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  1. ive tried it through automatic update, through the site, it does the same thing everytime, im trying to install k-lite codec pack but it say it needs the latest direct x, everytime i try and install it it gives me "Setup could not download this file. please retry later or check network connection" there is obviously nothing wrong with my network connection because im posting this now,im on Sp4 2000 if that helps,i currently have no firewall because its a fresh install, and im just updating everything on it before i install all my other stuff, if anyone knows how to fix this it would be much appreciated
  2. ok so my girlfriend is having net problems, i know nothing about wireless so i have no idea what to do to fix it lol, she is on the internet, than her brother gets on the other computer (its a laptop) if that helps thats on the same router as her, he starts downloading and it kicks her computer offline, and sometimes it doesn't let her connect back online until she takes the power out of her router and dsl modem and plugs it back in. what could be causing this problem?
  3. i was bored so i went looking around for info on sp3 and i found this http://www.bbspot.com/News/2007/01/windows-xp-sp3-vista.html could this be true?
  4. i agree TAiN, but with there answer, they should have an excuse why they think its the most secure, some people say vista is the most secure, but as with somethings, newer isnt always better... like yahoo messenger for example, i upgraded to the new 8.1, its buggy as hell and not very insecure, ive seen somebodys name get taken out of a chat room,just by decoding there cookies, so i downgraded to 7.0.
  5. i use tune up utilities 2007 it does more than just defrag, i highly reccommend buying it B)
  6. HOW TO REMOVE INTERNET EXPLORER FROM WINDOWS 2000 AT INSTALL and/or HOW TO CREATE A FULLY PATCHED WINDOWS 2000 AT INSTALL (with IE 5 or 6, you pick) Service Pack 5 Version service pack 5?? is there a sp5 on 2000? or is that a typo? that confused me lol
  7. http://www.ipodlinux.org/Main_Page how cool would it be, playing your music on your ipod with the windows media player visualizations, if linux could do it, do you think anybody could get windows to work on it? lol, im sure these newer one's could support it, because you can use them as external hard drives, mines 30gb and im always transfering files between computers with it, haha id love to use paint on the ipod linux has even got the classic game Doom ported to ipod
  8. i had that same problem, my computer was due for a reformat anyways so i just reformatted haha, i wont install IE7 again, gave me nothing but problems, its kept freezing up on me, i dont have that problem with IE6 i realy dont see the point in microsoft makeing all there new software graphical, they could at least have an option for it to use the old skin on it, for the people with slower computers. oh and i removed it through cpanel, rebooted, than it said i needed to reboot again to finish the uninstall when i clicked the IE6, so i rebooted yet again, and it said the same thing when i clicked the IE6 setup, it annoyed me that much that i just reformated. im lucky i didnt have anything important on it lol
  9. thanks for the welcome neo
  10. 9 days till i get speed back maybe if i let it load over night i can watch it in the morning lmfao, capped net blows
  11. has it got sound? lol, my nets capped so i have very slow speeds haha, i saved it in favs for when i get speed back, i liked number 1, cant remember if ive seen number 2 lol, the wet shirt scene in the rain with Kirsten Dunst is classic <3 haha
  12. im running that too and not realy having any problems, but if sp3 comes out like it supposed to next year, wont be up to date for long lol
  13. well its 3.07am and im introducing myself to you guys lol, i live in australia, i have all my life, im 20 years old, i probably know more about computers than most 20 year olds do, ive been a windows user ever since windows 95 (back in the olden days) haha, i got my alias from mortal kombat just like to say its a great site/forum, ive learnt so much already and ive only been on this site about 3 or 4 times, (its now my homepage) anyways thanks for the great site
  14. what do you think the most secure windows is? in my opinion, windows 2000 is, reason because, every operating system has bugs/exploits in it, when they first come out hackers (the good kind, as i said in this post http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=95141 ) find the bugs and report these bugs/exploits, and they get patched with hotfixes and service packs, 2000 is on its 4th service pack so im sure its pretty **** secure lol, i used to be a windows 2000 user, than XP came out, i wait at least a year and a half before i got it, cause it only just came out and it would be full of bugs/exploits, im gonna do the same with vista, but first ill need to get a better computer for that lol, anyways that just my opinion, whats yours?
  15. ouch all paid scripts looks like im gonna have to start saving up, thank you for the fast reply xper

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