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  1. I expanded the original i386 folder into wnpe or whatever you want to call it. When you Hex edit the vol1.dat etc try in uppercase eg I386 instrad of i386 There are plenty of boot menus out there you need to look for them.
  2. I have just slipstreamed sp3 to xp office. Do I need to update my existing mst file for unattended?
  3. Well I have checked through both boot files & appear to be OK. Just a matter of interest I tried installing both 98 & ME on my dvd E drive & both refused to install. I rebooted the same disc in my dvd d drive & both booted OK. Has anyone noted the same condition using flyakites guide.
  4. Certain this image is from a single 1.44mb floppy of 98se. I have basically followed Chris guide, I had trouble with his downloadable bootdisks recently with the 2k one seemed to be missing files then I produced the boot files using Goshs method with no problems.
  5. Please find my Autoexec.bat & Config. sys files @ECHO OFF set EXPAND=YES SET DIRCMD=/O:N set LglDrv=27 * 26 Z 25 Y 24 X 23 W 22 V 21 U 20 T 19 S 18 R 17 Q 16 P 15 set LglDrv=%LglDrv% O 14 N 13 M 12 L 11 K 10 J 9 I 8 H 7 G 6 F 5 E 4 D 3 C cls call setramd.bat %LglDrv% set temp=c:\ set tmp=c:\ path=%RAMD%:\;a:\;%CDROM%:\ copy command.com %RAMD%:\ > NUL set comspec=%RAMD%:\command.com copy extract.exe %RAMD%:\ > NUL copy readme.txt %RAMD%:\ > NUL :ERROR IF EXIST ebd.cab GOTO EXT echo Please insert Windows 98 Startup Disk 2 echo. pause GOTO ERROR :EXT %RAMD%:\extract /y /e /l %RAMD%: ebd.cab > NUL echo The diagnostic tools were successfully loaded to drive %RAMD%. echo. LH %ramd%:\MSCDEX.EXE /D:mscd001 /L:%CDROM% echo. cls echo Now installing Windows 98 SE echo. echo Loading... path=%RAMD%:\;a:\;%CDROM%:\SETUP\98SE\ SETUP.EXE echo. GOTO QUIT :QUIT echo To get help, type HELP and press ENTER. echo. rem clean up environment variables set CDROM= set LglDrv= files=10 buffers=10 dos=high,umb stacks=9,256 lastdrive=z device=himem.sys /testmem:off device=oakcdrom.sys /D:mscd001 device=btdosm.sys device=flashpt.sys device=btcdrom.sys /D:mscd001 device=aspi2dos.sys device=aspi8dos.sys device=aspi4dos.sys device=aspi8u2.sys device=aspicd.sys /D:mscd001 devicehigh=ramdrive.sys /E 2048 Any advice mostly appreciated.
  6. Thanks for your input I'll check these in both my bootdisks pretty sure theyre right but you never know.
  7. Aaron, thanks for the quick reply
  8. Sorry to butt in but you can down load them directly off Goshs site. If not pm me with your details & i'll send them to you. Fastest response from the forum yet! No problem "butting in"! I had a hard time finding them on Gosh's site, but finally found them due to your confirmation that they should be there (somewhere!). Thanks! Just use any of the dat files, change name & Hex as required.
  9. Sorry to butt in but you can down load them directly off Goshs site. If not pm me with your details & i'll send them to you.
  10. I just slipstreamed the current service pack to an already post service pack two office cd. Just wondering what size this should be mine is approx 624mb & only appeared to be about 4mb larger than the source?
  11. No, but you could be onto it the seagate HD has been operating a little weird of late. Ill try swapping drives & see if that helps. NickB834 you were spot on with the HD it appears this ones knackered. Thanks for your input.
  12. The particular machine has a cd burner as d & dvd rom as e, generally no trouble booting off either one. My original machine that i made the dvd off has two dvd burners.
  13. Partition magic seems to give errors when I use it with Diskemu. I have included it as a plug in with the Bart pe & seems to work fine.
  14. My unattended XP DVD freezes just after booting the VOL2.DAT this seems to happen when setup is looking for previous windows installations screen? Anyone had this problem? Any thoughts to where I may be going wrong?
  15. Just on the spnotes.htm how critical are these? If so how do you incorporate both the XP sp notes & 2k spnotes both the same name in the root of the DVD?
  16. I have sucessfully created the Multi DVD with XP Pro & Home, 2K, 98 SE & ME. Only problem I see if I use this disk on another box say I boot it up on the DVD E drive both 98se & ME complain it cannot find the setup on drive D. When I do this on my machine DVD drive D its works fine how can I overcome this problem?
  17. Hi If you follow the excellent guides & this forum & use the correct material you won't have a problem.
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