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  1. Ponch, Before formatting I only knew about two partitions, C:, where Windows was installed, and D:, where my documents were. During Windows installations, it found: C: 100 GB as Disk 0 Partition 1 (where Windows was installed) A 15 Gb partition as Disk 0 Partition 2 D: 200 GB as Disk 0 Partition 3 (where my documents were) A 16 Mb partition as Disk 0 Partition 4. I formatted C: and re-installed Windows there. Now that I have my missing partition back, disk management is showing the following: - A first 16Mb partition with no letter assigned - EFI System Partition - A second NTFS 100Gb partition, C: - Boot, pagination file, error image, Primary Partition - A third FAT32 15 Gb partition, D: - Primary Partition - A fourth NTFS 200 Gb partition, E: - System, Active, Primary Partition I am thinking about merging D: with E: JS
  2. UAU! That simple! It's already done. I have my missing partition back! Thank you so much. What I don't understand is why this happened during the installation process. Just one last question: Now that I made unusable my recovery partition, the one with 15Gb, I might as well merge it with one of the other big ones, no? JS
  3. You are right, Ponch. Disk Management shows my missing partition. Internet Explorer doesn't, so I don't have access to its files. What I want it for it to show, as before. I am not that much interested in the recovery partition, which before was hidden and now internet explorer shows as D: JS PS - I edited my first post by putting the size of all the partitions.
  4. Some head-up. I installed EaseUS Partition Master Home Edition and it presents the following result: C: /-/ File System: NTFS /-/ Status: Boot /-/ Type: Primary D: /-/ File System: FAT32 /-/ Status: None /-/ Type: Primary * (my former D:) /-/ File System: NTFS /-/ Status: System /-/ Type: Primary * /-/ File System: Other /-/ Status: None /-/ Type: Primary Also, Ubuntu Disk Utility is displaying the following information: C: Partition Type: HPFS/NTFS Partition Flags: - Type: NTFS And my former D: Partition Type: W95 FAT32 Partition Flags: Bootable Type: NTFS Does this help?
  5. Hi, all. I have an Asus Eepc with Windows 7 x64 pre-installed. I had two partitions, C: and D: Because of a virus I decided to format and re-install Windows 7 x64 from DVD. Booting from an external DVD player, I started the fresh installation process. Windows found four partitions: C: 100 GB as Disk 0 Partition 1 A 15 Gb partition as Disk 0 Partition 2 D: 200 GB as Disk 0 Partition 3 A 16 Mb partition as Disk 0 Partition 3. I formatted C: and ordered windows to be installed there. It gave me the following error: "The selected disk has an MBR partition table. On EFI systems, Windows can only be installed to GPT disks." I was not expecting this. I rebooted several times - I already had formatted C: and had no access to the OS - tried again and the last time that message didn't show up, so I could finish the installation. Now I have the C: partition, where Windows is installed, but my former D: partition, where all my documents are, is not shown. Instead I have a D: partition with 15 Gb and nothing inside. Using an Ubuntu DVD I can see that my D: partition is still there with all my data, but Windows is not showing it. Who can help me to get it back? Thank you so much in advance, JS
  6. Hello, Since ever I have been trying my unattended .iso with Microsoft VirtualPC and everything goes ok. I decided to try VirtualBox xVM from Sun and did an unattended install with the exact same .iso. Apart from having to rewrite some Autoit scripts because of mouse clicks, everythink was ok, only much faster. But there are however two things that don't work, and I can't figure why: - The monitor resolution does not obey the winnt.sif instruction to change to 1024 x 728. - The user creation with OOBEINFO.INI does not work; all I get is Administrator and not the user name I want. Has this happened with any of you?
  7. Hello, can anyone indicate me an online store in the USA where I can find a portuguese version of Windows Vista for sale? With € (euro) being so strong vs. $ I could save some bucks. I know that not many stores will sell it (if any) but why not try? I googled but could not find anything. Thank you
  8. Wallchanger 3.0 Final released.

    Hello, damian666. I installed your program and I think it's a great work. I have some notes that I would like to share: 1- The installer says it's installing version 1.4, but the download link says version 1.5. Does the installer need an update or is it really version 1.4? You could add an "about" in the program, so we know the exact version; 2- The installer does not allow to choose the destination folder of the program. Could this be changed? 3- Like BLeU suggested, I would like to use the program without having it copying the images to the \wallchanger\wallpaper folder. I have a folder with 2.000 images, categorized in subfolders, and it is not necessary to make a copy of them all to that \wallpaper folder, duplicating them. So, if the program accepted a pointed folder and read all the subfolders with images it would be great. 4- Is it possible to make an installer without any packs? That way, the installer would be much smaller. I have been using freeware Wallpaper Cycler Lite for ages, and it does what I want very well: change the wallpaper at startup and exit. But if a fellow member creates a good and smaller program I will switch without problems. Sorry if this is too much and keep the good work, JS.
  9. Default forum view mode

    Thank you
  10. Default forum view mode

    My problem is: where do I set the view to Standard? Before I posted, I tried to find that but did not. Thank you
  11. Default forum view mode

    Help me please! I think I have the same problem. For some reason, I only see the first post of the topic and the replies are all hidden and listed under that one. To see each reply I have to click on it. How can I get back the default view? Thank you.
  12. KeyScrambler

    I don't understand how this works. Can you explain?
  13. KeyScrambler

    It has come to my attention this small program: It seems perfect: it has a freen version and works with Firefox. http://www.qfxsoftware.com JS
  14. Which virtual Machine is better?

    I am with sylvianorth. But I see a big difference between MS Virtual PC and VMware Workstation: The first one is free and the second is not .
  15. I am sorry, but the code previously posted does not work via RunOnceEx. It gives an error message stating that there are to many variables. Sorry, but I cannot make it work, so I would appreciate some help to make it work with a batch script. But I managed to make it work with an Autoit script: RunWait(@ComSpec & " /c Start " & @ScriptDir & '\vcredist_x86.exe /q:a /c:"VCREDI~1.EXE /q:a /c:""msiexec /i vcredist.msi /qb!"" "') ProcessWait("vcredist_x86.exe", 2);Pauses script execution until process exists. ProcessWaitClose("vcredist_x86.exe");Pauses script execution until the process does not exist.