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  1. an assortment of msi switches can be made
  2. Anyone aware of my msi installer I made for this program and had it posted on here for download like 2 years ago? XL-DJK's Reshacker msi installer
  3. It sounds to me like you'll ultimately have to do a full end format////consider using a Linux based formatter or do a Low Level format. You should bea able to get access to the drive thru Disk Management as well. If you CAN access the drives, of course you'll want to do a full diskcopy before formatting
  4. Turns out the whole time i had bad drivers. Went and bought a new burner and the same thing happened but when I did a reformat and re-install, all worked fine! :S at least the new burner didn't cost much!
  5. Installshield 2008 Premier for me. buddy of mine uses Visual Studio2005 Professional
  6. I'm using Windows XP with VistaCodec Pack 4.4.8...I've tested this on my PIII system and it burned fine...here's a pic with Nero:
  7. Hey guys, I have a stck of blank CD's till up to now I have been able to burn onto. Tried a buddy of mine's blank CD and the same thing happens: CD Reads Copyrighted and not blank but IS blank! I get this error for ANY CD burning software I use inCLUDING MediaPlayer 11's plugin! Anyone know what's going on ? My burner is: HL-DT-ST DVD-RAM GSA-H50N
  8. I have an issue similar to this.....I had vista loaded and occasionally plugged in extra harddrives for access. but when I try to access these extra harddrives thru XP, i can't get access.....the drives go all funky and freeze the boot up......SOME of the harddrives I've been able to gain access to thru Safemode, but not even BartPE can get me access to them
  9. K, I made a cd copy of my hologram (original) Home Edition Copy of XP and loaded it....ran just as fast thru the startup as it normally would, but I noticed my SP2 + hotfix integrated CD takes for EVER to load in the same process. I am completely baffled as to why this is ComeOn guys, SOMEbody comment on this......................please.....
  10. I'm currently using a BFG nVidia GeForce7600 GS OC 512MB AGP, but I hear the PCI E counterpart is just as incredibly powerful. PRICE: $140 CA Yeah , I'm still stuck on AGP, never did do the MB upgrade I wanted, but will SOON!
  11. yeah really, when all is said and done, my system need exactly 147 updates....takes me 1hr 30min just to downlaod and install all those friggin updates.....drives me completely bonkers! I wish they'd crank that SP3 out, jeez!
  12. Hey guys... I integrated every hotfix i could via the integrate method and left the rest of the hotfixes which don't work under the integrate method out of this ISO....made it a CD ISO and even tried a DVD ISO....when I load the ISO into VirtualPC, it takes for what seems like forEVER to go thru the initial Dark Blue setup screen of installing drivers and whatnot.........when it restarts to reload to show the winntbu screen and count from 36min, the screen doesn't fully initialize! It shows the light blue background......shows a "I'm thinking" cursor......lasts for 10seconds and then restarts.....what the heck's going on?!?!?!? Just to add to this......I've done a memory test as links suggest to do per relation to this topic.....memory checks fine
  13. you guys rock, I really appreciate all the input given so far

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