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  1. Done. Check the first page. The only thing I did was to download the source, change .NET version in project properties and build
  2. I've uploaded 1.4.7 which just adds credits to Aviv00. I've noticed how bad/messy/un-organised the code is. So if anyone is interested, I'm willing to tidy it up a bit? Possibly add a GUI to it (but still have the same commands).
  3. Great to see you back Nuhi! How have things been?
  4. v1.3.0.93 Release Candidate has been released. A lot has changed since v1.3.0.52Beta *^Set Product key has been added to WIM Manager *^Unattended option has been removed from All-In-One tool *^New Unattended method for WIM Manager *^WIM Manager now shows Make ISO & Rebuild by default *^WIM Manager let's you switch from Tool <> WIM Manager and visa-versa. *^FIX: *.theme files now integrates it's folder if detected *^FIX: W7T will now detect SWM files *^WIM Manager tooltips will now show wim location *^SWM Merge Tool has been added to merge *.swm files *^FIX: .theme was integrated as .theme.theme extension *^Added warning when wanting to set .theme as default theme. *^FIX: Some All-In-One buttons remained visible/enabled after pressing start *^FIX: All-In-One hanged after finishing *^FIX: All-In-One could not load/save last session properly *^FIX: WIM Manager now unloads mounted hives when checking for mounted images *^All-In-One Tool no longer switches tabs depending on what task it is doing *^Options to disable main screen aero glass *^You can now integrate .theme files *^TWEAK:Disable Recycle Bin *^TWEAK:Hide Recycle Bin *^TWEAK:Disable Enhanced Pointer Precision *^TWEAK:IE-Reset Text Size(New Tabs) *^TWEAK:IE-Disable Accelerator *^TWEAK:IE-Enable Third Party Components *^TWEAK:IE-Remove Bing Search Provider *^TWEAK:IE-Set Google as Search Provider *^TWEAK:IE-Disable Default Browser Check *^TWEAK:IE-Disable First Run Customize *^TWEAK:IE-Clear History on Exit *^TWEAK:IE-Enable Suggested Sites *^TWEAK:IE-Reset Zoom Level (New Tabs) *^TWEAK:IE-Enable 'Caret' Browsing *^TWEAK:IE-Remove Links Bar *^TWEAK:IE-Remove 'Favourites' Menu from IE *^TWEAK:IE-Enable Saving Encrypted Pages to Disk *^FIX:Registry Hive Mounter did not mount hives before importing *^FIX:Tooltips on Tools Manager did not show if 'Downloads' Tab was hidden *^FIX:Tools Manager did not show glass effect *^Option to force AIO drivers as x86/x64/Mix by a blank text file in driver folder. *^Made a few modifications to the sort bar in All-In-One Tool *^Made a few modifications to the Registry Hive Mounter *^SoLoR Updates tool has been enhanced *^W7T now uses newer folder browser dialog *^W7T now automatically sorts SoLoR updates *^W7T will now change tab in AIO depending on what's being worked on *^All-In-One Tool will now reset all lists after completion *^All-In-One Tool now gives the option to download KB2581464 for USB Tweak *^Added option to set default theme in All-In-One Tool *^FIX: Issue loading Wim_Default *^FIX: Updates-bf.mum where not installed *^Progress add for presets in All-In-One Tool *^You can now double click updates in All-In-One Tool to show support website *^FIX: W7T was no longer prompting for admin access *^FIX: Hopefully fixed issue if importing registry files *^FIX: Some issues unmounting images *^FIX: Hopefully fixed an issue unmounting image with Registry Hive Mounter *^FIX: Issue with Language Pack Converter *^FIX: Issue with rebuilding on CDs and DVDs *^FIX: A few issues with EXE to MSP Converter *^FIX: Could not sort columns in certain cases *^FIX: A few issues with AIO *^FIX: An issue fixing renaming images *^W7T now uses wimgapi to rename images and keeps displayname and displaydescription *^W7T now has reverted back to <Name> and <Description> instead of the display ones *^WIM Splitter you would if you tried to rebuild and image located on CDROM *^FIX: AIO tool did not let you add 'Files' if they had the same name *^Saving AIO Logs now uses 'yyyy-MM-dd' date format *^FIX: Error adding drivers *^FIX: Another fix for theme packs *^Better log reporting for copying/moving files *^Removed message when adding drivers *^W7T won't let you select the system drive when trying to capture an image. *^Capture image shows more details about errors *^FIX: Silly typo causing themepacks not to install *^CAB Installer now accepts MSU files *^CAB Installer renamed to Update Installer *^FIX: 'Change Logon Background' tweak fixed correctly *^FIX: Issue from previous release (AIO Disk Creator) *^New method to integrate drivers for foreign characters *^Option to prevent Windows going to sleep whilst W7T is running *^FIX: Integration of Theme Packs with foreign characters in path *^FIX: Closing Component Removal at startup caused errors *^DisplayName and DisplayDescription will now be used when getting image info *^W7T will set Name and Description to DisplayName and DisplayDescription if available *^Added right click to component list in AIO tool *^Option to shutdown PC on AIO and CAB Installer *^FIX: File in use error when integrating unattended via AIO *^FIX: WIM Manager will now mark image as 'corrupt' if imagex is closed during mount *^FIX: Force Windows Media Player x64 tweak *^FIX: Removed 'hi' debug message *^FIX: 'Change Logon Background' tweak *^FIX: Fixed some of the problems reported on the forum. *^FIX: WIM Manager will properly detect if image is corrupt or not *^FIX: WIM Manager will detect if image is still mounting/unmounting *^FIX: Error integrating Autounattend.xml *^FIX: Addon Maker would crash if a folder did not exist *^FIX: Addon Maker would crash if a file did not exist *^FIX: An error occured in WIM Splitter is selected size is larger than wim size *^FIX: An error occured in WIM Splitter if the selected file did not exist *^Improved Addon Maker code *^W7T will not let you chose a corrupt image. *^W7T will not let you chose an image still being mounted/unmounted *^Added 'Send Bug Report' on main menu *^More logs info for when wim does not mount *^Too much has changes to list (multiple fixes) *^FIX: A GUI glitch on Component Remover *^Further 'Little Things' changes *^More logs for why unmounting fails as these are the only logs i am receiving these days. *^Disabled 'USB Prep Tool' on Windows XP as it doesn't work. *^FIX: Tool tab in main menu not hiding when you select it not to. *^FIX: Massive issue when using the File tab in AIO if the folder you want to copy the file to does not exist. It now creates the folders required. *^NEW: Remove 'Speech Support and Natural Langauge' *^FIX: ISO Maker did not save previous folder and ISO *^Introduced many 'Little Things' UI changes, fixes, corrections, etc... *^USB Boot Prep now detects all USB drives and partitions *^USB Boot Prep now works with individual partitions and more....
  5. v1.3.0.52 Beta has been released, there is actually a topic on W7T main forum for specifically for people to suggest things to remove.
  6. At this time I think not software can do that, but W7T can do an Autounattend.xml! v1.3.0.30 can do that when it's released, just select "AnyCPU" in the list
  7. It used pkgmgr to remove the packages, it's that program that decides to leave the .mum/.cat files in there. It automatically restores default permissions after its made the packages visible. Your problem may be because the 'Owners' key might have been deleted, there is a switch that prevents that but i cant remember what it is.
  8. Yeah there's a bug in v1.4.4, i'll upload the latest version.
  9. If you use v1.4.4, and then after run it again with /h command it will restore all values (Visibility) to default. Done, it will return error code -532459699 This issue was caused because PackagePending subkey could not be found, in v1.4.4 it will just skip this and continue if not found.
  10. Sure, i'll give it a go...
  11. Don't have a clue, ask Microsoft.
  12. v1.3.8, last build of the night released, fixed an issue where it could not remove a package from current windows
  13. yeah if you type install_wim_tweak.exe /p "e:\Mount" /c Microsoft-Windows /r, it will remove every package containing Microsoft-Windows.
  14. It's working exactly how it should. If you want you can just run... install_wim_tweak.exe /p "e:\mount" /c Microsoft-Windows-Security-SPP-Component-SKU /r That should remove them all if you type in Dism.exe /image:E:\mount /get-packages /format:table they should be removed. install_wim_tweak will still list them even if they are removed, as the key still remains in the registry.
  15. 1.3.7, fixed a bug with the package removal, well... i just forgot to add a line of code
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