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  1. I know. I'm not using a download manager. Speed is low and most probably PHP max execution time is exceeded before download is complete. PS: Nevermind. Download completed without error this morning.
  2. I can't download. Does anyone have a mirror that supports resuming?
  3. Hello everyone! Do you know any advanced formatting tool for FAT12 / FAT16 / FAT32? I want to do some testing and I need advanced formatting options like setting the number of reserved sectors following the boot record, setting the number of FAT copies, setting formatted partition size and location independent of partition table (i.e. write a filesystem structure somewhere on the disk while no partitions are defined in the partition table), etc. I also need a tool to display advanced partition and filesystem information like the number of reserved sectors, 1st and 2nd FAT locations and size (f
  4. I changed the motherboard recently. The old one was Asrock AM2NF3-VSTA, the last motherboard with AGP. I had minor problems with onboard network driver, but there is an unofficial "Unified Remix Driver" v11.16 that makes the system usable. I did not use onboard sound. My new motherboard is Gigabyte GA-MA790FXT-UD5P. Major storage problems here! I'm giving you some tips if you ever need to run Win9x on this kind of board. Hardware configuration AM3 CPU socket, DDR3, two gigabit Ethernet adapters, 2 PCI slots and a lot of PCI-E slots. This board has AMD SB750 southbridge. There are 6 SATA and 1
  5. The most "clean" way to boot into real DOS with a custom configuration is to edit Windows\Exit To DOS.pif. Go to properties - program - advanced - check "Specify a new MS-DOS configuration" and write your custom configuration there. When finished, Start - Shut down - Exit to DOS. The computer will reboot and start in DOS mode. Type EXIT to return to windows. You can edit config.sys and autoexec.bat while in DOS mode. You can press reset or CTRL+ALT+DEL to test them immediately - computer will continue to boot into DOS mode. The files are saved back into Exit To Dos.pif when you type EXIT to re
  6. 1) Opera v9.27 is slow, but works fine and saves temporary files with their original extension (you can find .flv movies from youtube in cache). Opera v9.6x is faster, but temporary files no longer have extensions. Opera v10.x is very fast, but very unstable, it crashes even in WinXP. 2) For audio: - Winamp v2.91/v2.95 is written for Win9x, low resource usage, many output plugins available: Wave = low resource usage, high quality sound, but usually sound cards can only play one wave at a time. While Winamp keeps the driver open, no other sound can be played (games, sound alerts, etc.). DirectX
  7. Sorry for the delayed response. If you need to test different sector sizes for real (not using a DDO) I recommend using a SCSI HDD. SCSI HDDs support low level formatting with different sector sizes. You just need an old HDD (most 9 GB HDDs support this feature), an old SCSI adapter and Bart's SCSI Tool. Run Bart's SCSI Tool and set a different sector size in drive geometry page, then low-level-format the drive. It takes 30min - 1h depending on drive speed and size. There is no progress indicator.
  8. SH98UPD v008 causes ATI2S9AG.EXE to crash. ATI2S9AG is part of ATI SmartGART. SmartGART tests system stability every time AGP settings (AGP speed, AGP Read/Write, Fast Write, etc.) are changed. If it doesn't run, acceleration is completely disabled; not even window scrolling is accelerated! Using: EXPLORER.EXE v4.00.950 SHELL32.DLL v4.00.1112 COMCTL32.DLL v4.00.951; using v4.72.3510.2300 linked to a copy of SHELL32.DLL v4.72.3812.717 doesn't fix the problem ATI2S9AG v5.13.0020 (ATI Catalyst v6.2) KernelEX - not installed Uninstalling SH95UPD does NOT fix the problem. Switching back to Win98 Ex
  9. If you boot from CD, drive letters will not be the same. CD will become C:. All registry paths created during setup will be wrong. I belive it's illegal to distribute a setup that contains original Win98 files. You must create a program that copies the files from original CD in user's computer and builds the setup program - just like 98SE2ME.
  10. MPEG (I assume you are referring to MPEG 1 or 2) is not the same thing as HD (H264, the most common codec used). Many old graphic cards have hardware MPEG acceleration but this is useless for HD. Sound in HD video is usually AC3. I don't know about any sound card that can decode AC3. Passthrough to an external receiver - yes; hardware acceleration for AC3 - never heard of it. Most of sound cards can't even decode MP3... CPU handles only renderer?? You contradict yourself. If video decoding is done by video accelerator, then rendering is too. Video stream cannot go to graphic card for decoding,
  11. I downloaded the update but there's only SHAREDff.msp inside. I can't extract it, nor install it. Even if I replaced that file, I'm sure it won't work. That would be too easy. awergh, please create a log. msiexec /i pro11.msi /L*v!C:\log.txt
  12. I found a way to install Office 2003 in Win98. Setup now works, but none of the programs can run because of missing dependencies in MSO.DLL: ADVAPI32.DLL - CheckTokenMembership - ConvertSidToStringSidA - ConvertSidToStringSidW - ConvertStringSecurityDescriptorToSecurityDescriptorW - DecryptFileW - EncryptFileW - LsaClose - LsaNtStatusToWinError - LsaOpenPolicy - LsaRetrievePrivateData - LsaStorePrivateData KERNEL32.DLL - VerSetConditionMask - VerifyVersionInfoW USER32.DLL - GetLastInputInfo - SetLayeredWindowAttributes ------------------- To install Office, you (may) need: - Win98SE - Gape Ser
  13. Try IrfanView - freeware image viewer (and editor) You don't need software support for SPDIF. Connect digital-out (TAD) from CD drive to digital-in on sound card, activate digital passthrough in sound card control panel and use any player that doesn't use digital audio extraction. I recommend Media Player (the old one, \Windows\mplayer.exe).
  14. Here: http://members.datafast.net.au/~dft0802/downloads.htm
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