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  1. KB2993651

    Yes for source I am using the X17-59465 iso. Then all I do is simply integrate all the hotfixes (see file attached - notice it also include the KB2993651.cab) + IE11 (and updates). Very basic autounattend.xml and the setupcomplete.cmd (see file attached). SetupComplete.cmd hotfixes.txt
  2. KB2993651

    Here is what I do: - Use only dism from batch file, no external tool or anything - I also 'integrate' the hotfix, which is not sufficient as we know, but I not removed it from the integration - I run the hotfix from setupcomplete.cmd as the very last command
  3. KB2993651

    Yes, no integration for me then, so will just run the msu with setupcomplete.cmd: start /wait %CDROM%\POST\Windows6.1-KB2993651-x64.msu /quiet /norestart MC: this works for me, not using the wusa.exe but execute the file instead. you need a reboot after first initialization though, but ok. Edited: I just noticed that I also 'integrated' the hotfix, maybe this is needed for it to work, I have not tested, i leave you the honor
  4. Is it possible to integrate KB2993651 hotfix? Normal integration does not work and I tried to run at T13 with following command, but also no success: start /wait dism.exe /Online /Add-Package /PackagePath:%CDROM%\POST\KB2993651\Windows6.1-KB2993651-x64.cab /Quiet /NoRestart WU still give this update to install.
  5. Just small thing, the Silverlight is still downloading old version (5.0.61118.0) - new released version 5.1.10411.0 is available now (May 8 2012)
  6. PENetCfg or PENetwork

    These are both tools to add network support to Windows PE, but I wonder if they can be used with an installed Windows XP SP3. The reason I ask is, I want to boot Windows XP SP3 but change some settings before booting is completed, such as, the Computer Name, the NIC IP settings and things like that. With Windows PE there are scripts available, but I have no idea when to load this on a normal installation. I figured out already that a User Profile script is simply running too late during boot process and will not allow changes such as Computer Name (you will need another reboot for that). I know I can use those network tools inside Windows XP too, but how do I use them to change settings before Windows XP is booted? and if this is not possible with these tools, then what approach should I take? Thanks for all suggestions!
  7. Basically I am trying to find out which updates can NOT be integrated in a win7 x64 dvd: 1) .Net updates - I see some silent installers for this, is it impossible to integrate in the sources? Also, which installer has slipstreamed all the updates, also .net 4 2) Definition updates windows defender, i think you can put those files somewhere on the win7 dvd, but where and how? 3) IE9, if I would include this as an update, can I a) ommit updates for IE8 (i guess I can, but I don't know if they are needed prior to installing IE9) B) if you install the IE9 update from WU, then it will download all updates too, which are needed if I want to integrate them? 4) Malicious software removal tool, I just run this Post Install? Or what is best way so not to get this update mentioned? 5) Any other special updates to mention which cannot be integrated? Links to the posts is more than sufficient if already answered! ThanX!