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  1. Hello friends! I was using win8 & for some reason i were tried to install winxp using win2flash Software.i used a internal hard drive instread of usb drive for it. I mean i select the usb drive path to a hard drive path of my hard disc.normally win2flash started working but after few seconds my windows 8 restart with showing this error(>) your pc ran into a porblem & needs to restart (<) but after restart i can not boot. It Shows this error (>) A disk read error occurred. Press ctrl+altr+del to restart (>) i know this can make working with repartitioning but i don't want to loss a single ammount of data. SO how can i recover my data or how to fix it? N.B: MY harddisc is recogniged by BIOS & Windows PE but The partition is not showing! Someone help will be apreciated...
  2. HELLO FRIENDS, i want To install adobe flash for other browser like firefox, But when i run The installer in windows 8, nothing happen! What's The hell There...? Or It Should be Automatically installed for other browser as it came as Preinstalled with IE 10..?
  3. Hello friends..Can Someone help me by giving info about React OS? I want info from user who have real experience in it or somehow familiar...i basically want to use it as a alternative to windows PE Cause they provide Live Cd which is too Small in size...about 40mb. I think it wil boot first. They Said they Are fully compatiable with windows..i want to know is it realy ???
  4. Hey i just want To Convert The hive file To reg file. But Little bit confused about where To mount them cause regedit wil allow u To mount them in just 2 hive 1 is hkey local machine Another is HKEY_CURRENT_CONFIG. So how can i grab Them?
  5. Ok frns, i Am Trying To make A CUSTOME winPE3 CD With explorer.now i need Some Registry of windows7. SO i decided To get Them from windows7 image. But How can i Get Them??? I have no windows7 Installed.....i know A Process Of Load hive in Regedit but I m So confused! Because i can mount reg hive in just HKLM OR HKCC, so how can i get Key of Other reg hive??? As example, how can i get key of HKEY_CURRENT_USER?
  6. Can not install Sound & Vga Driver in Multimedia Version of make pe3..pls solve.
  7. Winbuilder 082 win7PESE project windows7 Sp1 i Dont know cause There Were no Option for joining Domain in win7PESE project! When i logon i get Two account number 1: Admin, number 2: other user
  8. Hy fnz! I recently build a windows7 PE iso with Win7PESE Package. EveryThing OK BUT WHEN I TRY TO LOGON THIS ERROR COME : : The specified domain either does not exist or could not be contacted :: for ur kind info i have used win7PESE project & winbuilder 082 VerSion! I m Too SurPrised because The Build was Successfull & i got a msg in winbuilder That """ build Successfull """ hope SomeOne wil come Ahead To help me!
  9. Hey chije! I haven't used Any Tool To remove Printer & Scanner Driver! & After Vlite it works Amazing! I just used Imagex to remove The Printer & scanner driver.
  10. Ok friends, i have used Vlite(winSxs cache & component removal) win Toolkit (package removal & apply Tweeks) Winreducer8 To clean junk or unneeded iso file cause it decrease the iso so much . Then i remove All graphics driver without basic one, Printer Driver,scanner Driver from driverstore. Then remove Them from from windows/inf directory. Then remove them from driverstore/en-us folder. Then unmount it. I used gimagex cause Dism Doesn't Allow removing Default one. Then install windows. Everything works great but i have a few question. Can i install Printer & scanner after removing Printer & Scanner driver from Driverstore? I doesn't have any Printer & scanner right now, So i am not able to test it.
  11. Hey WinterStorm! My Porblem is Solved when it it in V 0.31. But i found its TOO slow in component removing.!
  12. Vlite is working great on windows image. U can remove everything with Vlite but if u want metro Powered Control panel(personalisation) & want to run metro Apps Dont remove Tablet Pc & dont remove Or disable windows Firewal@ wizardofwoz u Can remove winsxs with Vlite but after Remove U have to remove Pending Xml with Imagex...i know winreducer is a great Tool but dont know why its not working on my w8 image! I hope winreducer v31 wil run great on my Pc..@dave
  13. Ok, After Working Somedays On win8 i am in love with win8 for its Performance! But its a disk hog... SO i want To customise it. So i gave A Try To Winreducer 8 Cause its The Only Tool Which featuring win8! But unfortunately Winreducer 8 is not Working for mine! When i choose win8 Source it's not giving Mount Or windows Selection Option To me! I have Waited 30 minits after Select win8 Source but Still its not giving me Any Option To mount Or Select windows 8 Edition... I Think its Developers Are here. Or Anyone wil help me! I have Also Tried To find it in win Reducer forum but STILL there is no forum for winreducer 8.. SO i m Seeking Ur Help Extremly!
  14. Ok fndz. 2day i have installed windows 8 ! EveryThing r ok but no metro Apps & PerSonalise screen are Opening. When i Click on a metro App it get minimized,,nothing happen i mean They r not opening! Personalise is also not OPENING its just get minimized. What is The error behind it? U Think!

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