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  1. But so what? It's not like anyone (at least not on this board, I would assume) uses his/her computer connected directly to the web. You cannot block stats.microsoft.com in your Hosts? Gee, what a big deal... just do it in your router. Even most modern DSL/cable modems have this capability. This kind of arguments remind me of the funny (stupid actually) arguments that Win2K is "less secure" than Win98 because Task Sched opens a port LOL sure it might be a potential (but highly unlikely) problem to get rooted for a Joe Llama, but not for any slightly-advanced comp/Windoze user.
  2. Windows Defender final version also works fine on W2K, just patch the installer with Orca same as you did with beta versions. or get it patched here: Windows Defender Final (1.1.1593.0) for Windows 2000 SP4, XP, XP SP1, XP SP2 (it works with XP SP3, Vista, Vista SP1 and Vista SP2 too, but for those you don't need patched installer) MS seems to drop WD in favor of MSE, but it is still being updated with latest definitions. If you have any problems with automatic updating, you can use this: Windows Defender Manual Updater (since it is small enough to go as attachment with this post, I added it below) It is very simple to use: 1 - download latest definitions update file from Microsoft to your Desktop (Direct download link for32-bit Windozes | Direct download link for 64-bit Windozes) 2 - run WD Manual Updater Alas, NOD32 is obviously way much better choice than Windows Defender or Microsoft Security Essentials... HTH
  3. But what do you want to strip down more? When you set up NT4 you do have options what to install - just don't select anything you don't need (like ancient "wallpapers" or such). Don't select anything, and you'll have almost bare core NT4. "i want to do is only install the core system files meaning no IE, Direct X, Media Player etc..." none of it is ever installed, except for IE3 (which is harmless for as long as you install i.e. K-Meleon and set it as default browser, or you can remove it manually entirely). I suggest: Setup NT4 Install SP6a Install SRP1 (Q299444) done Then do patching manually (either install post-SRP1 patches one by one, or extract them and combine their newer file versions into one single "superpatch" - it'll save you doing it again and again if you plan on doing similar installation in the future)
  4. That might be just Microsoft Stupid Installer's issue (msi ) You can modify msi with Orca and have no more problems with "OS not compatible" problem (but of course it doesn't guarantee the software will work on older OS). I have patched i.e. Windows Defender's msi installer to install on any NT5+ version, and in spite of what Msoft says (that it is for XP SP2 or newer only) it installs and works fine on Windows 2000, plain-vanilla XP, and XP1...
  5. Both USB1.1 and 2.0 work fine on NT4 (just not OOB). "Wireless" has never been any problem and it is a non-issue. Since it is networking (from an OS point-of-view, there is no difference between wired and wireless network connection) hence NT4 always had support for "wireless". But I know what you meant - that many manufacturers chose not to make NT4 drivers for their hardware, and that is a shame indeed (and may be a problem).
  6. I'm sure all Mozilla browsers (or gecko-based browsers) will work on NT4 with flash player 9 highest. IE6 on NT4 only up to version 7.0.73 FF2 is such a bloatware, at least give it a try and check out latest K-Meleon... As awergh said, it is DX Media, not the full DirectX. Also, there is no need to install WMP7.0 first and do upgrade to WMP7.1 I don't remember now what exactly (because I did it years ago) but I simply opened up installers and replaced few files in 7.0's installer with the newer from 7.1, it was that easy. I had it available for ages but I don't have any public ftps anymore. However fellow NT4 user has it available here: Windows_Media_Player_7.1_for_Windows_NT4_95.zip for PS/2 mouse scroll to work you either use Labtec PS/2 mouse driver, or install Msoft IntelliPoint (I'm not sure which is the last version to support NT4, personally I always install version 2.2d which is the size of *floppy* only, and does NOT come with gigabytes of pictures of various joysticks and other junk
  7. well, my primary OS is slackware, but if I need to use windoze I prefer NT4 Out of all windozes, old NT4 is still the slickest and fastest OS.
  8. This is so redundant topic. It would be easier to list motherboards that do NOT work with Windows 2000 (which I haven't seen yet). If it work with XP it must work with W2K. The only problem might be with some proprietary crap (say making Asus EEE to run W2K - that's probably a challenge). See bpalone, I never allow those autorun "installers" found on drivers CDs to install anything, hence I would have never had or never knew about the "problem" you've described. I always click "cancel" and install what I need from the CD manually, like you did in the end to overcome the "problem" (FWIW I seldom use those CDs, usually I download latest/updated drivers straight from manufacturer's site...)
  9. System requirements from Microsoft page are only valid for the official/unpatched Windows Defender, and according to their misleading information it won't run on Windows 2000 or XP SP1... that's why I didn't quote or link to it. I have not tested it, but I'm almost sure patched Defender can be installed and run on Windows XP SP1 as well. The most important is existence of Windows Installer 3.1 on the system, that's all. edit/ I have modified initial post.
  10. Lets just say they are remnants of abandoned work in progress
  11. I know, there is bunch of threads about it, silent installers for n-lite etc, and I have Windows Defender incorporated on my W2K installation disc too, but I couldn't find any "standard" modified installer for use with already existing, already installed on a computer W2K. So I fired up orca again, modified **** stupid microsoft installer to allow installation on Windows 2000, and for my own sake and those who may need it too I am posting it here (when I'm not home and working on somebody's machine msfn is usually my primary source of software or links). [ REMOVED. ] Minimum system requirements for Windows Defender: * Personal computer with an Intel Pentium 233-megahertz (MHz) or higher processor; Pentium III recommended. * OS: Windows 2000 SP4, XP SP1 or later, 2003 SP1 or later, Vista. * 64 megabytes (MB) of RAM (minimum); 128 MB RAM (recommended). * 20 MB of available hard disk space. * Internet Explorer 6.0 or later. * Internet access with at least a 28.8 Kbps connection. * Windows Installer version 3.1 or higher. >> Windows Installer 3.1 v2 (3.1.4000.2435) HERE <<< (not needed/already included in Windows 2003 SP1 and Windows Vista) (and no, this is not old beta Defender, this is latest Windows Defender version from Microsoft)
  12. Yes, if you have modern machine. On my old laptop I still keep in my workshed Miranda drags like a snail (and forget aMSN), while MSN Mess works smooth (pentium 130mhz) and you can TALK too. Miranda developer(s) were promising voice chat, but it's still not implemented AFAIK How it could be "better" if it doesn't have voice
  13. Patch parts 5-6 (last) Patch by defaults to ...\Program Files\MSN Messenger\msnmsgr.exe If your installation directory differs, select "Browse' and navigate to your Messenger's directory manually. Tested working on my NT4 desktop, and tested virus/spyware free with NOD32 sign.4132-20090604 (just to make sure) screen of messenger on nt4 (with today date in tray if anyone have doubts )
  14. Correction: I don't think Msoft dropped the support for Messenger 5. Same version 5.0.0544 on Windows 95 is still working fine. It's some usual Msoft's bullsh*t that they don't bother to fix because Bill want you to ditch NT4 and buy Vista FIX: Install MSN Messenger 5 for NT4 from Microsoft DOWNLOAD HERE Try to log in, when prompted say NO to Upgrade, exit Messenger (EXIT, not minimize it to tray!) then Install patch msnmsgr.exe (it is patched to identify itself to live network as version 8.1) and restart your Messenger. Enjoy :-) edit: I forgot this forum have sucky 200 kb attachment limit :/ Patch is split into 6 parts now, download them all and unpack with WinRAR or such. edit again: I can't add all 6 parts into single post, oh well... DOWNLOAD SINGLE FILE from megaupload.com HERE (lasts 30 days or so IIRC)
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