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  1. Long article. I have not even use Windows 8 for a minutes. But still are company using classic VB, not .NET, and not the native C# of Windows 8. I will give it a second thought on deciding which is best. Perhaps, Android then is more approachable. Thank you for your dilligence!
  2. Dear Super Moderator, thank you for your contribution. I am not well-versed in VBS scripting, so I have no way to comment the code snippet. BTW, I have resigned the position as I.T. Executive and am now seeking new job. It is too much to handle 40 outlets statewide.
  3. My ISP assigns me private IP as the WAN IP. I have been subscribing 384Kbps wired broadband package all this while, and they are now targeting 384Kbps subscribers to migrate IPv4 to IPv6, as what they termed as "Large Scale Network" (LSN). How is it going to work with DDNS then? Should I get an expensive fixed IP? Any solutions for this? Thanks.
  4. This works well for me, I hope to share it with others. It is a legal stuff, I hope so. Dyn.com or DynDns.org is charging for new customers. However, according to the Forum Moderator, customers can sign up for trial package and then cancel the subscription to get one free host name services. I am not sure if signing up means filling in and validating the credit card details. But you can avoid the hassle, by signing up at http://www.dlinkddns.com instead, then login through http://www.dyndns.org, they are somehow linked. You will get one host name free.
  5. I have answered my own question, increase timeout values and return as alive host for slower connections will work in my situation. Thank you once again.
  6. This part I know. I have the complete picture right now. BTW, does the script work for you well? Accurate? Do you think should increase the timeout values for slow connections (so that it won't consider it a dead host)?
  7. I am planning to write a F&B Order Taking application for a handheld PC, if not smartphone or tablet PC. Few years ago, I heard the launching of Windows CE 6.0, and now I heard of Windows RT for Tablet PC. Given the available model of handheld PC/PDA/smartphone/palmtop/Tablet PC on the market, which kind of gadget and OS should I targetting for? I will find out the SDK for that platform myself later on. I appreciate for any inputs and replies. edit: Please help to move to Handheld section.....
  8. I learnt something new about CSCRIPT. Alright, I know what you meant right now. Thank you.
  9. Thanks for the hints. It will be very useful if I found one. But why should one call a VBS script via CSCRIPT?
  10. Oh, I see what you meant by the previous reply (beginning and ending).
  11. Thank you Patron, for your guidance. I have understood better now. I have somemore to consult you, it is more cultural English... When you ask "Seriously?", does it mean I was not serious enough to pose the question? Or you mean I was joking? This sentence is a bit tricky for me to understand. Can you help to translate to simple English...? No offence intended. I am studying American slangs and trying to understand Western culture, for example, in following the forum rules and etiquettes. Thank you very much, Patron.
  12. Thank you for your prompt reply. For example, if I want to ask the pricing of Windows 8, which section is more appropriate for that? Or only technical questions allowed?
  13. Everytime I sign in, I am lost, staring at the well-organized and classified sub-divisions, and have nowhere to begin. I am not sure what does it mean by "Unattended ....Windows XP / Vista / 7", can someone explain it to me? And, is Windows 98 now free to download and use? What are the main purpose of contributions from the members, are they for a tweak, or customized-solutions? I am even ignorant where to post this topic..... Perhaps someone can point me to the right direction in using this forum (without much violation of the forum's rules, you know ). Thank you for any replies.
  14. I listen to Christian songs, or Kingdom melodies.

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