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  1. No, we used DVDs until we switched to flash drives.
  2. I'm trying to configure the unattended so that a profile is made with all neccessary settings in place. This works, but on the first boot, windows logs in as Administrator, and then allows me to log in as the user I created after a reboot. I've tried changing the AutologonCount to 0, but that only keeps windows from automatically loggin on as Admin, or in other words, prompts me to enter the Administrator password. Thanks for the help, Kevin
  3. If I right-click on "Computer", select "Properties", then try to click on "Device Manager" in the left column, nothing happens. I see the circular hourglass replacement thing for a fraction of a second, but it doesn't do anything. However, I can click on "Advanced system settings", select the "Hardware" tab, and get to the device manager that way. I have installed Vista on four other computers using the same disc, and none of them have this problem. I know this isn't REALLY a problem, considering I can still get to the device manager, but I would like to know what's going on. Thanks for the help, Kevin
  4. Thanks nightthief. I had asked the same question on the eVGA forums after posting here on the chance that it's a card-specific thing and got the same answer. Nevertheless, you're right
  5. I just put together a computer with an E6600, a 8800GTS, and 2GB of ram. Whenever I try to rate the system, It just ends up with a 1, greyed out, saying "new hardware detected". The processor, ram, and hard drive rate correctly, but both ratings for the video card show up as 1.0. Aero works, and the driver for the video card is installed, so what could be going on?
  6. What happens if a newer version of an update were to come out and be integrated, for example, anti-whatever tools, definition updates, etc. Is the installation smart enough to install updates in the order they were created, or could something get FUBAR'ed?
  7. There is a workaround that I've found. Install bartpe on a usb flash drive so that you can boot off of it. Then, get Windows Server 2003 SP1 PE and make it an iso. Delete the bartpe.iso on your flash drive, replacing it with the iso you made from the Windows Server PE, and rename it to bartpe.iso. This Windows PE, version 1.6, supports installing Vista from PE, and boots just as bartpe would. If your computer only boots using USB 1.1, loading the Windows Server 2003 PE (renamed to bartpe.iso of course) can take upwards of 20 minutes. But, it works
  8. Thanks, that works perfectly! Booting off of the WinPE 2.0 disc I made and pointing it to setup.exe on the flash drive is just what I needed. Thanks again.
  9. Thanks for the tip; I've removed the autorun.inf from my USB drive, as it's not needed
  10. I have two monitors and Ultramon, and can easily take a picture and stretch it across the screens. But, I have no idea how I can span DreamScene. Anybody have any ideas?
  11. Have you tried booting off of the Vista DVD and using "Repair"? You might get lucky.

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