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  1. Would it possible to add a Dark Mode to the styles in StartIsBack+ (Windows 8.1) like you have for StartIsBack++ (Windows 10)? The start screen is entirely unusable in 8.1 and with the dark theme I'm using the white start menu background sticks out like a sore thumb.
  2. ptd163

    Sweet 1607

    The BioEnrollment and CloudExperienceHost packages fail to get removed when the script is run on an Enterprise 1607 system Noel.
  3. It's nice a distro, that's for sure, but according to distrowatch.com it doesn't support x86_64. Doesn't that seem like an issue? More like the average Windows user. All the power users remember what a disaster Vista and 8 were and knew there are plenty of ways Microsoft could screw it up. And true to form, they did.
  4. RS1 is Redstone 1. It's the actual name for Anniversary Update. Anniversary Update is the flashy marketing name for Redstone 1.
  5. Considering it took ReactOS 18 years to get where it is now. I look forward to it being a viable alternative to Windows in 2067.
  6. Did you use the portable version of GWX Control Panel? That's what I used and what is so difficult about using GWX? 5 clicks at most and you're done. You can delete the portable application and never have to use it again and that machine. I'm not knocking Steve's ability or is his experience in the industry. What I'm saying is he is basically slandering GWX to get attention for his tool when GWX is completely viable option and IMO, offers a much better and more comprehensive solution that Steve's tool can't match. What do you mean exactly? In the end, I don't care how people are blocking Windows 10 only that they are.
  7. Umm... what? GWXControl Panel doesn't do any of that. It doesn't need to be installed either. A portable version is available. It works exactly as advertised and has never nagged me. Not once. Sounds like someone just wants in on the action despite GWX Control Panel being more than enough to block the Windows 10 malware updates. What's funny is that Steve claims his software is so superior to GWX Control, but doesn't even realize that there's a portable version of it. It's also kind of cute that he thinks Microsoft will obey is small registry tweak when push comes to shove.
  8. I have a feeling that's going to happen at some point. According to NetMarketShare's Feb 2016 data Windows 7 still owns more than 50% of the market despite Windows 10 being available for free since July 29, 2015. Based on those numbers you'd think at some point Microsoft would have to admit that they're Microsoft Knows BestTM strategy just isn't working. I don't know about anybody else, but it feels like we've been waiting since October 2012 for Microsoft to be like "It's just a prank bro. You thought we were serious?" and release a real successor to Windows 7. Microsoft has said they never want to go through XP-style holdout again, but I don't think they have a choice. The data suggests that Windows 7 will likely become go through a similar holdout. Plus, the sheer aggressiveness with which they are pushing Windows 10 isn't doing them any favours. July 29, 2016, will decide Windows 10's fate IMO. Fortunately, if this is how well it does when it's free it should only do worse because there will eventually be a barrier to entry that wasn't there initially.
  9. I don't know if you've encountered this or not Noel, but just a heads up that the Remove Pre-Installed App (Other Than Cortana) section of your ReTweaker doesn't work in Audit Mode. I would've have PM'd you, but it says you can't receive new PMs so I have to post it here.
  10. Because they're not knowledgeable enough to know any better. You could take literally every techie in the world and even those that aren't techies, but have at least basic Windows computer knowledge, and they'd still be in the minority.
  11. Your goals are the same as my mine. A desktop only, local account, UWA free Windows 10 with UAC disabled. The reason I was wondering why you disabled Windows Firewall was also because I thought that Sphinx was another front-end for Windows Firewall like TinyWall or Windows Firewall Control and not completely independent firewall software so that's my mistake.
  12. Okay. Why do you have the Windows Firewall service disabled by default though? Doesn't that render your deny-by-default firewall strategy moot because you'll have no firewall then?
  13. Is this the next iteration of the script that you posted in this thread?
  14. The Windows 10 line continuing to climb and not plateau is worrisome.
  15. Please let this catch on. I want to see how high and mighty Microsoft is when they can't hide behind DirectX.

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