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  1. Still no joy for me using your suggestion! I also find in the Optional updates that KB2830477 is problematic & won't integrate using Dism or following using Setupcomplete.cmd post install!!
  2. Sounds good as the majority of the ones mentioned above are problematic!! I can't even get Dino's latest release to even start on 3 of my PC's!!
  3. You have given me an idea with setupcomplete.cmd using Dism! More testing to be done!!
  4. Guessing your using a fresh source to integrate all other MSU's before installing the offending patch in setucomplete.cmd? As I just tried putting it last in the list to no avail!! Boy am starting to hate MS!!
  5. Ok thanks for your suggestion, will try now as the last msu in the setupcomplete.cmd
  6. Still no good for me! KB2993651 still showing on WU!!
  7. Ok will do a VM test now dropping the wusa.exe & will post back directly.
  8. No it won't integrate to an image although Dism says it has 100%! I tried also with setupcomplete.cmd to no avail either? Would like a solution for this fix also? I posted this in another thread just a few days ago too!! http://www.msfn.org/board/topic/162386-which-updates-to-exclude-from-slipstreaming-into-win7-x64-sp1/#entry1088568 post #11
  9. Know it's an old topic, though is there any preferred order to install these non-integrateable fixes? I'm using this to install on my W7x64 sp1 image with setupcomplete.cmd Windows6.1-KB2993651-x64.msu doesn't seem to install?
  10. Pretty simple really the log is not created cause the program "fails to start correctly" It installs but fails on start!! I tried it on a VM with win 7sp1x64 still same error?
  11. Thanks Dino for your new prog. Using the free version having trouble running it following installation. "Application unable to start correctly (0xc000007b) click ok to close application" Running on W7 sp1x64?
  12. Was too busy last month & missed your update but have the latest one today! Thank you Steven
  13. Hi Guys Recently having problems with running my UA creations testing in Virtual box, had similar problem approx. 18 months ago though had dodgy HD swapped that out & ok. Basically stalls at starting windows following the registry settings phase prior to desktop!! If I run the install without the UA xml ans file will produce a desktop no probs!! If I run a live install with the same UA xml ans file on the same PC it fully installs without incident?? Am I overlooking something else here?

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