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  1. I'm referring more to the likes of standard stock laptops that you'd buy from best buy, fries, and so on. And, again it's personal preference. There may or may not be, but i'm perfectly content with the way my machine runs at this point. And there's really no need for antivirus in OS10.4, the only time someone get's a so called 'virus' is when the user does something stupid and ignorant. And, that is nice to know that microsoft is continuing to support 2000, cause for awhile, they're support was going downhill... Try turning the sensitivity down. And yes, there's still some bugs in leopard f
  2. Sorry for the bump but... Actually, I happen to own a mac, an older g4 600mhz imac, and it is perfectly capable of running up through os 10.4.X (i'm running the latest version of tiger, and this old machine is faster than most newer PCs i've seen O_O) It's 10.5 which was designed for intel, which is not meant to be installed on such a machine. However, it is very possible to install snow leopard onto a ppc cpu, however, it is not wise to do so on anything under 800mhz overclocked. And, this 12 year old mac, is running the second latest apple OS out there, which is still supported, along with
  3. Linux is actually very powerful now, I wouldnt be surprised if one of these days in the next few years, that there may be a much wider distribution of it. Open source, now that's the way to go [/offtopic]
  4. Thanks, I'll check it tomorrow when I go in to work in the morning. Is there something specific that I should be looking for?
  5. nvm... had a post written, but didn't read the whole topic, rendering my post irrelevant.
  6. Check the license sticker, see what OS you need, most likely it will be xp home or xp pro. it should say on the sticker. Once you know what OS you need, you can try using someone else's disk, and just use your license, or you can purchase a disk from microsoft or other retail vendor. Once you get the cd, boot from it, reformat the drive, (try NTFS) then install using your license from there. (/your license indicating his license) It shouldnt matter where you get the disk, as long as its the right version, however, you will need to install the drivers onto the computer manually if you use an OE
  7. Your welcome. Make sure you check with your IT department before deleting anything that you're not sure of though, otherwise, you may end up with an expensive paperweight for awhile. hehe Woohoo! another IT pro in the making!
  8. Try this application, to trace where those files are: http://www.jam-software.com/freeware/TreeSizeFree.zip Also, if it's a company computer, why not swing it by your IT department and see if they can do something with it. But either way, I strongly would suggest a backup / reinstall to retain full disk functionality. It's always good to reformat once in awhile, and get a clean system running again.
  9. Thanks, I'll try that now. ~EDITS~ It hangs on safe mode too, right as the progress bar reaches the end... Is there a way to view everything manually? (like on a mac, you can press a keystroke, and it displays all the processes that are running as it boots) ~EDITS~ I tried booting with the 'boot logging' enabled, and it booted lightning fast with no errors :/ ~EDITS~ Cannot duplicate the 'lightning fastness' of teh first bootup with logging enabled.. I tried it again, and it was way slow again... ~EDITS~ I stuck the windows xp cd into the disk drive, and booted, but didnt hit the boot from cd
  10. Ok, so I got a Dell GX280, I upgraded the drive and the ram, updated the bios, installed XP on it. I rebooted a few times and everything was working great, installed a few small apps, like yahoo, and a few other apps, restarted, still doing good. Then I ran microsoft update... ran the update. Now when I restart, on boot-up, I get about a 5 minute black screen, then the login screen, then when I try to log in, everything hangs for another 5 minutes or so... Anybody got any suggestions that I could try to remove this delay?
  11. Hmm... I'd recommend a backup + reformat of your drive, and see if that retains full functionality/space from it. Really the recovery partition isn't needed, because (you should) have the XP disk... What have you been using the laptop for? Intensive use? Has there been lots of crashing applications recently? It could be that a few of your log files may have gotten huge.
  12. i was trying to connect my G4 IMac to the internet through my laptop's internet connection, when i messed up a setting somewhere, when i check my wireless network status, it says 'manually configured' somewhere along the line, i messed up both that and my firewall, i restored my firewall to default settings, but i can't figure out how to fix my network connection it still says that i'm connected to the network, but if i go to IE, or my server drive, i get 'this page cannot be displayed' crap is there anybody who can help?
  13. nope, t1 line, it never brings up the activation screen at all, i did use a oem retail disk, but it also was xp home, and i just told it to archive and install
  14. it doesn't even give the option, logs in, shows the background, then logs out, no window, no nothing
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