remove the first FF altogether?

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