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OldNewExplorer 1.1.9


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Thanks for sharing your tool, Tihiy. It's pretty nice. But is there any other name nicer for it? Would like to see something laconic on the title bar when opening it.

PS. Never notice before that I can drag the detail pane to change its size! Cool to see the pane around again but decide not show it for sure!
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My WinRAR 5.00 64-bit crashes silently with OldNewExplorer64.dll registered as shown in Problem Reports. As soon as it is unregistered, it runs correctly. Can repro?

Update: WinRAR issue fixed in latest build. Thanks.

At the moment, the tweaks I use are 'Use command bar instead of Ribbon' and 'Show details pane at bottom'. Don't use Classic grouping as it adds a scrollbar to This PC at my resolution, I want to avoid scrolling :D . Also, I use Libraries without hiding all folders from This PC, but do hide select folders using Winaero's This PC Tweaker. And I use the status bar from Classic Shell as it shows more useful stuff. :)

But the 2 tweaks to disable ribbon and move the details pane are absolutely invaluable. The name is very fitting for the product as it allows you to choose a mix of old vs new functionalities. :)

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nice Tihiy, love it.

I couldn't run it from the inside of "Program Files". Why?.

It also couldn't be deleted after I uninstalled it while Firefox still opened. Why?

What happened to Ex7forW8?

sorry for many questions. I hope someone could answer them for me.

thanks :)

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Hmm I do not get all the issues.

AV may see it as a false positive, report it to your vendor to get it whitelisted.

WinRAR does not crash for me.

I extracted it to " C:\OldNewExplorer " then ran the install file and accepted the system warning then it worked instantly.

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I also keep the ribbon because I like it. I don't let it display the detail pane. The area showing folders and items will be narrow if both the ribbon and the detail pane are enabled.

Tihiy, how about just calling this tool "Explorer Tweaker"?
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Mega props to you Tihiy. With your two small programs you have made the Windows 8 family more user friendly, more enjoyable, and more appealing than the entirety of the billion dollar corporation that developed it.

Once again. Mega props.

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I found a bug on Use libraires ; hide folders from this PC.

When you explorer a folder in Downloads folder. The Downloads folder reappers under This PC.


That's not a bug with this program, it happens without using this as well, if you use the registry trick to remove those folders the same thing happens, it goes after you close the folder again anyway.

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