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  1. So any news that the final version is going to be released to the public? Since that SP1 for Vista is out already I assume that SP3 for XP isn't that far from behind. Microsoft made us wait like 4 years since the release of SP2, unbelievable.
  2. So did this SP improve any performance or what? Anything thats good?
  3. Why I hate Vista? I've posted this before, and I'll post it again. I hate it because its slow, a memory resource hog (Which is the main reason why I hate it so much), has a lot of issues, and its impossible for you to copy huge files and file copying takes longer than previous Windows which is even more annoying. The folder layout is just horrible and the toolbar looks ugly. I'll wait till Windows 7 comes out, hopefully that won't disappoint and by that time Microsoft would have learned their lesson.
  4. Looks exactly like Windows Vista. Of course, I remember the first alpha builds of Vista the UI looked exactly like Windows XP, so I;m not surprised.
  5. I hope this operating system will be better than Vista, though I think 2009 is a bit too early. Lets hope Microsoft learned their lesson this time and make an operating system that is less bloated and more efficient. But whatever, if the money is in for them.... fine by me.
  6. Yeah, I think a GTS or a GTX will definately kill 2 8600. Don't even bother SLI a mid range card, not going to help much. Saves time and money (Sorta). I was planning on getting a 8600 GT myself, but I'm glad I got a 8800 GTS which is even better.
  7. The problem I have with Gears Of War is that it keeps crashing randomly which is annoying. When will Epic release more patches to fix this? I installed the latest patch 1.1 and the game still crashes. A buggy game release and they didn't even bother doing enough testing before releasing it.
  8. I installed it, didn't increase any performance at all. But it probably depends what kind of PC you have. And I'm using the latest drivers as well, but not the BETA.
  9. I prefer BluRay because it has higher capacity than HD-DVD, but the only flaw about BluRay is the regional incompatibility crap.
  10. I had Windows Vista, but I got rid of it because it drove me made, because it was a memory eater which really bothered me. I hated it how it takes forever just to open certain programs, files and folders, and copying files was a pain in the a** as well. Well, hopefully SP1 will increase and improve performance. Seriously, if I had to choose to use Windows ME or Vista, I think I'll go for ME. It was less annoying.
  11. I heard these are going to be the specs for the 9800 GTX: * Codename: G100/D9E * 55nm process * ~1800 million transistors * 650MHz core clock * 2000MHz shader clock * 1024MB 2000MHz 512-bit GDDR3 (128GB/s) * 32 render output units * 96 texture filtering units * 384 shader processors Isn't the GX2 meant to be faster or what?
  12. The specs look average I guess. Except the video card ain't too great but if you aren't doing any gaming then its fine I guess.
  13. I rather see the 9800 GTX coming out instead, heard its coming out on February but we'll see. The 8500 GT isn't a very good card anyway, and I don't see 1GB doing to much either.
  14. I did the same thing with my motherboard, I flashed it with the wrong BIOS and it screwed everything up. Luckily it didn't cost me too much to replace it. Since then I haven't even updated the BIOS, no need. And one time I brought a video card, worked for a week and fired everything after that because the card was a bit too powerful for my old computer.
  15. I'll install Vista again when SP1 comes out. I had to go back to XP because of all the annoying bugs and its stupid features. Hopefully Microsoft will improve it when SP1 comes out if they want us to use Vista. I only like Vista because of Directx10 only.
  16. I ran it and it said pass. I performed all the tests and the computer is still playing up. It either freezes, or restarts or gives me a blue screen of death.
  17. Just got this game, pretty good. Graphics look quite nice too, though it didn't look as nice on the box, guess thats for Directx 10 for Vista I suppose. Would have been better if they had an anti aliasing option to get rid of those ugly edges on the graphics.
  18. I got this annoying problem. When my computer freezes I always notice the hard drive light is always on red. And when I mean my computer freezes it just sits there, can't even move the mouse. So is this a hardware problem or a driver/software problem? Please help, thanks.
  19. If you asked me Norton being in the top 10 is just ridiculous. In the 10 worst ten would be most likely. I use Avast and its good.
  20. NVIDIA hasn't even released much details about the 9800 GTX so I wouldn't get my hopes up. Sure it looks like a great card, but I wonder when NVIDIA is going to release it. If they want customers and money so bad, why delay the release?
  21. I voted all the options no, only my siblings and I use my computer and they aren't going to mess up anything. Why even bother, its a pain to type in a password.
  22. Well, the retail version is out. Does anybody know if the full game has better performance than the demo? I'm curious to find out here.

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