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  1. what progma is the best for building a untended install and intergrated drivers the last 2 tries i have with rt7lite was ok for building the usb drive but not for intergrated the drivers as i kept getting errors i am thinking i really would liketo makea build with a choose you operation system menu for picking what machine in the house we are installing for example X64 windows 7 pro Living Room x6x windows 7 Computer name .... This would be for all 6 systems we have in the house for just the unatended installs and drivers the software would then be deployed over the wired gigabit network
  2. tell ya what i love this program and have like 6 computer here at the house i will buy a licence form you if it is at a resonable price i am collage student doing a social work degree and this software actually helps us out in maintaining out network computers
  3. cani add more variables to wpi? i am want to have a have a variable called %software% this would map to the app server
  4. the file was tips.js and this is not being used in a business just our home lan
  5. I recently build a network boot thumbdrive for installing and recovering windows 7 how would i go about intergrating wpi into this thumbdrive i know how to do the coding for network instalations i would like tohave wpi autolaunch win pe i tryed to open it and got a script error line 223 char: 4 Error The specific module could not be found Code 0
  6. i am wondering if it is time for use to build a actual server here in my house i have the fallowing devices running on the lan 2 laptops 2 desktop work station 1 media center PC with 6tb of file storage 2 network printers 1 network scanner i am wondering if its for a actual storage server with roaming profiles all laptop and desktops have biometrics
  7. I just bought the the wife a ECS IC780m-A2. She is having an issue with windows 7's audio: if she plugs her headset in, it will act like it is it being plugged in and then unplugged, constantly. If we only have a mic or headset by itself they will work... We have gone to realtek and pulled the generic drivers... Has anyone experienced this issue before? She needs her headset for her online classes...
  8. is there anyway to use ninite with wpi and to automatically click close button s we can advance the install with out user intervention i would love to start this unattended tack with wpi and go to bed and have ti all done in the AM
  9. can wpi execute a script with the JavaScript firewall to add 2 blocked programs to the firewall settings
  10. i need some help writing a really simple scrip for blocking 2 programs in in win 7 firewall i have a really basic knowledge of batch scripting here is what i have so far run.bat -netsh -f firewall.cmd firewall.cmd advfirewall import backup.wfw exit pasue we are using WPI for integration
  11. during one of our installers it pops up a dos box and then ask to hi any key to continue so i need to send a spacebar key stroke
  12. i have been playing with this one for a few days now trying to install this officejet 6500 i can get the solution center software on silently no problem there the next step would be to add the network printer using HP's tool as i think i adds more capabilities then use mapping the printer with the net use command or though the network window so anyone have a great idea let me know
  13. found this site it will build a custom download of the run-time stuff in a silent deploy packs it probably just downloads and installs www.ninite.com i am using them for a few things like all the runtimes and a few other apps
  14. was playing with rt 7 lite well it crashed and died left 6.5 gig of data in a temp folder and i can not for the life of me delete the folder i do not have permission even with take ownership
  15. Sorry have to live dragon naturally speaking OK on to the question it definatly unattended install I have episode all setup including a drive mapping application and script file to start episode as a runonce Camden What is the best utility to build a unattended install DVD for application intergration all we need is to install network drive manager and run the script

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