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StartIsBack++ 2.9


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I'm considering to buy StartIsBack++. I'd like to buy StartIsBack, but I'm not content with the way the product is selled and I'm not sure if the vendor is reliabable. I have a couple of questions and thoughts about that aspect:

Unfortunately, the website doesn't give any legal information regarding the person or legal entity who is selling the product. This doesn't change during process of purchase. The seller stays completely anonymous. So, how can you even conclude a purchase contract with an undefined contracting party?

To me, this doesn't even look like a true contract. This feels like I would simply send my money away to anywhere and then hope that I'm going to receive something for it, without having any legal claim to assert. How could I assert claims if I do not even know against who?

Also the only way to contact the seller directly is depicted in an image that's embeded into the text: mail.png

The things mentioned above don't make sense to me and from my perspective this doesn't seem serious. But I hope you can reassure me and bring light into the darkness?


Thank you and best regards,


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I've installed StartIsBack++. I started the setup, and selected to install the tool for the current user account only with a single click. The setup window disappeared together with my Explorer windows, the desktop and the taskbar while Explorer seemingly was restarted.

Now, I can see the changes made by StartIsBack++ but I can't open the GUI to configure the settings. In the setup, there were no options to add a desktop icon or a link in the programs list or to set the install directory. In result, I can't find the install directory, a desktop icon, a start menu entry or an icon in the system tray that would allow me to open the settings of StartIsBack++.

At which path is StartIsBack++ installed for the current user only? How else can I open the GUI? Please help me answer both questions.

Thanks and best regards,


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[Bug] Flaw in the behaviour of the taskbar color

If the taskbar is set to be transparent on the desktop, it becomes colored while a window is maximized. The taskbar switches to be colored whenever a menu is opened from the taskbar, too. This applies to:

  • the start menu
  • the info center
  • the clock and calender
  • the volume control
  • the wireless networks list
  • the systray icons menu

However, the battery options menu where you can switch between "Best performance", "Better performance", "Best battery life" and "Battery safer" (on laptops) is missing on that list. The taskbar does not become colored when the battery options are opened.


Is there a chance that this will ever be fixed? Could "ever" be within less than a whole year?

Edited by hellowindows
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StartIsBack++ 2.9.6


- Fixed opacity issues with disabled system translucency

- Fixed taskbar buttons inverted frame colors

- Fixed jump list not populating with 7+Taskbar Tweaker

- Fixed Escape to disable not working

- Fixed start button not DPI scaled

- Fixed dark mode ballon tooltip tip

- Tried to fix incorrect folder icon in all program list

- Reverted All programs drag&drop behavior change

- Sorted out dark / light context menu sizes

- Respected 'Remove frequent program list' GPO

- Resizable custom folders dialog

- Fixes for newer 2023x Insider builds [but not older ones]

- Some jumplist experiment


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Thanks Tihiy, I think for once 'Check updates' actually worked for me this time, seamless!
Just wondering, is it a possibility to allow us to lock the quick launch icons so they don't move around? I think most people prefer them to remain in certain positions and would like to avoid them accidentally moving when being clicked on.

Edited by Ryrynz
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16 hours ago, Tihiy said:

- Fixed dark mode ballon tooltip tip

White box with white text here.

NoDarkTooltips only works on taskbar tooltips, not start menu ones (expect with Windows 7.msstyles).

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StartIsBack++ 2.9.7


- Fixed dark tooltip regression

- Fixed fullscreen apps possible breaking

- Tweaked dynamic translucency to account for jumplist and battery flyouts


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Any features for an animated startbutton coming soon? Like in Windows 8 how it did the little white flash when it was hovered? That startbutton was recreated for classicshell, but I prefer startisback++ over it, so it'd be pretty cool to see that implemented :)




(example of what i'm talking about)

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