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Found 17 results

  1. Hey guys, How are you doing? Some dude using Startallback all the way from Korea! Pardon my poor English skill, But I'll try my best as possible. anyway, straight to the point. If you go to Control Panel - All Control Panel Items - Notification Area icons (It is Red Underlined part in the screenshot. Yes I'm Korean and using KoKR OS) And there is yellow boxes that I marked in screenshot which is already uninstalled programs, but somehow it is still there. I searched web and tried every solutions I can do for probably 5 hours straight but I just coudn't solve the problem. I tried registry edit that deleting "IconStreams" and "PastIconsStream" In "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\TrayNotify" Path, manually and Using BAT file. Not working. then I searched those 2 keys, found total 4 of them each. deleted and reboot system, still nothing. my guess is it is wrong registry that I'm dealing with. So this "Control Panel - All Control Panel Items - Notification Area icons" path is actually not approachable when you are not using startallback, It can be found when you turn on Startallback and enable Control panel applet option. I think there must be a cache registry (if it exists) but I just can't find it. Anyone please tell me how to get rid of that ghost icons? its driving me crazy!
  2. I was toggling many times feature "Use new font" parameter in StartAllBack 3.6.3 to compare difference in fonts rendering with this option and without it, and it was result that all my windows titles font size became bigger and bigger (see 1st attached screenshot). And also was toggled some times "Use new icons" parameter and it was caused that I have no all apps icons (except Edge browser). Everywhere, not only in Start menu. Also there in Start menu (on bottom of it) "Back" (cyrillic named "Назад") button which is must not be here because it's root directory, so it's no any place to get back to it. Fix that issues in new versions and when I will be ready to completely switch to Windows 11, I will buy StartAllBack, it's my saviour for Windows 11. Currently using it in trial mode. Without StartAllBack I will don't switch to Windows 11. It's single solution in the world which I can use to make Windows 11 useable.
  3. Hello! The last few days some of my Windows logo key keyboard shortcuts are not working properly For example: Win + A open quick settings, Win + N open notification center But Win + I to open system settings works fine Click on “disable program for current user”, sign out, sign in, and then everything works The same problem occurs when installing startallback in the Windows Sandbox Windows 11 Insider Preview 25227 StartAllBack 3.5.3 The text is translated by Google, and may not be accurate
  4. StartAllback was working perfectly for me for the first day of use, but when I booted up my computer this morning I found that the taskbar as twice the height it should be on my primary display (the smaller one on the right), and that the program icons are floating. Please see the attached image. Restarting Windows Explorer, disabling and re-enabling the Taskbar integration, and restarting my PC did not resolve the info. When StartAllBack is disabled the taskbar is the correct size. Here are some random computer details off the top of my head. Please let me know if you need any other info! I am running Windows 11. Monitor ID #1 (my secondary) is 3840x2160 and running at 250% scale. Monitor ID #2 (my primary / "main display") is 1920x1080 at 100% scale. My laptop is owned by the company I work for and managed by an MDM. I have adjusted my system date and time format to ie 2022-08-25 and 01:23 AM.
  5. The Trayicons suddenly went into the taskbar with no possibility to move them back as there is no trayicon arrow anymore Please help, I have premium and would love to use my taskbar like I always did but this is really annoying
  6. Hey, since several month, i got a really annoying bug, that prevent the option for my system to sleep automatically (no S3, no Monitor Off) - it worked only when i put it manual to sleep... Before some days, i decided to play a little bit Fallout 4 again, but i got more bugs, than i normally know from this game (like crashes, or Loading screen Forever), so i have to force the closing of the .exe by Task manager... Then i saw, that a "GameBarPresenceWriter.exe" was running, and thought that 2015 (where the game was released), there wasn't a gaming mode, a game bar or similar, So i decided, to move all "Game*" Files out of the windows' directory, (you need trusted installer rights for that, or the NTFS rights to move them...) - Moved Files: GameBarPresenceWriter (Folder) GameBarPresenceWriter.exe GameBarPresenceWriter.proxy.dll GameChatOverlayExt.dll GameChatTranscription.dll GameInput.dll gamemode.dll GamePanel.exe GamePanelExternalHook.dll gamestreamingext.dll GameSystemToastIcon.contrast-white.png GameSystemToastIcon.png gameux.dll gamingtcui.dll Restarted the PC, and run my game again (not sure if i fixed the game bug), but when i played, and made a break, to do something else (game was running), my monitor gone off, and i wondered what happened - moved the mouse, and the monitor was back alive! I close the game, and waited, and my PC gone into S3 again! - WOW! (I could not fix this problem for so long...) Some of this files (i even didn't know, that some of them was running - cause i didnt see them normally in task manager), just prevent the sleep Function (or maybe just one file, or a reg entry from one of this files) Anyway i decided to share it with you! I will personally not go deeper into this - like moving single files, with multiple restarts, or de-register them, etc I am Happy that my PC can now gone to sleep again, cause i absolutely didn't like it, when i fall to sometimes sleep and waked up 8 hours later, that the PC and Monitor were fully on...
  7. While StartIsBack++ is running, there is a bug when trying to switch to a certain full screen application (a game called "World of Tanks"). Description When I click on the taskbar icon of that program to maximize it again while it is already running, there is a chance that the screen displays the program only for a tiny moment (less than half a second) and then it disappears again. The program is still running, it's not closed, but it's instantly minimized again so it's just not possible to switch back to it. Often I have to try four or five times to switch back to my full screen application until it stays in the foreground. Consequences This makes it impossible to use StartIsBack++ because I'm regularly running the application that StatIsBack interferes with. It is not possible to switch between applications which means that I cannot use my computer in the way a modern computer is meant to be used. Nowadays, nobody runs only a single program at a time. It needs to be possible to use more than a one program on your PC and to switch between programs. For usability, it is inacceptable that it takes up ten seconds to maximize an different application after quickly looking up something on the Internet for less than a minute. It is inacceptable as well that during the long process of trying to maximize my full screen application the screen flickers black (it always becomes black for a moment when switching to my full screen application, that's the usual behaviour that happens without StartIsBack, too) and white (website in the browser/desktop background) all the time. This causes headache and pain in the eyes and makes it harder to continue reading text on the screen without pain. Finding a solution I'm not sure if this bug is reproducable with other full screen applications. Maybe the problem only occurs when a program uses a certain kind of software or hardware to render the content of the screen (f.e. DirectX, OpenGL). Maybe it is down to the way a program renders the content on the screen, whether it uses the GPU or not, or whether it renders 3D models or a 2D surface. My game renders 3D scenery using the GPU. In conclusion it's hard to compare this behaviour to other programs and to reproduce the problem. Still this problem fundamentally destroys the usability of StartIsBack++ and therefore should be fixed because I think a software should claim to actually work. In conclusion I hope that this problem will be fixed. In order to do so, please tell whatever details are needed to find the root of the problem in StartIsBack++ and solve it. I hope the creators of StartIsBack++ are capable of making there program work. Thanks.
  8. Startisback 2.7.3 crash loops on my system, i am running 64-bit windows 10 1809 insider build 17758.1
  9. I am using an Unattend.xml file to install Windows 10. My .cmd file requires internet access during the Specialize pass. Windows 8\10 contains the network driver for my ethernet adapter, so there is no problem there. On Windows 8.1, this is no problem. On Windows 10 TH2 (last third? version) this is no problem On Windows 10 TH2 (first version) - there is no internet connectivity (e.g. ping www.bbc.co.uk does not work) On Windows 10 Anniversary (first version) - there is no internet connectivity (e.g. ping does not work) - I did not test the second release of TH2. In other words, Microsoft fixed the bug in TH2 but the bug is now back in the Anniversary build! It seems that there is no host name set up in the 'bad' versions (e.g. ipconfig /all shows no host name). I can 'fix' the problem by running msoobe for 10 seconds and then killing the task - I then get a host name and ping works. Does anyone know a better way of getting internet connectivity to work during the Specialize phase?
  10. Hello Bigmuscle and fellow Glass8 users! I run Windows 10 mit Glass8 on my Desktop PC, and since the anniversary update I have to randomly recurring problems with Glass8. 1. White window borders Normally, all is working fie, but on some windows starts I get white window borders instead of glassy ones. See attached screenshot. debug.log shows nothing out of the ordinary as far as I can tell. when this happens, DWM seems to run into some kind of memory leak as it grabs more and more RAM for itself. Normally it uses about 17-20MB, as you can see in the screenshot, I had already over 300MB allocated after maybe 15 minutes. I then restart windows and the issue is gone, glass is back and DWM runs normal. 2. Glass8 theme not applied This also happens randomly and more often than the first issue. According to the debug.log the standard theme (which I am using) is loaded, but the window border is just glass without a theme. I can either restart Windows or just apply the theme again using the GUI. Then the theme is loaded correctly. I tried the configure it using the GUI in admin mode, but that did not help. I also searched the registry with regedit related reg keys, as I have moved the install location. There was one key with the old path to the theme, which corresponded to a file not found error in the debug log where aerohost used the old path to the theme file. I have corrected this and the path is correct now, but the issue still randomly appears. Here it appeared directly after the reboot I did because of issue 1. Maybe someone has a clue or idea what could be the cause of this issues? I will gladly provide any information or logfile needed, just tell me what I have to do. Thanks! no_theme_debug.log white_windowframe_debug.zip
  11. Here I will outline a situation where you can corrupt a mount point and an image by using a system with multiple versions of DISM. We already know that there is some differences between the DISM that comes with Windows and the one in the WAIK/ADK (hereafter referred to as ADK). This difference is beyond the stock DISM not supporting all command line options. It is important to note this, as we do have the technical ability to have multiple ADK versions installed or by using JFX's Get WAIK Tools to skip the large download. NOTE: This applies to all versions of Windows and WAIK/ADK versions. This problem has 2 parts. One is recoverable, the other one is not 100%. There are 4 problems. Problem #1: Stock DISM is the default. DISM exists in c:\windows\system32. Even if you cd into say c:\adk10\ and that is where your DISM from ADK v10 is kept, if you just type DISM, Windows will execute the one in System32. You need to fully qualify the DISM command in order to execute the one you want. Problem #2: You can mix DISM versions interchangeably and it doesn't care. You have mounted an image with ADK DISM. You can then run commands using any other DISM, even if those versions do something different or do not fully support the mounted image. Problem #3: DISM doesn't know all the mount points. You can mount multiple images, or even nested images, but /CLEANUP-WIM shows that it does not know all the mount points. Problem #4: Windows protects files based on filename. You may have run into this situation before. You have a folder called Windows or Program Files somewhere that is not part of your booted OS, but Windows won't let you delete it. Recoverable Situation - Mount image using ADK DISM to c:\mount - Add-driver using stock DISM. In this scenario, stock DISM can't actually add a driver to the image, but it still tries. The DISM.exe process will start gobbling up memory. It will do this until the process crashes or your computer does. It also will lock the command prompt so that Ctrl+C will not cause the process to stop. You can kill the process and then clean-up the mount point. Unrecoverable/Corruption Situation - Mount image using ADK DISM to c:\mount - Mount nested image using ADK DISM to c:\mount2 - Add-driver using stock DISM. In this scenario, we wanted to add a driver to a nested wim. One example of a nested wim could be winre.wim. Here, the same as the last scenario happens, DISM can't add the driver and starts incrementing RAM usage. DISM process goes away (crash/kill process) then you can run /CLEANUP-WIM, but only mount2 is cleaned up. Here is what happens next: 1. c:\mount still has the mounted image in it. 2. DISM /CLEANUP-WIM doesn't see it as a valid mount point. 3. DISM /UNMOUNT /DISCARD gives you an error. 4. You can't delete everything in the folder because of Windows file protection. 5. You can't remount your image to another folder because DISM says that index is already mounted. You can get past the issue by never using that mount folder again, but you can rename it and probably move it somewhere else. I encountered the corrupt image situation just once (enough for me to make this thread) and played it safe by deleting the .wim file and restoring a backup and THEN rename the file. Even if you delete and restore, DISM will tell you the image is already mounted. If you rename it, then it can be mounted again to a new location. So just a word of caution for anyone using multiple ADK or DISMs on the same system to service images.
  12. So whenever I go into a fullscreen video, such as YouTube or Vessel, the start menu button showing. This is the same for border-less windowed games as well. The weird thing is that it just started happening a few days ago, after owning this program for 1 or so years. Is there any way this can be fixed and if not can this be patched? I hope I'm posting this to the right place. Thanks
  13. We know the bug in Windows 8.1 in certain dialogues (When delete a file/folder, copy…) Exploring a bit I discovered that deleting all icons size 256x256px in imageres.dll (and replace it) the bug go away. But it is exhausting eliminate about 300 icons for any app/soft. Any interested in investigating this error and solved? Another way to fix it's set the display/screen size (dpi) to 200% (maximum) , but it 's all a bit bigger in sight. * Sorry for my english.
  14. Hi there, I have a problem with Aero Glass 1.3.1 for Windows 8.1+. It's absolutly not working for me. Window buttons like close, minimize etc. are bugged and windows are white or black. The "window name" is displaying bad too. I'm using Win 10 technical preview build 9879. Because screenshot was so big, I've uploaded it to pasteboard, there is it: http://pbrd.co/1sKBJdr I was trying to reinstall it a lot of times, still this problem. Anyone who know how to fix this?
  15. So, I'm using Bearwindows's VBEMP 9x driver on Windows 98. I was installing a driver for another piece of hardware that I have, when the installer decided to open up a DOS box and gave me the funny colors on the screen. Usually I can press Alt+Enter to enter full screen and work around the bug, but not this time. I tried closing out the window with Alt+F4 and minimizing all windows with WinKey+D, and nothing worked. Every time I reboot, the box pops up again right after I log in, and messes up my screen, so I can't see anything of what's going on. I tried to reboot into safe mode and disable the VBEMP driver, but safe mode disables not only my graphics driver, but my mouse and keyboard drivers along with it, so I can't do anything. Any workarounds? I know I can set the DOS prompt to open in full screen, but I forgot about it. Is there a way to temporarily disable the graphics driver while in DOS mode?
  16. http://unattended.msfn.org/ is giving a 403.
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