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  1. Just checked my win 7 which was made from a previous Vista xml & was all uppercase, my modified win 7 one used for current win 10 is same.
  2. Using the current 10 build & also prompts for the network nag, also asks to confirm Region setting & Keyboard whilst both is included in my xml. Has anyone else noticed this?
  3. RuonOnce EX in ISO of Windows 10

    How are you calling your RunOnceEx.cmd? What file does it depend on?
  4. Add Right click .wim Windows 10

    Thanks Max I will give this a go! Cheers
  5. Pdf Factory 240

    Hello guys been a while though I'm still using this program now 5.35, though on W7x64 any way to silently install UA to get around the nag screen on the LLC drivers?
  6. Python script to GUI

    Have been using a cmd line flash tool prog. built with python 1 packaged into an exe. Don't possess any program skills myself but wondering if is possible to migrate it to autoit as a gui? link to prog: http://1337vending.com/vzclustermod-030beta.zip
  7. Very easy to change a previous working xml from Win 7 or W8.1. Any deprecated settings can easily be identified using the WSIM. I have posted many working xml's in the unattended sections previously.
  8. W10 answer file

    Running win 7 x64 & MS say it is ok to use Win 7 as a host to use Win 10. I cleaned up my rig today & ran sfc /scannow command & voila immediately had the latest WSIM working flawlessly. There are many previous settings deprecated now in Win 10. Have made great progress & will do more vigorous testing.
  9. W10 answer file

    Thanks Trip, Have not modified my image at all straight from the MS creation tool. Have added some specialize passes. will do some more testing with computer name.
  10. W10 answer file

    Yes, though I manually ran setup with no problems. With a minimal xml it will go straight through to desktop no problem.
  11. W10 answer file

    Hi Trip Having difficulties validating with my wim image. As WSIM refuses to open any of my wim's. Can open my xml's for basic checking though errors when trying to associate with them.
  12. W10 answer file

    Always put mine in the root. Few have said put it in sources, but have no trouble setup finding it the root.
  13. W10 answer file

    Update Have reworked my xml appears previous "specialize pass" settings not operating with W10! If I remove those passes it works. Any recommendations are appreciated.
  14. W10 answer file

    Mods could you please merge this to the Win 10 unattended section?