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  1. I do have the PROXHTTPSPROXYMII and i got the strange 10054 error any thoughts to avoid it?(maxthon


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      Maxthon has generic WEBGL 2.0 support because is based on CHROMIUM

      69 (WEBGL 2.0 in CHROMIUM is supported since version 56)but because of that has also good WEBASSEBLY support witch is another technology and this makes pages to be more compatible.

      360 Extreme Explorer is the best browser ever they told me this in the site
      but i couldn't believe them (i thought that firefox was the best) but when

      i managed to run 360 Extreme Explorer then i saw the difference.

      In order to reply directly to your question "how i managed to use
      Webgl 2.0" it seams that this browser (i know a little more english)

      doesn't have the glitches that other browsers have in order to run 

      software with a lot of prerequisites.








      I want to ask a question about WSUS till what version supports windows XP?




    4. Dave-H


      Please don't carry on with any further questioning on this status feed.
      As a moderator I've let it go up until now, but it's not actually the place to do it!
      If you want to ask me something away from the open forum, please send me a PM.
      Thanks, Dave.

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