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  1. Yes had a similar problem & normally use Winrar to extract the Iso, however the easiest way to overcome is use a virtual disc soft like magic disc or the like which gives a virtual DVD drive to mount the Iso & then simply copy the files etc. Good luck with it!
  2. Thanks Rick, can you recommend anything else that can safely be removed from 8.1?. So far loving this OS over previous ver. W8!
  3. Since using 8.1 are removing as much bloat as possible with the latest ADK. So far is working smoother than previous ADK's here's my removal list: So far I haven't broke functionality. Though more testing required! If anyone has any further to add please chime in?
  4. Yeah Max noticed some extras appx compared to W8, though ended up removing them all.
  5. Have been testing 8.1 & found package listing is different from W8 Here's my clip. To work with 8.1 you will need the latest ADK. Here's a list of what packages I removed this far.
  6. Max, with a lic'd copy of W8 are we able to update to 8.1 without cost?
  7. I don't understand why MS publish MSU updates that are available to my system that will not using Their Tool "Dism" that supposed to do the integration! What is the problem with their product???
  8. Little off topic but now Nuhi has returned we look forward to an updating in Liting both W7 & W8 perhaps?
  9. Great to see you back Nuhi! Both your NLite & VLite are very few 3rd party tools Ive used that actually do work as stated! :thumbup
  10. Thanks, just interrogated my system & have deleted my most recent logs, will be sure to save following the next integration!
  11. Thanks Trip I like to int most Sec & Non Sec msu's incl Net, though don't require Wind Def or MRT fixes. Have up to date as of last patch Tues. fixes less the ones in the pic I posted above.
  12. Have noticed more & more patches lately that won't integrate offline applied to an image! Dism says it integrated 100% but still shows on WU?? See image attached understand there are a few non MSU fixes there that I don't care to integrate though there are many others that I do! Am I overlooking something here? If so please chime in.
  13. Does your install.wim have only one edition? eg image 1 "Windows 8.1 Pro Preview" If it has more than one you can use Dism to export to a single wim.
  14. @Steven Sorry to hear about your recent health scare, hope you are OK? Look forward to hearing from you.
  15. Hi Mike Tried your suggestion though it invokes the installer momentarily & then immediately shuts the program down. You mention good point of the "setup.log" as it writes to the same Dir as it was run. Thinking then the prog may fail if ran from non writable media? More testing to do!

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