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  1. I don't know, Rocky. My problem was different from yours. There was an error saying "A referral was returned from the server" everytime I clicked on the Start screen shortcut on Start Menu. It's been fixed by 1.7.6. Perhaps you should try setting "the number of recent programs to display" to zero, and pin only what you need the most on Start Menu. That's the way I do with my computer, too. Um... you live quite near me, so have a nice weekend, Rocky!
  2. I come here intending to post a problem and ask for help. Luckily, the above post is a lifesaver! I install 1.7.6 and the problem is gone. So... how is everyone? It seems that Tihiy doesn't take care of this thread any more! I'm still using W8.1, not touching W10 for over a year! Edit: Gosh, now I can't hide where in the world I come from!
  3. Running applications from folder Start apps doesn't wake up SearchUI. Searching through the Store doesn't make it run either. Guess I'll have to remove Start screen shortcut from Start menu for a while. I won't touch those packages by using some commands by myself! Thanks for all the replies to my problem so far.
  4. Gosh, it seems that Start Screen shortcut is the culprit! Just clicked on it and found Search.UI running. Perhaps modern apps need this search to work well, do you think so? Will try it again tomorrow with Store because don't want to restart Windows now. About that application you posted, I don't think I will use it. Looks a little complicated to me! But thanks for suggesting anyway. ----------------- I forget to tell you this. When I said I had to re-apply the option, I meant it was always checked but SearchUI was running at the same time. So, I had to uncheck and then check it again to hit the Apply button.
  5. Strange! I have had to re-apply this options at least 6 or 7 times already! I don't look at the Task Manager all the time but when I do I sometimes see Search.UI and Cortana and Windows Feedback as well. I never click on them on Start Menu > Start Apps, however.
  6. Alacran, Do you know when this new beta is officially released? MaxXPsoft, If you don't mind using a customed theme, how about trying these: http://intreppit.deviantart.com/art/Modern-10-for-Windows-10-554450901 http://mare-m.deviantart.com/art/Colored-Title-Bar-Theme-for-Windows-10-552490027 I am using the second one with white caption text. Prefer it to Aero Lite!
  7. Wondering if anyone here like me has to re-apply "Do not prelaunch SearchUI" from time to time. Not sure what is the real reason causing this, SIB update or Windows updates.
  8. Thanks, Krasivye. It helps a lot to know the reason why the orbs on my SIB appearance settings don't have the same size as those on your screenshots! It's because I have chosen size medium (125%) for text and items on the desktop in Windows Display. You chose the default size (100%), right? Found this only by gazing upon the text on your picture!
  9. I use Winaero Tweaker to enable theme aero lite for W10. It has an option to choose between black and white text on the title bar.
  10. Tomasz86, SearchUI can be blocked with SIB++ but it may be running again if W10 has some new updates. Applying the option to block it again will work but only after a restart, which I don't really like. I'll leave it alone. Don't want to do anything risky that can lead into a failure to boot Windows! Thanks so much for your explanation, but doubt that I can understand it thoroughly!
  11. Krasivye, Can you post a screenshot of your SIB appearance settings with the start button orbs? Thanks in advance.
  12. The below theme was made for W8/8.1 and it has some styles for SIB too. Anyone who would like a colored left pane on the first page of Start Menu can give it a try. http://sagorpirbd.deviantart.com/art/Windows-10-RTM-Themes-FINAL-for-Win-8-8-1-527873187 Don't get the themes for it doesn't work well on W10, just get StartIsBack Styles only. Copy them into folder C:\Users\.....\AppData\Local\StartIsBack\Styles I don't like these because there is no user picture on Start Menu. And you have to turn off "automatically pick color" for Windows theme so that you can choose a color that matches the color of the SIB styles. PS. It seems that every time Windows updates something I'll have to apply the option of "Do not prelaunch SearchUI and ShellExperienceHost processes" again.
  13. Tomasz86, Seems not to work for me! Still seeing SearchUI.exe running. Do we need a reboot? Can you tell what steps you have made with the firewall so that I can check if I did it the right way? Thank you.
  14. My Firefox context looks a little different, but I guess it's because I use an older version; 37.0.2! Explorer and Notepad have the same context as yours. Edit: delete image
  15. Yesterday, I tried doing a clean install as Alacran said on post 12, skipping steps to enter the key and yes W10 was still activated. With the same key of course. Thanks for posting the information.
  16. Hi everyone, Sometimes when I restart to W10, there will be the icon of "All Control Panel Items" on the desktop, which I cannot delete directly. Always have to go to Settings > Personalization > Themes > Desktop icon settings > enable then disable Control Panel to get rid of it! It's a lot of steps to do, how vexing! Anyone has this problem too? This occurred a few times on W10 upgraded from 8.1. Then I tried to clean install W10 and it has happened once too! Hope to have a solution to kill this issue for good!
  17. Never think I could fix it! On the first tab of the settings, clicked on "Custom folders..." next to "Right side items", chose folder Start Apps and deleted it but it still showed on Start Menu. Right clicked on it there and then chose Rename, it was really gone this time. Good riddance!
  18. Like the way you call it WinX! I intentionally named a drive X: to install W10. Too bad when it boots into W10 it automatically becomes C:!
  19. This is quite interesting: http://winaero.com/blog/how-get-windows-photo-viewer-working-in-windows-10-rtm/ Windows Photo Viewer works perfect for me now.
  20. I tried dragging folder Start Apps from the left pane to the right and now I cannot remove it from there. Uninstalling and reinstalling SIB++ doesn't help. Anyone knows a way to fix this, please?
  21. Jaclaz, Something wrong with your link. I clicked on it but couldn't access the post from which you quoted. Want to read a little more about this.
  22. Tihiy, why the start button orbs on my Appearance settings are not as equally as the ones on your screenshots? Edit: remove attachment.
  23. Thanks. Luckily I'm online now to get the update earlier than the others!
  24. Is what you are talking about the same as what people said in this forum? http://www.tenforums.com/general-discussion/9087-windows-10-dpi-awareness-issues-blurry-text-125-a.html
  25. Guess he talked about this: http://www.lazesoft.com/lazesoft-windows-key-finder.html I use it to know about the key on my computer.
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