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The upcoming new tool for Win 7/8/+ : My suggested name: nLiteX


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dencorso, jaclaz, :) neeext.


petrus, yeah wLite is not bad, seems like it is now down to nLiteX and wLite.


Tripredacus, yes, good point.



Btw codename was Windee :)

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Well, you have to consider also the sound it makes when read aloud by an English speaker.

nliteX may sound too similar to "in latex" :ph34r:

doubleulite could be better as it might sound more like "double your light" ;)



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What about "nLite789"?


And then only with the release of Windows 10 in half a decade you go with nLiteX (X stands for 10 in Roman numerals).

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jaclaz, lol, too good, cracked me up. Windows in latex...aaand there is the icon.


petrus, yeah, if there was a reason to split them, like licensing options, that would be one way. For now X covers all, which is fine to me.


boooggy, :), yeah we'll miss it, I got used to calling it windee and cookie.

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I like wLite as well, next letter in the alphabet after "v" (for vLite) and after this you have "x" (for xLite) if needed for future versions 10+


I dont think you should go back to reusing nLite, I always thought of nLite as a tool for Windows 5.x

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Not nLite7 or nLite8, i mean to actually have all three numbers in the name:




It's at-least clear what you get if nothing else, nLite for Windows 7, 8 & 9.

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Hey  ;)


Will your new tool be able to compress / change the *.wim file (after editing) to a *.esd file.


Really looking forward to test your new tool. Will it be ready to chrismas? Or are we closer to the summer 2015.


By the way, will gladly pay for your software, don't even have to think twice about it.


Cheers  :thumbup

Regards from denmark

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How does the impending release of Windows 8.1 Update 2 fit into all that, the rumor is early August...


No worries mate.



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