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  1. I have an issue with shutdown button. Now I don't get fast startup on next boot after shutdown. I notice this after turn on my laptop, my battery mode always on normal instead of battery saver on startup. It didn't happen on some previous release IIRC, I don't know when it started though. I tried uninstall SIB++, shutdown from windows button, next boot I get fast startup back. SIB++ 2.8.4, Win 10 x64 1703 Sorry, didn't check earlier there is new releasev 2.8.5. Thanks for this :)
  2. I'm using Win10 1703 Home 64-bit, SiB++ 2.6. sorry if it's been reported before. Taskbar and start menu context menu style: Classic
  3. is it possible to fix this? They have different location C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs C:\Users\Public\Desktop I usually click desktop shortcut to open program. When it appeared on recently opened programs list, I started using it to open the program. So now, there are two shortcut. If I remove one, both are gone.
  4. [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Roaming\OpenWith\FileExts] I usually play with these registry if there's something wrong with file association on my computer
  5. confirm what Amigafever said and it also occured when taskbar on the right side.
  6. when go to start screen, and then back to desktop by clicking left-bottom corner, I see start button behind the taskbar.
  7. just found bit weird behavior with xp style, small bug, I guess here I have all programs with two colums; first go to all programs; hover one menu from first column which has one sub menu; hover menu item/child from that menu; hover mouse to menu on second column; back to that menu again, when hover menu, it doesn't expand to menu item. sorry if my explanation look complicated
  8. sorry but responding your case, afaik it would appear after using the app for several times. I don't know exactly, but that's what happened after I installed Firefox. If it has never been used, so I guess it'd not appear.
  9. It cause blank screen break the explorer whenever I try to install it. I haven't tried to install update 1 yet. I'm using Windows 8.1 x86.
  10. I just knew about GlassMyFox addon for Firefox, it's working good with AeroGlass
  11. ahem, so licence key now only to get rid of popup and watermark? automatically download symbol is not needed anymore? anyway thanks BM for the update like this
  12. http://startisback.com/GroupPolicy.zip, you can find it from http://startisback.com/#download-tab, Additional downloads.
  13. do setting via gpedit here is SIB+ 1.6 BETA0. on configuration, it looks like this pressing ok/apply, setting will be changed, and here is SIB+ 1.5.2. it looks fine Added: Setting is also not sync when specify StartOrb via gpedit
  14. IMO, WinDef is good enough for basic protection. If you're looking for free A/V, CIS or avast! is good enough. MCShield would be good as additional protection on USB
  15. is it still a test version?
  16. A (very) few things are always logged. But if you're still seeing all the details, have you tried restarting your system after making the change to the registry? -Noel hmm, what are the things that always logged? I was setting EnableLogging to 0. I just turned on laptop and got this [2014-01-28 18:03:37][0xDD4:0x328] Donation key loaded[2014-01-28 18:03:37][0xDD4:0x328] Machine ID: 52GQQFLESUQLJLOCWCIIL3L2MDPL4VNLE4LWBQAQRL4JE3WQ[2014-01-28 18:03:37][0xDD4:0xBA0] CoCreateInstance(CLSID_WICImagingFactory, NULL, CLSCTX_INPROC_SERVER, IID_PPV_ARGS(&pImageFactory)) failed with 0x800401F0actually I just want to know if is this setting is working right or not
  17. Thanks again for the explanation, MrGRiM. I didn't notice that behavior when I was using Windows 7.
  18. hmm, but based on http://glass8.berlios.de/guide.html EnableLogging, DisableGlassOnBattery only in HKLM. If those also work in HKLM, I guess bigmuscle need to edit the guide. thanks, MrGRiM
  19. +1As i mentioned that before, only for battery mode. Btw, i don't remember having this with early RC versions.well I only notice this every time after turned on my laptop. once restart dwm, no matter how many times I restart windows, it looks fine. yes, as fas as I remember, it doesn't occur on RC release
  20. I wanna know, do all these value set into HKLM or some into HKCU? thanks
  21. sorry Tihiy if I bother you again, just small concern here image with enabled "Display Start screen shortcut" and here when it disable as we can see above, there's a space when that option being disabled no matter how many items I set on the right, it still looks same
  22. with textglow settings, applications show the glow from atlas but explorer, mspaint, wordpad (maybe many others windows program) don't. what should I do so they can glow? thanks
  23. maybe it can be said just a cosmetic but I hope it could make SIB+ better. once hot corners configured from group policy/registry, option from properties should be looked darker like on appearance tab I use Aero 8 and try both style (default and flyout) and look at menu selection default (style) flyout (guess this how it should be looked). thanks. >rocky<

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