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    Yes it is Microsoft are releasing this build on February 4 2008 to manufacturing department, I stumbled across this build from an invite from Microsoft. P.S (I shouldn’t say this but CN Server is still active and works against original PID). Image Name: x86fre_Client_en-us-FRMCFRE_EN_DVD

    Finally after a whole year Windows Vista SP1 has become RTM. Public Release should be February 15 or so Screenshot:
  3. BOOT.DAT changing path names

    hi again im not speaking about the SETUPLDR.BIN im Talking about the boot.dat file which points to the I386 folder.
  4. Hi all, i have a problem i want to change the path of my boot directory from: SETUPLDR.BINBOOTFIX.BINI386 to SETUPLDR.BINBOOTFIX.BINXPPC\I386 can this be done ive tried all types of variations? is there a way to add "\" directory to the dat files? any info would be great.
  5. BSCRIPT to accept vista in multiboot

    Thanks for the code it points to the dat file now, but it comes up with error CDBOOT: Couldn't find BOOTMGR. I opened the dat file in hex edit and found that there is this exact error warning in the dat so i need some more help! any info would be great
  6. hi i have just created a AIO-DVD now i want to add vista to it, my idea was to add vista files to a front directory called "VISTA" and have the VISTA.dat file residing in that folder. now in bscript is there a way of pointing to the VISTA.dat file which is not located in main root of disc. FILE STRUCTURE: http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?act=at...st&id=18956 BSCRIPT CODE: VISTA: cls color 0x09 print "\n" print "\n" print " Windows VISTA\n" print "\n" print " 1) Install Windows VISTA\n" print "\n" color 0x0F print " a) Boot to Floppy Drive A:\ (0x00)\n" print " m) Main Menu\n" color 0x0E print "\n" print " Esc) Boot to first hard drive (0x80) [Default]\n" print "\n" color 0x0B print "Choose one: \n" color 0x0F getkey 30 setkey esc onkey 1 goto VAMB VAMB: cd ******************** ***************************************************************** chain VISTA.DAT******** HOW CAN I MODDIFY THIS SECTION TO POINT TO \VISTA\VISTA.DAT? ****** getkey goto exit ANY help would be greatly appreciated.
  7. the REAL xp-sp3 pre-beta (private)

    Hi ive just slipstreamed pre sp3 to xp all worked untill installing the P-Key has been changed and not accepting my cor key. i had to use the default key on disc but as you would probly know its an 30 day activation job. i was reading a post from "ricktendo64" stating that he had to mod some files to accept the cor key. can anyone give me an idea as to how this can be done? matt121@optusnet.com.au thanks.
  8. AIO DVD Cosmetics

    Does anyone have any ideas? any info would be great
  9. AIO DVD Cosmetics

    Hi guys, I'm on the way to finally producing my AIO DVD. I have questions regarding products to use. What is the best DVD +R that has white printable surface and has an A+ storage life? And also what is the type of paper called that all of the retail DVDs use? Any info would be great. Not only for my-self but for others too.
  10. Activation crack

    no worries hacked the vista RC1 beta site and requested a key and activated if you refresh the page twise it give two keys oh yeh sweet full rtm
  11. Activation crack

    thats why im asking for email
  12. Activation crack

    better sooner than later!!!
  13. Windows XP x64 Edition

    Your PM Link is dead could you send through email or MSN?
  14. Windows XP x64 Edition

    Could you post ur DAT & BOOT Folders please cause that would make it easier. thanks in advance