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  1. Sorry I skimmed too quickly that I did not notice your reversion line! As to video playing, there is one site that do have problems, which I have filed a bugzilla https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1414792 ,but firefox devs think it's website's fault. Edit: I rechecked the link in the bug and surprisingly find Serpent has fixed the bug! The site works now. Thanks roytam!
  2. Will this have some consequence on video playing? I checked my profile and found 3 folders: gmp\WINNT_x86-msvc, empty; gmp-eme-adobe, empty; gmp-gmpopenh264\1.6, gmpopenh264.info, gmpopenh264.dll Currently I have no problem playing videos I encounter.
  3. The challenges are all traffic related object recognition, which clearly is for auto-driving AI training. I don't mind do a couple of them, but it always forcing me to complete more than 3 tasks. Very annoying, especially one site I visit recently added reCaptcha challenges, but recklessly limited submission in 30 seconds, which I could never finish, essentially locked me out.
  4. Good signature from "Roy Tam <roytam@gmail.com>" ! Thank you for the effort.
  5. Pack them together in 7z? I think that disadvantage of separated GPG sig compared to integrated CA sig is not due to technical reason but OS support.
  6. Hashes could be published in a different place (presumably here with weekly release announce) to prevent alteration with executables. As time goes, the files would get spread to different channels like software sites, P2P share etc., without a method to verify. The original release site may also get blocked, closed, etc. No doubt GPG signature is preferred, yet @roytam1 may not be ready for it; so SHA1 could be published right now.
  7. Then publish an SHA-1 hash of the file? Anyway I think your personal builds would get spread.
  8. @roytam1: Could later releases provide a GPG signature? Security is quite a concern for browsers.
  9. I downloaded the win32 version (https://download.comodo.com/icedragon/update/icedragonsetup.exe), installed it as portable app, ran it and got the same complaint that it is not a valid win32 application. So it cannot run on XP despite the claim.
  10. Thanks for the info, yet from the snapshot image I see this is another "cloud" bookmark service, not to be invoked from the app menu.
  11. Thank you for the suggestion VistaLover. I think it should work. Another thought: Not as on desktop I prefer to use Serpent 52, I can try various browsers on my Android 9 phone. Is there any other Android browser that is known to have import|export bookmarks feature? I also searched other sync addons, but nothing satisfactory. Raindrop.io has an old version that could install on Serpent 52, but it is a CPU hog and has bug in login forever. p.s. Importing feature for Firefox Android has been requested 7 years ago https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=837229
  12. Thanks VistaLover and Mathwiz. To my impression, Serpent 55 branch will not carry on as long as Serpent 52, so I choose Serpent 52 branch. For the same reason I will not try older version of Serpent 52; And Palemoon Android version is not recommended by the developer himself. So it seems I have to live with it. I think I can export bookmark as html file and import on Android. But I can't find "import" option in "advanced" menu of Firefox for Android as some search results say. Has recent Firefox for Android removed that feature?
  13. Maybe this topic deserves a wikipedia page.
  14. I'd like to use sync feature between my PC and Android phone. My old Firefox mobile app seems not syncing with Serpent 52. Which app should I download on my phone?
  15. I can confirm that in Serpent 20190809, https://web.skype.com/en/ works when added general.useragent.override.skype.com; But in Firefox 52ESR, that value has no effect (addon Live HTTP headers shows useragent not overrided). Then I use addon User Agent Switcher to modify UserAgent, and web skype works.
  16. luweitest

    iPad and WinXP

    From my experience with iOS, it is much inferior to android in system feature. Its logic of doing things is not for your convenience, but for your its safety; and for this odd purpose, you cannot do many things that is so natural on other platforms that it shouldn't be deemed as a "feature", such as transfer files with other devices, save a document and open in another app, etc. As I read, iOS has a unique sandbox structure, which means every app is isolated, that an app can only access data of its own, which suggests data sharing is not possible, or complicated. There are shared documents directory but I never know how exactly it works, and it seems rather limited. It seems only iTunes has special privilege to manage data. Other tools calling iTunes lib are more user friendly, like iTools. If you need a true file manager, you must jailbreak it. But even after that, you still cannot do simple tasks say open a html file in your device with Safari, because Safari app locked in "sandbox" just can't access that file. Typical things iOS can do is processing data from network, and back to network, and do it only in one app. That makes iOS a specialized toy.
  17. Yes, I tried www.hsbc.com.hk and it seems to work. I have no HK account, tried random name and it correctly shows no matching record. Could you visit www.hsbc.com.cn and try random name? It should show some warning info too.
  18. No, I even rolled back to the first version 20180224 and Firefox52ESR. I have not visited the site for some time, and the site must have been rewritten meeting for "some new standards" that Chrome49 has pioneered. Hope someone could confirm this.
  19. I have a major problem today with Serpent 20190809: unable to logging into my bank account. The bank site: https://www.hsbc.com.cn/ ,Click the red "log on" button at the top-right, select "Personal internet banking", will be redirected to: https://www.security.online-banking.hsbc.com.cn/gsa/SECURITY_LOGON_PAGE/ After filling the username, click "continue" button, that button only flashes once, but nothing happens. I've tried safe mode. I installed Chrome 49, and it works. The normal behavior: if the username is wrong, it will show invalid input; if the username exists, it will ask for security code.
  20. I've done the same as you, but in language zh-cn. You could search my previous post for nlite setting file. Did those updates not installed show messages about missing sprv****.dll (in my case, sprv0804.dll) ? English version has no such error. I found this file is actually xpsp4res.dll, and I solved it by creating fake file, since it will later be replaced by updated version. HTH.
  21. Thanks, didn't realize that had been discussed in detail. I had read that thread, but went direct to the second last post, and saw it's not applicable because my BIOS have only one SATA setting, which if changed without installing the SATA driver first, will get blue screen death. So I feel lucky that I succeeded so risky!
  22. I did it without backup first...Not a good practice, I am lazy. I thought if anything went wrong I could use my DOS boot disk to rescue files. What would be the risky part? I thought Intel's driver should work, as long as XP does not present blue screen and recognizes new device. I can't think of anything that could damage data on the disk.
  23. WSUS Offline seems to download way more KBs than actually needed. I found this when I built my update backups, using list from a new installed XP in Virtualbox. Some may reasonable for different computer setup, but I found a series of "daylight saving" KBs, one per year, that should be superseded. I might cleaned hundreds of KB files at last. That may left me with a incomplete backup but I am running short of disk space, and I think the chance of re-installing XP should be low since it is so stable. :)
  24. I happened to have solved this not long ago and I'd like to share. My ThinkpadX61 has a Intel SATA HD controller, but was set in compatibility (IDE) mode during XP install. Recently I thought of it, so I searched: Most say SATA driver is added at XP installation by "F6", or an "nlited" source. After installation, there's also a complex way which need downloading an IBM driver (which is not anymore) and manually editing it. At last, I find a sharing in a corner of internet that I can't recall the link and attribute to him. It is a very easy method, I tried and succeeded: 1, Search and download the Intel SATA driver at intel.com. I was playing with nlite and virtualbox then, so I read from https://forums.virtualbox.org/viewtopic.php?t=42829 and used version 7.8, extracted the driver files from installer as directed. 2, Find the IDE controller device in device manager, which has device ID of PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_2828 (or 2830, in I recall wrong). Update it's driver by extracted Intel SATA driver iaahci.inf. There will be a warning or error, ignore it. 3, Reboot, enter BIOS setting, change the HD mode from compatibility to AHCI. Save and reboot, XP will find and install new device instead of blue screen. There will be a new device "SATA AHCI controller" with ID PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_2829. That's it. p.s. The Intel driver installer is intended for just running -> modifying to AHCI mode - rebooting and done, but I got an error when running, so maybe that even simpler procedure is not for XP. I think other SATA devices may get installed by the similar procedure. The point is, I guess, that XP could allow a driver with wrong intended device ID be installed, or a wrong driver would also be stored for later use. Others please correct me!
  25. Thanks for verifying. I finally debugged it out, that I should set third-party cookies to "always allow" to make it work. It's not a good designed site I think.
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