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  1. Hello, thanks for going into this problem. I have updated StartIsBack++ to the new version and using it for one day now, I didn't experience any problems. This is not yet a proof, but it seems to be fixed. I'm impressed that you managed to fix (I think) a more complex problem within only two days. Also, I noticed another small visual thing was fixed that I mentioned in the StartIsBack++ 2.9 thread. I'm really happy about that, thank you! Did you actually manage to reproduce the problem or did you figure it out just by thinking about it? Best regards, hellowindows
  2. While StartIsBack++ is running, there is a bug when trying to switch to a certain full screen application (a game called "World of Tanks"). Description When I click on the taskbar icon of that program to maximize it again while it is already running, there is a chance that the screen displays the program only for a tiny moment (less than half a second) and then it disappears again. The program is still running, it's not closed, but it's instantly minimized again so it's just not possible to switch back to it. Often I have to try four or five times to switch back to my full screen application until it stays in the foreground. Consequences This makes it impossible to use StartIsBack++ because I'm regularly running the application that StatIsBack interferes with. It is not possible to switch between applications which means that I cannot use my computer in the way a modern computer is meant to be used. Nowadays, nobody runs only a single program at a time. It needs to be possible to use more than a one program on your PC and to switch between programs. For usability, it is inacceptable that it takes up ten seconds to maximize an different application after quickly looking up something on the Internet for less than a minute. It is inacceptable as well that during the long process of trying to maximize my full screen application the screen flickers black (it always becomes black for a moment when switching to my full screen application, that's the usual behaviour that happens without StartIsBack, too) and white (website in the browser/desktop background) all the time. This causes headache and pain in the eyes and makes it harder to continue reading text on the screen without pain. Finding a solution I'm not sure if this bug is reproducable with other full screen applications. Maybe the problem only occurs when a program uses a certain kind of software or hardware to render the content of the screen (f.e. DirectX, OpenGL). Maybe it is down to the way a program renders the content on the screen, whether it uses the GPU or not, or whether it renders 3D models or a 2D surface. My game renders 3D scenery using the GPU. In conclusion it's hard to compare this behaviour to other programs and to reproduce the problem. Still this problem fundamentally destroys the usability of StartIsBack++ and therefore should be fixed because I think a software should claim to actually work. In conclusion I hope that this problem will be fixed. In order to do so, please tell whatever details are needed to find the root of the problem in StartIsBack++ and solve it. I hope the creators of StartIsBack++ are capable of making there program work. Thanks.
  3. [Bug] Flaw in the behaviour of the taskbar color If the taskbar is set to be transparent on the desktop, it becomes colored while a window is maximized. The taskbar switches to be colored whenever a menu is opened from the taskbar, too. This applies to: the start menu the info center the clock and calender the volume control the wireless networks list the systray icons menu However, the battery options menu where you can switch between "Best performance", "Better performance", "Best battery life" and "Battery safer" (on laptops) is missing on that list. The taskbar does not become colored when the battery options are opened. Is there a chance that this will ever be fixed? Could "ever" be within less than a whole year?
  4. Hello, I've installed StartIsBack++. I started the setup, and selected to install the tool for the current user account only with a single click. The setup window disappeared together with my Explorer windows, the desktop and the taskbar while Explorer seemingly was restarted. Now, I can see the changes made by StartIsBack++ but I can't open the GUI to configure the settings. In the setup, there were no options to add a desktop icon or a link in the programs list or to set the install directory. In result, I can't find the install directory, a desktop icon, a start menu entry or an icon in the system tray that would allow me to open the settings of StartIsBack++. At which path is StartIsBack++ installed for the current user only? How else can I open the GUI? Please help me answer both questions. Thanks and best regards, hellowindows
  5. Hello, I was trying to download the latest beta version of StartIsBack but the link does not work for me. In the screenshot it says "This file could not be downloaded safely." Could you please fix the download? Thank you and best regards, hellowindows

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